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    Originally posted by Ripple in Space View Post
    I think it has something to do with them writing Jonas & Jackson so similarly.
    If that is the only reason, then that seems kind of silly to me.

    I wouldn't want to see Jonas join the Atlantis cast full time, but I certainly would enjoy at least one cameo appearance. I mean seriously, he was a full time cast member for an entire season, and now they act like he never existed. To me that just seems rather low on the part of TPTB.


      He was a great characters who chould have done so much more but after he found out he had dated a Goa'uld i think he needed therophy and just disappeared.

      The Chances for him on Atlantis are very low however if they cannot get Daniel in an SG-1 film i would love them to go get Jonas back and see how his planet is rebuilding!
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        I don't understand it. I think maybe TPTB don't understand just how popular Jonas still is to many many fans (or they don't care).

        I also think it's kind of strange. Corin still speaks very highly of all the cast and crew, but they ignore his existence completely. It's interesting how, from all accounts, they practically begged Ms. Higginson to come back for more appearances, but she refused (and also, by her own admission challenged the writers on at least some occasions). On the contrary, Corin practically begged to come back, but he was seemingly given the brush-off (and Corin has a very good rep professionally).

        I know there is almost no hope of him ever getting any respect or even returning, but I still hope that Brad Wright, Rob Cooper, or another of the producers will one day realize how fun Jonas is and bring him back to the SG Universe.

        Until then I must live in hope.



          I definitely agree. I think Jonas Quinn was the best character ever (what with the food and all) and if he was on Atlantis, that show would have been a whole lot better! Confession time: I was actually praying he would show up in every episode since he left in SG1!!!!


            I think it would have worked to bring him to atlantis.

            I think the ori would have given him a good reason to go there. Its likely his goverment would have bowed to them and turned their backs on Jonas to save their own skins. With the devistation that the ori would have caused it gives Jonas a very good reason to want to put his planet behind him after it betrayed its people.

            Jonas was a unique character. He was an interesting mix of observant, ultra intelligent and naive. While some of those Daniel shares, others he was very different. For instance Jonas was pretty much child like in his wonder and naivieity that Daniel hasn't come close to in years.

            He was very open and optimistic, and my favourite part of him was how everyone else reacted to his personality. With Sam and Tel'c he was clearly the little brother (I still remember the eye roll Sam gave when he looked about to cry after she got hurt, then she forced him to sit on the bed so she could have a firm talk about how it wasn't his fault). With the exception of his son he was the one who could really bring out Tel'c's protective big brother side the most.

            No one has been as eagar for Jack's approval as Jonas. He reminded me of a puppy with the eagar way he followed him around. And him and Daniel reminded me of brothers the way they interacted with each other. I think he would have worked well to stay on the team but I wish he would come back in whatever reincarnation of stargate we have next.

            I miss that big grin and that child like way he looked at the world. He was and is my favourite character on sg1, and once I get round to them likely all the stargate spin offs.

            I think they never should have let him go and I really want him back.