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Male voice at the end of episode

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    Male voice at the end of episode

    Dear People,
    I'm slightly puzzled, at the end of this episode where we see the lantean warship in the rubble of the ex-replicator planet, camera pans around to reveil (to absolutely NO ONES SURPRISE) to Tori Higginson (YAY with knobs on) and there is a male voice saying 'Can you detect any trace replicator cells?'.
    I can't place the voice, but I suspect we haven't seen the last of oberoth, can anyone shed further light?

    I'm intrigued by this as 'a voice off' is an old gambit to springing something on you later in the arc.
    I wonder if anyone can shed further light.

    speculate away.

    It sounded distorted. So here are the options:
    * Not Oberoth unless he somehow changed voices on us for whatever reason (so that's not really Elizabeth but Oberoth in disguise?)
    * Elizabeth with a voice distorter for fun's sake (or to make the big reveal more dramatic)
    * That male replicator or some other generic male replicator cloaked in shadows visible in the background.


      That voice sounds nothing like David Ogden Stiers.

      My vote is for Random Asuran #3 and I think he's the guy we see at the beginning of the scene sitting "across" from the female reading the sensor output and to "Elizabeth"'s left.