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    Originally posted by Easter Lily
    So Runner has a double entendre... two men on the run... Ronon Dex and Lt Aiden Ford... One runs toward and the other runs away. Both have been touched by the Wraith. Interesting juxtaposition.

    Ronon Dex is a Runner... the hunted turned hunter... Ford also a Runner becomes the hunter and the hunted... Both are homeless to some degree. Dex was on the run... no place to call home... The place he once called home is no more. Ford, on the other hand, has abandoned the home he once knew because he is not the man he once was. The former accepts the help of strangers and the latter rejects the help of those he once called "friends".

    There's a lot of running in the episode. Extensive amounts of vegetation gives the impression of great distances that must be covered. But there is a lot of movement... on legs... of individuals hiding, searching, hunting, fighting and confronting.

    Friendship and trust are the key ideas in the episodes. Does friendship lead to trust or does trust lead to an uneasy alliance?

    Surrounding these two men are others who will determine their fate... will they help or hinder? Some show their fear plainly (Caldwell, McKay and Beckett), while others fear for them (Sheppard and Teyla). The two men have an encounter at the end... at which their places are changed... for now...

    An interesting episode (with a better than expected introduction of Dex and an all too brief reunion with Ford)... with Stargate trying new things... not sure if it succeeds on every level but I applaud them for taking the plunge.
    *applause* Wonderful analysis of the episode.

    A few quick comments...

    *I liked Ronon Dex a lot - I was surprised actually. I think he could be a really good addition to the show. I'm interested in his story and seeing how they work him into the group.

    * It was bittersweet to see Ford again and I worry about him. Rainbow really seems to be enjoying playing this development and I hope this storyline continues to be followed.

    *Mckay. Again I'm a little disturbed that he's reverting a little too much to the comic relief side. His character really grew a lot last year and they seem to be regressing him. The whole whining about the sun and the rubber suit got old. Although I enjoyed his encounters with Ford quite a bit.

    *Shep was great. Really like Joe's performance this year. McKay has always been my favorite character but Shep may be taking his place.

    *Teyla. Just not much there. I am *so* hoping that the addition of Dex will also bring some *good* character developement for her.
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      Am I the only who doesn't think Teyla was giving Ronon heated looks of desire? I actually thought her staring was directed at his necklace not his chest. It seemed she recognized it as having some meaning of some sort.
      If those were looks of desire for his manly chest hairs, then she really needs to work on the heat and come hither look.

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        Calicto's Review

        Episode: Runner [SGA 203]

        Good Performances: Ronan, Ford, McKay, Major Lorne
        Bad Performances: Dead Wraith dude.

        Noteworthy Scenes: Ronan/Ford fight, Most of the Ronan fight scenes, Ford getting shot by McKay

        1. Ronan = very good addition to show
        2. Super Ford = excellent. just excellent.
        3. Ronan versus Super ford fight
        4. Ford & McKay interaction
        5. Shepperd's personal dilemma with dealing with Ford
        6. Forest setting adds creepiness
        7. McKay-isms
        8. Ronan flash backs
        9. Ford instability

        1. Needed more fighting between Ronan and Wraith or Ronan and Ford

        Comments: I really liked both Ford and Ronan. Ronan has become the "Blade" of SGA except that he's not half Wraith. But he's almost as cool in his suave nature and his great fighting ability. I love the idea that Ronan and Ford literally switched places after their amazing fight.

        Story: 8.0
        Plot Direction: 9.0
        Acting/Characters: 9.5
        Action/Adventure: 8.5
        Background Info: 9.0
        Dramatic Feel: 9.5
        Scenes/Settings: 9.0
        Special Effect: 9.0
        Realism Factor: 8.0
        Overall Feel: 8.0
        Rating: 87.5 (B+)


          Originally posted by MarshAngel
          Am I the only who doesn't think Teyla was giving Ronon heated looks of desire? I actually thought her staring was directed at his necklace not his chest. It seemed she recognized it as having some meaning of some sort.
          If those were looks of desire for his manly chest hairs, then she really needs to work on the heat and come hither look.
          I thought her stairing was directed at the scar on his chest from when the wraith attempted to feed on him. (First I thought the neckless then I saw the scar. The scar was under the neckless.).
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          ^^^ Kinda sounds like seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to me. Thor, ya got Aspirin?

          AGateFan has officially Gone Fishin (with Jack, Sam, Daniel, Teal'c) and is hoping Atlantis does not take that same hairpin turn.


            Originally posted by Amakusa
            Caldwell is a jerk; it's as if the writers want to set him up like the marine guy from the end of last season except with more staying power. Carbon-copy jerk.
            Caldwell has a point about Ford being a possible threat. It's not a point that Sheppard likes, but it's a valid point.

            Originally posted by Amakusa
            I don't like this Ronan Dex guy. He seems cut of the same mold as Teyla, in that he's the 'outsider' 'alien' who's supposed to bring this 'new' perspective at how things go in the Pegasus galaxy. Only it's round two with a macho man. If they don't play him in some way other than his 'seven ways to kill you' attitude, he will wear out his welcome quick.
            'Welcome'? This is welcome?

            Originally posted by Amakusa
            That also means I can have the opinion that you're wrong, not 'we' or 'our'. You only speak for yourself; remember that.
            I never attempted to say I was speaking for anyone. I was merely pointing out that the right to an opinion is universal. I was expressing the idea that Lida cannot dictate what is merely her opinion as 'fact' that we 'have to accept' to me, or to any of us here. Which unfortunately includes you.

            Gross misinterpretation on your part.

            Nothing to see here. I'm moving right along.
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              Major Lorne is portrayed by Kavan Smith. Looks like I've seen him in a few other places, too. Hmm...

              As for Teyla... can't say I saw her being particularly sultry towards ANYONE in this ep and yeah, I think the look she threw at his bared chest had more to do with something ON his chest than with the chest itself.


                Ford was the best part of this episode... too many good parts, I'm going to have to watch it a couple more times but Ford was the best part of it.

                I loved the scene when he shot Major Lourne and McKay goes crazy thinking it's a Wraith attack only to have Ford step out of the treeline and tell him to cool it. And then give him a little punch on the shoulder...

                That was great! I can't wait to see more Ford... hopefully the TPTB keep him around.

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                  Loved the whole episode. However I hope McKay will calm down a little slowly over the seasons


                    Just figured out why Major Lorne looked so familiar!! Kavan Smith played Major Lorne in "Enemy Mine" on SG-1

                    So it turns out he's a reoccuring character that was transferred to Atlantis, with the increased military personnel that the Daedelus brought...

                    What a great idea!

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                    "Good Morning Dr. Silberman. How's the knee?" - Sarah Connor 1994


                      I enjoyed this episode. RSF knocked my socks off again in his portrayal of Ford! Watching him switch back and forth between wraith insanity and lucidity was fasinating. One minute he was Ford, happy about Sheppard's promotion and the next he was - "Super Ford" ready to blow Rodney's head off. I liked the fact that Rodney kept fixed on the Ford he knew instead of the insanity. I give him credit for not letting Aiden go off alone and saving himself. Good for you, Rodney.

                      Ronan Dex was very cool. I think he'd be a good addition to the team, but I really hope TPTB don't want to trade out Ford for Dex. I think having both would serve the show well. The fight between the two of them was incredible. Having them fight side by side would be unbelievable!

                      I'd give it a 9 out of ten. Liked this week's Atlantis far better than this week's SG-1.
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                        I really, really enjoyed "Runner." I'm more of an SG-1 fan than Atlantis, but damn, Atlantis really blew SG-1 out of the water this week. The main thing was, of course, Ford. Ford, Ford, Ford. Rainbow Francks did an absolutely spectacular job of portraying Ford exactly how I'd expect someone in his position to be: brusque, scary, forceful, but also very vulnerable and scared at the core, AND we even got to see some of the old Ford's optimistic naivete shine through in his excitement when McKay tells him that Beckett might be able to find a way to cure him and let him keep his new powers. Wonderfully multi-faceted performance from Rainbow. His attempts to bond with McKay like nothing had happened were great and his complete 180 in demeanor after McKay shot him was even better. Normally I just kind of dismiss things that the people behind the scenes of anything hype up, but TPTB really nailed it on this one. That enzyme was definitely the best thing to ever happen to Ford.

                        As far as other characters, Dex turned out to be a lot more interesting than I would've given him credit for. McKay and Lorne were fun. Beckett was hilarious as always. Sheppard was funny in the cave scene, trying to talk to Dex.

                        The new, inverted shirts were pretty sweet. McKay's was black with a blew strip on the sides instead of the other way around and Beckett sported a black shirt with a white strip when he went off-world.

                        Hmm... there's really nothing I didn't like about this episode. I'm kind of curious about why the Wraith got a funny look and stopped feeding on Dex in the flashback, but otherwise I thought the episode was excellent. Great way to really jump-start the new season.
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                          I liked the episode.

                          The cast did a great job especially RSF. Poor Ford.

                          Ronan seems like an interesting character.

                          The one thing that I had an issue with is McKay's characterization last night. He was way over the top and only played for laughs. David Hewlett is very funny, but he also does a good job of giving McKay some depth--when they let him play it.

                          A big part of McKay's appeal for me is that he has some sensitivity underneath the obnoxious exterior. I hope future episodes serve him better.

                          Overall, though, a good episode.

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                            I thought McKay's scenes with Ford were pretty good, actually. I didn't feel like he was played exclusively for laughs, though there were certainly some over-the-top scenes. You can see him visibly struggling to rectify this new, dangerous man before him with the naive, boyish Ford he once knew every time he tries to convince Ford that the Atlantis crew just wants to help him. I really thought Hewlett and Francks played off each other well in the episode.
                            Thornbird: I'm Major Robort Thornbird. And you are?
                            Jack: Captain James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise.
                            Thornbird: Your dog tags say otherwise.
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                              Oh yeah, the McKay-Ford dynamic was terrific, but I still felt that McKay's whining was a little too overboard and the screaming like a girl thing was embarrassing. And I don't particularly care to be embarrassed by/for one of my favorite characters on the show.

                              And for someone who couldn't even keep his ammo clip in his gun in Siege 3, McKay managed to shoot Ford just fine in Runner.

                              Incidentally, did anyone else find it a little incongruous that Beckett, who's always scared and whiney about having to go out in the field and who professes to know almost as little (or less) about weapons than McKay, seemed to handle an assault rifle just fine? Even McKay sticks to handguns.


                                haven't read anything above this yet... posting review comments first.

                                about Ronon Dex's dreadlocks... gosh, he must have a dozen or more knots when brushing out those hairs! (yikes!) Tyr in Andromeda had the better looking hair style... Must admit that when you focus on Jason's (Dex) eyes and ignore his wild hair, he does have rather handsome facial features.

                                As contrasting balance to the seriousness of what a "Runner" is and must endure emotionally and physically, McKay's comic relief side-stories were a (movie) classic evil. Lest things got too dark. (The first "Star Wars" trilogy impressively balanced its humor out nicely between what was totally dark and what could be considered as semi-normal.) David Hewlett must have gone thru a whole bag of cough drops to keep his voice in this episode!

                                some memorable and favorite moments...
                                McKay: " see my complexion?! It's fair. *Very* fair."
                                ...{pause... he gets some rather nasty stares...}
                                McKay: "Oh *this* isn't FAIR!"

                                yup, I can sympathize with the fair complexion problem, but with him going overboard on this subject, was just too *funny* (still has me laughing my sides silly!)'s some more...

                                McKay: {bragging} "...try some SPF 100. Made it myself."

                                People keep teasing me about using SPF 50 (that I need it for myself level away from being Albino!), which I often think is pushing things to the limit, because SPF 35 should be sufficient enough... but SPF 100? Rodney's such an extremist when he goes into worry-wart overdrive mode... (and I thought I was bad at exaggerating such things...)

                                Ford Question... so, is his facial disfigurement due to the grenade melting part of his face during the blast, or what? It seemed that the blast went off closer to his right side than his left... and that it would have affected his lower body first and foremost before reaching any part of his head.

                                more Ford... when he's sane, at least he hasn't lost his sense of giddy wonder from enjoying hearing about pleasant news. But when he's psychotic... look out! Somehow I expected all those verbal daggers (little nitpicks and other irritants) from the past to eventually boil over if not someday explode to the surface -wonder if Ford and McKay covered them all.

                                And McKay ...finally getting a grip after possibly learning his lesson about not losing the gun clip (from "Siege"). ...He's getting rather daring, too! But after shooting Ford, and suddenly realizing what he actually did after doing it, his bad day suddenly got a whole ton worse!

                                Ooooh gosh! If some viewers thought McKay's screaming fall in "Siege" was worthy of replaying, how many times are they going to replay the tree incident in "Runner"...? (It's tempting to peek at those ..*whump!*.. topics)

                                David Hewlett just poured his ALL {heart and soul} into those running and screaming banshee scenes... but oh, give him some cough drops for that sore hoarse throat!

                                Dr. Beckett... enjoyed seeing him get some great lines; and with his accent (and the actual actor's delivery of those words), those things just get more amplified.
                                ...did wonder about his gun training, too, but passed that off as waiting for his real reactions until after he *actually* had to use it...

                                Col. Caldwell... somehow I think he'd rather see Lt. Aiden Ford dead, than brought back alive, and I think that's what Sheppard is thinking, too.

                                I'm also inclined to believe Sheppard about Ford keeping his thoughts quiet -not giving the SGA teams away to the Wraith, because that's what Ford was trained to do as a soldier. Of course, on the one hand, Ford was all gun-ho prepared to save Teyla and Shep; but especially after how bullistic Ford wanted to get with Rodney -since Shep shot Ford does that now change any future encounters?

                                And the episode itself had one of those very dark endings. A deep *think about it* moment.