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Debate: Review of Atlantis' power consumption using ZPM power!

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    I agree that no longer having a zpm will make the show more interesting from the standpoint that they will have no defense from the wraith again. However, without a zpm there will undoubtedly be far less advanced tech discovered in Atlantis that if they had it.

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      In the episode Coup de tay(i think) they said they were streamlining power comsumption by a further 30%.


        Originally posted by Ravroz View Post
        It was just after that screenshot that they had to max out the power output to close the bridge. Plus, I don't ever remember them saying that the zpm was completely full when they found it.
        it was completely full because it belonged to Ra and he didn't use ZPMs. it was found on earth in sg-1 season 8 moebius. also it did not require power to shut down the bridge, it required power to send the other Rodney back to his own reality.
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