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    Na.. More like Dr Evil!!!


      The Lost Boys

      I think everybody watching SGA was waiting for this moment to happen; ever since Ford was taken from us in "Runner", people have been waiting for the moment that'll change their lives, the moment where Ford returning with a vengeance and this is that moment. Yes, the Ford with a black eye, hopped up on enzyme and all and I'm guessing that the people watching must be excessively praising the ultimate being of their choosing, thankful that Ford is back.

      Now Ford in this episode is just awesome; he dresses awesome, he acts awesome, he just is awesome. In many of the scenes he acts in sort of a condescending way but still manages to have that friendly side within him; I'd understand if I was in his position, the power of the enzyme, the potential it holds, etc. I wouldn't want to give that up though I would be aware of the instability I'd gain for being on it. His twisted way of thinking builds up much of the basis of the episode, the food, his definition of friendship, how they deal with things... It's somewhat shocking to see Ford do questionable stuff all for the greater good, I say somewhat because it's still awesome to see them do these things, oddly neglecting the bad feeling you get from watching these scenes. It's like we're being placed in his world, the odd perception of the mind that exists in real life and the best part is, no one is safe from it... It seems like a twisted version of the show had brash single-minded people took over it, and that's just part of the experience. Though I'm one of the few who think he did well as a main cast character, making him into a recurring was just a good idea; he truly has a purpose now, an awesome purpose that can't be denied.

      Ford is awesome.

      Ford's "crew" is a rag-tag bunch of people plucked from other places, the smart guy who knows a lot about the wraith, the strong guys who form the muscle of the group, the Genii spy who manages to know where everything is; there is a wide variety of people who have ambitions, goals, some personality and even a sense of duty towards each other; what we're shown of them supports Ford but they mainly seem to be in the background role... it would of been nice to see more of them but admittingly the Atlantis crew is the main focus of the episode. To see most of them hopped up on enzyme is entertaining enough, Rodney is somewhat annoying at some parts but in here he manages to get some moments where his true acting skill lets out a sense of emotion and even some convincing drug portrayals in some scenes; it's things like this that bring out the best in Rodney acting-wise... things that subvert what could be considered David's acting ability. I mean I've heard he's a good actor but he never seems to get the chance to flex the acting skill, in here he does and from what we've seen, it's really good... Drugged up Ronan and Teyla are also entertaining, to see their skills increase ten-fold and to see their aggressive behavior turned up a notch was really funny; even though it was supposed to be serious, I couldn't help to think these two people are acting like 10 year olds on various substances.

      Sheppard is given a considerable amount of focus here and his role cast as the voice of reason is one that proves to form the suitable catalyst between Ford and himself. I too can understand the obvious concerns and I can connect with him as he deals with the situation he's been given; his performance seems to mix the best of the cocky Sheppard with that of the serious Sheppard and both manage to coexist with each other, neither seems to upstage the other as he chats it up with the other crew and even particularly Ford. There does seem to be an attempt to make a subtle rivalry between the two and the attempt seems to work, the scenes where the two are talking are serious and reflect both characters but there's a hint of animosity between the two, different ideals that can't help to clash. The subtly is what makes this work, they don't bring it to the background claiming that these two have a problem, they let it leak out in some situations, all while certain camera angles, hinting of dialog and even actions suggest another story. These two work well together and much of the episode works is because of them, even as enemies, they have a bond that cannot be denied; one that cannot be broken even under different conditions. Anybody watching SGA will be proud to see Ford and Sheppard working together once again as they finishes each others sentences and know what the other is thinking.

      The truest of friends.

      This episode manages to pack some exceptionally fine action. While not every minute of it is packed full of action, the ones that are make the episode into such an experience, I mean who doesn't smile whenever they see those scenes where Ford beats a guy up or they capture a Wraith? The tense situations that happen, like our crew being taken hostage or the initial raids or even the scenes where no physical contact is had are tense; they immerse us in the episode, they make us feel for our poor heroes and they even manage to excite us to the point where we can't contain it; this is what true tensity feels like, writers take note. And we can't forget about the centerpiece of the action, yes the choreography; some of which is the finest that I've ever seen. Many of the moves they do are things that ordinary people can't do in their lifetime, many of which require exact timing and even some freestyling on their end, the characters here kick butt with singular precision; they come out one by one, they know what to do and they know how to make it awesome, they must have a great choreograph director behind them. Fine choreography always manages to make something like this exciting and that is true during the climax of the episode which can be considered the defining point of the episode; so defining in fact that you'll be shocked when that "To Be Continued" slide comes up.

      I have it on good authority that this is the best episode of Season 2. I mean it has the return of Ford in it, Ford! Plus it has the crew in tip top form, tons of fine action, the perfect basis plus tons of entertainment value to boot and if that's not enough it manages to eschew what I though was the boring setup pieces of "The Storm" and "The Siege (Part 1)" which means that there is nothing to get in the way between you and the episode. Seriously, a must see!

      Back from the grave.


        An alright ep.

        It was better the first time I saw it.

        I have to admit Ford was growing on me during this watch. Makes me wish he didn't leave the team. But I do like Ronan better.

        Pretty easy to drug Mckay. Just give him food. Speaking of drugging. I sure didn't like Ronan and Teyla drugged up. Although when they fought each other it was pretty funny.

        Whoops beamed half your team off the edge. Sorry about that.


          Xmas '05 apparantly...another ep of Atlantis...

          1. Looking back, you realise how nuts Ford was. Kill all the Wraith and you lose your supply of enzyme! Then what?

          2. Not to mention that the mission 'was' insane!

          3. Lorne has a point...Weir was acting pretty close to our guys...



            My LiveJournal post
            Good to see Ford again and what he's been up to since Runner. Shame about his people going over the edge of the platform though.
            But McKay all tense and ranting and generally not happy - someone get me the popcorn
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              This episode suffers from the problem many Stargate two parters suffer from. Its all exposition and no plot. Thier is all this set up of what Ford has been up to since Runner and putting up the plot to blow up a hive ship. Its boring cause thier is so little action. And the episode is so predictible. I can maybe buy that Ford remembered to how remove the control crystals from the DHD due to the events of the S1 episode Home. But it makes no sense that he could reprogram a dart to dial only two gates in the Pegasus galaxy network. Such a skill seems way beyond anything Ford and his gang could do. Its another example of making things just a little too easy to suit the plot of the story the writers wanted to tell.
              Originally posted by aretood2
              Jelgate is right


                Originally posted by escyos View Post
                i would have liked to see ford's enzyme people coming back but having a much bigger group and a huge facility, ships and stuff, really give the wraith something to snarl about
                This episode was among the best of Season 2. It increased the scale of the universe, showing things happening outside of Atlantis, not directly controlled by our heroes. The Ford's team had made great achievements with very limited resources.

                It didn't seem plausible to me that they could have reprogrammed the dart DHD, since they weren't able to turn it on even before McKay fixed it. But maybe the reprogramming took place under McKay's guidance; always eager to prove his superior knowledge, he may have taught Jace a thing or two there.

                It's unsurprising that the mission didn't go well, because Sheppard was completely unprepared to it, because he taught he could avoid doing it. He should have had some test flights with the dart, and point out flaws in Ford's plan.


                  I really liked Ford in S1, and while I appreciate what the writers were trying to do, I just don't like the 'new' Ford.


                    Its like they were trying to something special with him, but fell flat on their faces.


                      Originally posted by garhkal View Post
                      Its like they were trying to something special with him, but fell flat on their faces.
                      That's what it felt like...

                      also it was like they were setting it up and then put the idea down and forgot it was there, which left an unfinished feeling hovering... I mean... I felt like Ford was so passionate and felt strongly about what he was doing then all of a sudden he was like 'oh well.' and it was over...

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                        I don't understand. Why does the show starts with Teyla saying "Previously on Stargate Atlantis"....and we see a clip of Ford asking to join the crew, but that wasn't on a previous episode. The previous episode was The Aurora.
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                          When saying "previously on ...", it isn't always referring to the most previous episode; it will often have clips from episodes further back.