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    Midweek...the Atlantis season finale(did rewatch this ep before the end of July)

    1. The non-networked firewall...still made me groan...

    2. Forgot the ambush was so sudden.

    3. Wraith Queen = ice cold.

    Still good.


      This seems like my weirdest compliant because I usually don't care about this area but did the makeup department fall asleep in this episode? The Queen looks more human then Wraith in this episode. The lack of green skin just seems weird. Now on to the episode itself. I feel like the characters were made dumb to suit the plot of the episode. It seems like the tension of working with a Wraith hive goes away that they have no trouble with it and slide of precautions. Come on, this is your archenemy and you just forget about safety. The whole Wraith worm thing should have been checked better and their should have been more scrunity about being isolated from the Atlantis database. The idea of the Wraith using the gas as weapon in the Wraith Civil War is an interesting one but it just suffers from bad execution due to making the characters stupid. The reason McKay was on the Hive ship with Ronon made absolutely no sense
      Originally posted by aretood2
      Jelgate is right


        Originally posted by jelgate View Post
        The reason McKay was on the Hive ship with Ronon made absolutely no sense
        Yeah, I thought that was pretty unnecessary too...

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        Wouldn't say I'm too fond of this ep as a whole...
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          This one was good. But I must say, it seemed like the writers wanted too much to happen in order to set up the next ep.
          It was good to see Michael again. And Hermiod...

          The firewall plot was just too stupid. McKay and Ronon forced together plot didn't work either- Really didn't make sense.
          So, in the end, Atlantis and Earth doomed. Makes you look forward to the next season i guess, but as I said, a bit overkill from the writers.


            however much I would have liked the wraith to get to Earth (the wraith in me)
            I must agree with Jelgate. I would have rather liked the queen to be at least "a little" green, or at least should have given her veins, for starters. I don't feel much for Michael and I even felt less for him in this episode. The actor switch didn't work at all for me, sorry...

            I like the wraith's idea of tricking Atlantis into a deal that might be of both interest, but agreeing with Jelgate: They were just dumb to fall into their trap while everyone else would have seen through the plot from afar. However well the wraith might be able to block their thoughts, they were as clear as a glass of wine. The characters where made senile just to forget that every wraith they met was out for the rich feedingground that is Earth, so what makes them think these wraith are only out to kill other wraith? Killing their enemywraith to have more food for themselves was only the bonus.
            The scientist wraith Erik looks good in every lab *eyebrowwiggle*
            On your knees human!! *hiss*


              I have to be shallow yet again and say I loved this episode purely because I love the wraith queen


                Ultimately the Wraith weren't concerned about their enemies in civil war so they were willing to give up the retrovirus. Isn't it surprising that Atlantis didn't try to communicate first with the OTHER side of the Wraith civil war to offer them a deal? Could Wraith feed on one another or on animals? Mammals? How was it they never developed an enzyme that could replace feeding on humans "just in case" they ran out?!