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The Intruder (202)

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    Originally posted by Lythisrose View Post
    From Joe Mallozzi's blog last night, thoughts on this episode:
    THE INTRUDER (202)

    Some memorable lines in this one:

    “Ten fingers, ten toes. I’ll check the rest later.” (written by my writing partner, Paul). Sheppard’s response the second he is beamed back on board – presumably in one piece.

    “Crap indeed.” (This one’s mine). Hermiod agreeing with the dire assessment of their situation.
    Those were two of the best lines, especially Hermiod


      It looks that I am only one in this issue but I hate the attitude of Liz towards the change to command. I think that these points about Sheppard were completely valid, but she goes into the mode "I won't accept a different military commander than Sheppard" and "If his rank is not good enough you must promote him." Where does she take the right to do this? Caldwell was not introduced as a bad guy which would be only reason which would justify this attitude a little. And after her winning she was putting it into the face of Caldwell again like a small child.

      I think that this was not a good episode for her as the whole. Her behaviour towards Simon was not appropriate as well.