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Favorite episode(s) of season 3 (overall) Spoilers

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    What I'm finding really interesting is that nobody has voted for any of the first three episodes of the season yet. Talk about getting off to a slow start!
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      No mans Land - 7/10- Not a bad start to season
      Misbegotten - 6/10- Michael rocks, but I was a touch bored
      Irresistible - 6/10- I was entertained and some of it was very funny
      Sateda - 9/10- great action, team. One of the best of the season
      Progeny - 8.5/10- another great episode.
      The Real World - 4/10- Not a Weir fan and I was bored
      Common Ground - 9/10- Kolya is a great bad guy and Shep was good in this one.
      McKay and Mrs. Miller - 10/10 David Hewlett is the best thing on this show
      Phantoms - 7/10- good action and suspense
      The Return, Part 1 - 8/10- interesting to see what they would do back in Earth
      The Return, Part 2 - 9/10- McKay has the Best-Plan-Ever
      Echoes - 10/10- Fave epsiode of all SGA- McKay and Sheppard scampering off after whales. How many times can you say "cute"?
      Irresponsible - 3/10- WTH? Although McKay looked cute in eyeliner
      Tao of Rodney - 10/10- My sweet baby Rodney. Had me in tears at the end
      The Game -7/10- Again, decent script and action
      The Ark - 6/10- Pretty forgettable
      Sunday - 1/10- total crack thrown together. I will never take anything from this as canon.
      Submersion - 7/10- Good team episode with some good Teyla lines
      Vengeance - 7.5/10- Another good team episode
      First Strike - 8/10- Lost in space?

      As you can tell, I am a MAJOR McKay fan, and this has been the year of Rodney, so overall, this season has been wonderful. I am a little leery about season 4 with Carter coming over. I don't want McKay written as they did with all the other SG1 crossovers. Whinging McKay with humor is funny. On SG1, it's kinda sad.
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        I voted for the real world,
        First Strike comes as a close number 2, loved the special effects etc.. and can't wait to see how it continues. Then there's Sunday, The Return1&2 and Common Ground loved those as well but just can't decide which one I liked better


          Sateda was my favorite. but i also loved the return parts 1 and 2, no mans land, tao of rodney, sunday and first strike.

          all in all i reckon that this has been a truly great season and i want more.
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            My favorite was Common Ground.


              Fantastic, hard to choose (five stars):
              Tao of Rodney - Yay! Rodney Love, I'll watch this over and over until I fall over.
              Progeny - Despite the SG1 redo-ness, I just loved the effects, the Atlantis exploding scene (lol), and the Weir character development.
              First Strike - I very much loved the "we've come full circle" + "doing things we've never even thought of before" feel to it

              Loved and I'll definitely watch again (4 stars)
              McKay and Mrs Miller - Cute and fun
              The Return pt 1 - An intriguing new look at the characters
              The Return pt 2 - fun
              Echoes - Fun ep, but it gives me a headache to watch.
              Sunday - Great but sad ep, I'll definately watch this time and again.

              Cool but I'll probably only watch if I'm bored (2 or 3 stars)
              No Man's Land - Fun, loved how they were working with Michael
              Sateda - Matrix-wft?
              Phantoms - Nice character development, esp for Shep and Carson
              The Real World - I liked the Weir character development (and music!), but the fact that Shep is always saving the day (when it should have been Carson) bugs me.
              Irresponsible - I actually kinda liked it. *ducks from tomatoes* but it was sad to see Koyla go.
              The Game - interesting concept but all I really liked was the zelenka/lorne plot, lol!
              The Ark - interesting concept but all I really liked was the Teyla character development.
              Submersion - interesting concept but I didn't really like how Teyla felt like she needed to prove herself. The gothic queen was nifty.

              Episodes I probably won't watch again because they pissed me off. (1 or 2 stars)
              Irresistable - Just wasn't what I was expecting. Didn't really piss me off, but I hated the characters being so... out of character.
              Misbegotten - Why did they freaking do that to Michael after how he helped them?!!
              Common Ground - Why did they freakin let that wraith go and not michael?? (oh, and I guess I'm just not interested in Shep episodes)
              Vengeance - WTF?!! I was so excited to see another Michael ep and this is what I got?!

              can we have a worst episode poll?


                tough to choose just one for the poll >.<

                My fave are (in no particular order):
                - Tao of Rodney
                - Common Ground
                - Sateda
                - The Real World
                - McKay and Mrs. Miller
                - Progeny
                - Sunday

                This season's had some amazing episodes. Some are even in the top episodes of the whole franchise.
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                  My favorites of season 3 are: No Man's Land, Sateda, The Real World , Common Ground , McKay and Mrs. Miller , Phantoms , The Return, Part 1 , The Return, Part 2 , Echoes , Tao of Rodney ,The Game, Sunday, First Strike (1)

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                    My favourites would have to be:
                    1. No Man's Land
                    2. Sateda
                    3. The Return's
                    4. Echoes
                    5. First strike
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                      Originally posted by alyssa
                      Ah, the irony of The Real World being the second most popular episode when it was Weir-centric and they're about to shaft her... Great decision, guys.
                      Yep. And all the favorites are more of a character-centric episodes. People care about the characters and their interaction and now they're ruining everything they've established over the last 3 years.
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                        No Man's Land- Felt somewhat anticlimactic - and consistantly losing cool new tech was starting to get annoying.
                        Misbegotten- Really boring imo.. really.
                        Irresistible- ugh.. At least it was unique. But still ugh.
                        Sateda- This was a great epi. Rodney as usual is a legend... "Hey, thats my ass, isnt it?"
                        Progeny- Not my favourite. Seemed all too convenient that the Ancients made Replacators too...
                        The Real World- This was worse than Misbegotten. The whole "Im in your head making you believe you were never a member of the SGC at all" story line is overdone - and honestly NOT why I watch Stargate. I expect to see the gate.. at least once . And just as Weir - snooze fest. I almost lost hope.
                        Common Ground- And then comes this little gem. A little drawn out but good episode.
                        McKay and Mrs. Miller- Loved it! I always love the way they introduce someone to the SGC World. It was reminisce of "Is he supposed to be naked like that?"
                        Phantoms- Ah, this was good this one. Rodney - "He shot me" Ronon - "He shot me too"
                        The Return, Part 1- Liked this one too. Some wonderful Carson moments. "I left my phone behind, whats going on??"
                        The Return, Part 2- Shiny! Oh how I have missed O'Neill. Sarcasm Vs Snarkasm.
                        Echoes- Very fillerish. And Weir came back so cold.
                        Irresponsible- too much lucius in one season...
                        Tao of Rodney- This is my Favourite Epi of the season. So wonderfully Hilarious! Rodney "We can be Batman and Ronon. Its got a nice ring to it" Ronon "You keep eating like that and its gonna be Fatman"
                        The Game- Very interesting. You would think Rodney would be more careful with Ancient technology, I liked how even KNOWING what it did, Lorne and Zalenka went in for a go... - Human after all.
                        The Ark- Not the best but not the worst either.
                        Sunday- Masterful! That I can give the writers, they can make a characters last episode so wonderful. Even the premise of the weapon was ingenious I thought. His dedication to saving a life cost him his own - much like Janet. Beautiful.
                        Submersion- Annoying. I dont know why - it annoyed me. Too slow maybe.
                        Vengeance- Michael is like Ford IMO. Can this be the LAST time we see him alive, thanks. I was SO on Ronon's side that time. It was time to kill him.
                        First Strike- Wonderful Ep. Got to see Dr Kaylee "Its a city, not a Yoyo" - we beg to differ. Now comes the usual agonising wait.
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                          Voted Common Ground. Todd was a good addition to the show plus I liked the ep.

                          Tao of Rodney is another good one. And for some reason Echoes is another of my favorites from this season.

                          lol. Okay, who voted for Irresponsible?
                          IMO always implied.


                            Bah! It should have been multiple choice.

                            I voted Tao of Rodney for it being such a deeply human story, but other favourites for me include Common Ground, The Real World, Echoes, Phantoms and Sateada.

                            For the first half I think for the most part it was a really solid season. Before it went downhill in the second part.