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    'Harmony' (414) General Discussion

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    Colonel Sheppard and Dr. McKay must protect a child princess on a pilgrimage before she can become queen, and learn that she has dangerous enemies threatening her life.

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    mini drones


      I only saw the last 30 minutes but... I am very amused! Cute oneshot.


        I wasn't expecting it to be the comedic episode it was. I love the pic at the end, and all the mention of beating Rodney.


          There's always at least one thing in each episode that cracks me up, in this one it was...

          Genii over radio: Huron, what's your status?
          John pretending to be Huron: good.
          Genii over radio: Elaborate
          John: Real good.

          To tell you the truth I thought the beast might have been the one from "Epiphany" it sure sounded like it, mini drones threw me for a loop.

          And the ending was classic, rodney got the last laugh.


            Wow, who would have thought one would feel absolute sympathy for Rodney McKay?

            The ads were so-so, and it could have easily been this year's "The Tower," but it was well written and the Sheppard-McKay snark was in high gear, and I gotta admit, Rodney's suggestion of stunning the kid was so funny, cuz you could see Sheppard was actually thinking about it! Yeah, Harmony's like a little female Rodney McKay, well, with the ego, not the brains.

            Shall do a running commentary... and it won't be huge.

            "When you get cranky, you get hit." Heh..

            And Rodney's nose leads them to the cave with the kid cooking up dinner.

            Ohmygawd, Harmony was hitting on Sheppard. "One day I'll need a king." Bwahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!

            And Harmony asking Rodney about love? And then Rodney promises not to get in the way of Harmony pursuing Sheppard? Aw, how sweet, and so funny. Snort.

            Oh, and Jerry Penacoli from EXTRA was the second Genii taht Shepaprd stunned.

            Loved how Shepaprd called Harmony "little lady."

            And how Harmony thinks Sheppard is an idiot for taking her pendant, but now she adores McKay for saving her.

            OHMYGAWD, THE PAINTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Things learned from this episode. Rodney and Katie aren't an item anymore, at least not the way he was talking about the sisters.
            Women of all ages fall for Sheppard
            And for McKay

            This was funny!!!!



              I honestly thought this was going to be a boring episode, instead I was laughing my tail off the entire time!! Rodney has met his match! LOL.

              Favorite line was "She is a stuck up, know it all brat.... oh, ha ha ha ha"

              I love John/Rodney eps, they are classic. And the ending was wonderful, oh that was to funny!!

              Great episode, I really loved it. The second half of this season continues to impress me!

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                Originally posted by Sweetsong View Post
                Genii over radio: Huron, what's your status?
                John pretending to be Huron: good.
                Genii over radio: Elaborate
                John: Real good.
                That was the best part of the show lol
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                  Finally Sheppard and McKay together again! I so totally loved it! Way better than the last few episodes! Seeing those to together is just never getting old and I was lying there laughing throughout the whole episode!


           was at least 20x better than The Tower. Definitely not the best episode of the season but pretty good for a filler. Story was meh. It was great seeing the Genii again, though they were a bit vague as the why they were there in the first place.

                    Some of the dialogue made me cringe, and for some reason I just didn't like the way Harmony spoke most of the time, but she did have some good lines.

                    Mini-drones, cool idea. They sorta remind me of those electric bee things in one of the earlier episodes of SG1. Only much more lethal of course.

                    Painting at the end was priceless...

                    My favorite line is definitely the part where Harmony talks about Rodney's annoying voice. I think she speaks for us all.
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                      After some of the darker eps and real character hardships like losing Weir this season, this was a good fun episode with some suspense and action. I am still laughing at the painting.

                      Does anyone have a screencap?

                      The ep was good for what it was. A nice stand alone eps that got us some laughs and a little Ancient technlogy background.


                        I think the mini drones are a good addition
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                          I hate kid episodes like this on all shows but that painting at the end made it worth it.


                            I think that this episode should have had the full team in it instead of just John and Rodney. They should have at least had Ronan with them so the little girl could start crushing on him too.

                            And it would have been great if they showed both John and Ronan looking scared in the painting at the end with Rodney looking like the hero. That would have made that great painting look ten times better!


                              A rather bland episode. The bratty kid got irritating pretty quickly, and it was obvious that McKay and Harmony would "bond" - a big deal was made of their friction and there was no where else for the story to go.

                              The Genii didn't seem to respond when McKay mentioned Ladon, so I assume it was some rogue group.

                              Drones. How exciting. *yawn*

                              The painting at the end was cute, but I wish there had been more to the plot. It just seemed to be a lot of rambling around the woods.

                              Ah well, better luck next week.