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    A good solid episode, probably one of this seasons best. Some nice character moments as well for four of the leads (Wier is somewhat left out in the cold).

    The Rodney and Shep moments were quite fun. It would have helped if the blonde actress (Brandy Ledford) was a little more involved in her scenes as it would have made the interactions between the three a little more interesting.

    So its on to 'Allies' which if the current form continues should end the season on a fairly solid footing.


      I love the bit when Mckay, and Shepperd were fighting over the ships name. And Shepperd says 'No, we're not calling it the Enterprise". And i just watched the ep. where Jack and Sam were arguing about the name of Prometheus.

      The original name Sucked. I would hate to have that name,(i forget it) even if you got your name on a ship.


        the name was hippocramus or something like that.. all i know is it started with hippo or hypo.. haha.. but this episode was by far the best.. i loved the tension between one another and the race against time.. something we have not seen in a long time... and how well sheppard know's mckay that when he's under heavy pressure he works better.. can't wait till we see the ship in action. definitely love every min of the episode.. and i watched it during school on my laptop .. i'd give this episode 5/5 no doubt


          Originally posted by GateMan2000
          I am pumped to see if they actually get to keep this ship around for a while. Regarding Season 3 spoilers:
          I think one of the main reasons the Asgard will be coming to Atlantis more is because the Tauri may have a ship more advanced than theirs.
          I'm not sure about that. We know from Aurora that the hyperdrive is not as powerful as the asgard one : of course the Orion has shields and obviously weapons but asgard's ships have that too.


            Yeah, I get the feeling they'll have the Orion a total of about 4 episodes before they get it blown up.
            Sorry Ori, I was born okay the first time.


              Originally posted by Angel10
              I'm not sure about that. We know from Aurora that the hyperdrive is not as powerful as the asgard one : of course the Orion has shields and obviously weapons but asgard's ships have that too.
              The Goa'uld have all that yet the Asgard ships are superior. The same relation maybe there. The ancients did have hyperdrives that were as good if not better than the Asgard. They just didn't install them on most ships (ep "Aurora").


                Originally posted by GateMan2000
                The Goa'uld have all that yet the Asgard ships are superior. The same relation maybe there. The ancients did have hyperdrives that were as good if not better than the Asgard. They just didn't install them on most ships (ep "Aurora").
                Can't wait to see what the Orion is able to do


                  Originally posted by Jarnin
                  We're talking thermodynamics here folks, you can't add energy to something you're extracting energy from.

                  If the volcano was dormant, it would continue to be dormant unless the planet became unstable, which would have nothing to do with the shield extracting energy from a dormant volcano.

                  It's a plot device, and a pretty shady one. You can explain it with as much technobabble as you want, it doesn't negate the fact that the writers got the science wrong again.
                  And you're an expert on the science behind Ancient shield technology? Otherwise how would you know that the shield generator drawing energy from the volcano couldn't cause it to become unstable?
                  To Infinity And Beyond!

                  O'Neill: "Do we know this... shrub?"


                    I loved this ep. It had everything I crave in my SGA eps. Team moments. Everyone with something to do. MCShep. Which was brilliant. I loved them competing for the blond. I loved the blond. I wish she would stick around. She can hang out with Rodney and learn from him, then be involved with Shep which would kill the kirking people complain about and end the shipping wars. Which would make me ecstatic.

                    The MCShep competing about her felt like the scenes we were supposed to get in CRITICAL MASS but were dumped with they decided to write Cadman in again.

                    What worked for me is that both guys liked her and she liked both guys for different reasons. She liked McKays's smarts and she and Shep kept trading HOT looks. Yet nobody got lost in that. Everyone was focused on surviving the eruption.

                    I loved how MCShep know each other. John knew how to get Rodney pumped up to do what he does best and that Rodney knew it but fell for it anyway. That's the fun stuff.

                    I loved Teyla and Ronon working to save the people and clinging to hope.

                    I loved Beckett being a brave soldier.

                    Sheppard trying to get the people to the Ship.

                    Caldwell and Weir had their moments and they all made sense.

                    I liked Hermiod being the one to say "Give it up and lets go home" And Caldwell saying that it wasn't an option.

                    I loved Caldwell voicing WHY I love Shep so much, when he told Weir that Shep, once again, instead of saving who he could felt the need to try and save everyone.

                    I loved the NAMING of the ship.

                    I loved Rodney's Nail issue and the chick rolling her eyes. Shep rolling his eyes at Rodney at one point. Rodney rolling his eyes at Shep. Funny and well done moments.

                    I loved Shep popping up and just ready for action when they felt he had been lost.

                    I loved the intensity/danger. I was scared for them, even though I knew they'd survive. I have missed feeling that way soooo much. This was an EDGE OF MY SEAT ep to watch and I loved it. ::hugs ep::

                    I loved the snark with Weir about Rodney and the chick, then Shep being a typical guy, NOT noticing the chancellor cause..he's a guy. LOL

                    Just...everything, including the special effects, were just fabulous.

                    And it had Zelenka. Squeeeee.

                    And on a shallow note. SHEP was HOTTER than a pistol. Oh..and he and the blond looked gorgeous together. Yeah.


                      Because I'm a lazy person, I'll just copy-paste what I've already posted elsewhere:

                      Well, this ep was great in my opinion.

                      This ep was pretty intense with this volcano ready to explode.

                      Liz got to go off-world yeah!! And in the end she wore that nice outfit from Coup d'Etat!! She was sooo cute when she made that face at the beginning when saying Rodney was smitten! And she seemed calm when Zelenka told her that a Hive ship was approaching.

                      John "Kirk" Sheppard was still there though... gah! I love how he speak to Rodney to flatter his ego! And I knew someone was going to bring out the Enterprise when Rodney said he found out the sip name! Finally, he chose the name, Orion, right?

                      Rodney was fantastic in this ep! He's so attracted to this woman (sorry didn't catch her name). ROFL at his face when his crazy plan worked and also when Carson said he was clever!

                      I love Teyla more and more, she had a great part in this ep even if it wasn't as important as the one she had in Michael.

                      And of course we had Ronon, Carson and Caldwell! Love them what can I say (yes even Caldwell!)

                      To sum up we got a great story, Sparky, even Spanky.

                      Just one flaw:

                      Mr TPTBs, please could you stop all this Kirking 'cos we're sick of it! Thank you.


                        wow looks like I'm the first one who didn't like it....

                        First it confirms my general idea about season 2 ... they have good ideas, but don't know how to deal with them.

                        I'm sorry but the writing for this ep was bad, the dialogue were poor...
                        Teyla and Ronon were ... uh, useless in the first part of the ep, they're here but have no lines.
                        The blond chick... Well she must have gone to the wrong set, she was probably supposed to go to THE OC. She looked like everything but a scientist, she keeps following Mckay everywhere, she does nothing, says nothing, helps no one ... OH NO WAIT! At least Sheppard has something to look at! the Sheppard and the blond thing was PAINFULLY RIDICULOUS!!

                        The episode could have been really good, I like this moment between TEyla and Ronon but here again, it's really short and instead of saying " you were right" " no you were" " no no, you were" ... well they could have found something deeper to develop a bit their interaction.

                        The whole Mckay plan was uh ... cool but SERIOUSLY??? a bit too much... I loved David's acting though. Was pretty funny.

                        Well here again, we get to save the world, everybody is safe ( except the group who left of course, but we needed them to give some lines to Ronon and Teyla)... Will we have a bit of drama sometimes??? Sheppard isn't a super hero, that'd be great to see him fail sometimes.

                        And of course we knew they wouldn't die since it was AGAIN Mckay and Shep who were stuck ... that SOOOO kills the suspens. I would have felt more worried if it was Ronon or Beckett, or even Lorne... Cause we know they don't mind killing off some characters at this time of the year....

                        Well at the end, we're back to the siege ... the wraiths are coming... but with only one ship ... UH UH SUSPENS, but déja vu.

                        Good points (because I don't watch stargate just for the pleasure of criticizing afterward): Awesome SFX, good characterization of Weir who is not too dark but still deeply changed. David terrific acting, funny moments in the Orion between Mckay/Shepp/blond thing/beckett when mckay explains his plan. Nice intercation between Weir and the Chancelor, who is a great guy with normal reactions. hermiod!love. Nice Shepp and weir scene at the beginning (definitively not ship and that's GREAT).
                        *~'.:GTA 199:.'~*
                        Je me souviens


                          Woo! It rawked! My theory that Carl Binder writes one awesome script, one "blah" script, one awesome, etc... seems to be correct. The visuals were pretty badass, too. ^_^

                          -McKay was hilarious.
                          -Sheppard was after the girl again. The only girl he should be after is on Atlantis and has nice hair and likes to wear red and black. What more could you want?
                          -Lots of good stuff going on at once.
                          -Booyah, we got a ship!
                          -Teyla and Ronon together again? Gwah! It's cool and all, but explore the other dynamics. There's been a big demand for this.
                          -I wish those two hadn't been beamed out. There should have been a more creative way to save them, though in this case it made sense for the Daedalus to be saving the day.
                          -The approaching Hive Ship thing reminded me of The Brotherhood. But I suspect this time things are going to go a lot differently.
                          -The mustache guy and his followers ran to their deaths! Gwahahah!

                          So, who here thinks Allies might be the best episode ever? Martin Gero rules.


                            Oh how I loved this ep. I mean, it's just beyond words.

                            Faulty science? I have a shield in my brain for that sort of thing. It separates the explanation given from anything remotely resembling real life. It works rather well.

                            Where do I start? Attractive blonde scientist chick was fun, and well-acted. Yay for her not feeling like a random alien bimbo. I'm far too lazy to look up the actress's name now, but wasn't she on Andromeda.

                            The John and Rodney almost-but-not-quite angry banter was quite fun. With the talks about blowing up a planet and Rodney working better under pressure, I was kinda wishing that this scenario had been played out closer to "Trinity" and "Condemned". It kinda follows along that thread of character interactions.

                            John & Elizabeth's conversation about Rodney and Norina(sp?) was quite amusing. I also loved Liz's remark about the Chancellor. Don't worry, you'll get your hot alien man eventually.

                            McKay freaking out. Loved it. Because a McKay freak-out cannot be diverted by the mere presence of a hot woman. It's just so him.

                            Ya gotta wonder where McKay got all this expertise on everything under the sun. Volcanos and geothermal energy? A little out of an astrophyscist's usual baliwick, isn't it?

                            Oh, and Carson being all "that's outside my baliwick" and Teyla being all "huh?" Too fun.

                            Zelenka!!!!!! *does happy dance*

                            "Maybe McKay can fix it." Of course McKay can fix it. He's may not be Superman, but that's okay, he's better than Superman. All hail the might of McKay, for he can fix anything. Yeah, putting all the responsibility on his shoulders is what leads to things like "Trinity", but it's just. so. awesome.

                            "This is so unfair." It's okay Rodney, they only do it 'cause they love you.

                            The innuendo!
                            "Perhaps one day I could study under you."
                            (Shep eye-roll!!!!!)
                            "...But first we need to get off - ah, first we need to get off the planet, and then you can be under me - "
                            And then the tremor, and she ends up in Shep's arms, and Rodney just rolls his eye and walks away.
                            The eye-rolling! and the innuendo! and the almost-but-not-quite-kirkiness! That's pretty much the second-best scene in this ep.

                            *pauses to contemplate Shep's arms*
                            and back to the review

                            "Oh well, I guess we're all gonna die."..."Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing. It has nothing at all to do with saving the lives of these people; it's all about you."
                            I'd forgotten how much I love Joe Flanigan's deadpan delivery. It's one of the reasons I love Shep as a character. *hugs JF and sends good vibes his way*

                            I like that there were people they couldn't save, people who refused to be saved. It made the ep feel a little more real. Humans are stubborn and frustrating like that.

                            Ronon running with a child in each arm = such a great hero image.

                            Teyla and Ronon with the almost dying and being beamed aboard the Daedalus. I would have felt this more if there had been a "What are the chances of Teyla and Ronon being alive?" moment. Just a half-second would have brought it back to the team, making it a better ep, IMHO.

                            "Talk amongst yaselves. I have an idea."
                            "Can't talk, busy."
                            "Not now please."
                            I love the McShep show. It's not great for every ep, but damn it was good here. *shivers in fangirl love*

                            Caldwell all antsy 'cause Shep kept him from going into hero mode. Also brings up an interesting point. Shep does have a bit of a hero complex, which is going to bite him in the butt (again) later.

                            Love that McKay asked Beckett about Teyla and Ronon, shows that he does have concern about his team. If only they had followed it through later.

                            And the best moment of the entire episode:Rodney's explanation of the plan.
                            Because OMG. There are no. words.

                            "Then what?"
                            "Then Norina and I were planning a small dinner, nothing fancy, just -"
                            "What does he mean then what?!"
                            I just need to take a moment to say how much I love Rodney. This ep is Rodney in all his glory, freaking out, snarking, mocking, sarcastic, hypchodriac, oh-so-loveable Rodney. *hugs DH for being awesome*

                            Shep's pre-flight instructions were very IC.

                            The explosion and then the ship's jump through hyperspace was bad-a**. That's all there is to it.

                            "You really are a genius." Oh, she totally went for Rodney instead of Shep.

                            Yeah, this was a Rodney-heavy review, but it was a Rodney-heavy ep, and I loved it. I also love Weir's closing line: "It's all we've got." A very strong, we'll get through this kind of line.

                            The plot was okay, the dialouge was stellar, as was the acting. Stuff like this is why I love Atlantis.
                            They say the geek never gets the girl...what about the girl getting the geek?

                            Rodney/ could happen

                            spoilers for "200"
                            Gen. Hammond: It has to spin, it's round! Spinning is so much cooler than not spinning. I'm the general, and I want it to spin!

                            Vala: Are you saying that General O'Neill is...

                            Cam: My daddy?


                              I belive this was one of my favorit episodes of the second half of season 2

                              I mean the usual McKay save the day thing happend.
                              But getting an actual working ancient warship outbeats everything thats happend to atlantis. We scored Drones in The Tower but getting a Warship tops that 10-1. The people were actualy nice and didnt try and blow us up or nothing or steal the ship away.

                              All in all a great episode 9/10 I think


                                Yeah, I disliked the blonde scientist woman as well. I often found myself thinking "Go away! You look stupid!". I mean, nothing against the actress, she couldn't help it. She was written that way.

                                But other than that, I loved this episode. It even had John/Rodney ship XD XD XD. Sheppard kept looking jealous and possessive (especially when the blonde scientist woman made a double enténdre. He rolled his eyes and pushed his head back) and then when he accidentally had a "moment" with the scientist, McKay looked jealous and possesive.

                                And their little banter. And him calling the scientist... "attractive" and saying that Rodney was acting... "pathetic". And the teasing of Rodney. No, really. It's like someone slashified the script. Maybe I've been reading too much McKay/Sheppard slash for the past two days (when I started reading it).