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    Originally posted by WraithQueenH View Post
    While they are feeding on each other, they are decreasing their numbers. Humans that have been tainted by the Hoffan drug would be reproducing and increasing their numbers.
    From what we know the Hoffan drug seems to be some sort of vaccination. This CAN'T be inherited! True a baby can get temporarly immune due to breast milk (if that works with this drug) but when the baby is weaned it has to be inoculated in order to get immune to the wraith. And as most of them don't have the vaccination because they were unknowingly exposed to it, one has to administer the drug to them again.

    I agree that the wraith are weaker due to lazy writing. It has never been so easy as in season 5 to overthrow wraiths and infiltrate wraith ships. And surely not all of them are starving as the stronger alliances can destroy the weaker hives or hinder them from feeding. It's a shame how the once powerful and smart wraiths are now so easy to kill. Wow, the Lantians can do what the ancients couldn't do in over 100 years, go figure.
    Blue is such a nice color, especially if you have wings.


      Originally posted by escyos View Post
      And there is a completely plausible explanation for this: Dr Beckett theorised that the Wraith healing ability is directly porportional to how recently they fed.
      There is now a shortage of 'food' so we can assume that the Wraith are somewhat hungry and somewhat weaker.
      There its been explained.
      Actually I just remembered the events in CG. People were arguing that we don't know if the wraiths that we see going down easily are starving or not. But in CG we see exactly that. Todd is near death through starvation. He feeds on Shepp but it's almost not enough to keep him alive and summed up he just takes about 20 years. When they fight the guards Todd feeds on one guard and can take 6 bullets! even so he is still starving. He uses the same guard to heal not to gather strenght. Then the second encounter with guards, he gets 4 bullets but still can go on, but he is weak. And he manages to survive the night through. The next day he takes some life force from Shepp to heal, again not to get a surplus and he can take 10+ bullets from the two genii and still overpower them!!
      So a starving wraith is pretty hard to kill. Now the other wraiths in later seasons have no problems with walking (they run or put up a fight), no wounds and still go down a lot easier than Todd who was near death through starvation!

      So I conclude wraiths are definetely weaker due to lazy writing.
      Blue is such a nice color, especially if you have wings.