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    It did bother me that they just gave up so easily on it.


      Originally posted by jelgate View Post
      So you want to committ murder and larceny just to make our lives easier?

      okay not really



        this "We will only give this to an ancient"-crap or "You are not the ancestors, you don't deserve help"-mentality really pisses me off (don't these people get that there is a chance that the cullings will ****ing stop if the humans from earth are successful? After all they've been kicking Wraith-Butt, more than any other civilization in Pegasus, even the ones that are only introduced in the following seasons like the highly advanced but somewhat cowardly Travellers who basically let the galaxy fend for itself while they life on ships - we are just lucky that they have diminishing returns and face having to return to a freaking planet-bound livestyle because otherwise they wouldn't help out with the Pegasus-Replicators and with the Ataro-Device!)

        They should have brought a lot of Wraith-Stunners to just knock everybody out (or knockout-gas - you can then separate the good guys (as in Sheppard's team) from the others and tie those others up!

        Just read about the guys from this episode in a fanfiction (where they are still as self-righteous and Ancient worshipping, despite having been at the mercy of enemies that the Ancients in all their wisdom couldn't beat because the were frankly to peaceful and couldn't for example invent something that shuts down gates (hell, humanity has done that after what 6 years with the stargate program with the Avenger-Virus!) and combine that with the Atero-Device to kill one stranded Wraith-Hive after another?)

        greetings LAX
        ps: How anybody can worship, instead of loath, the ascended Ancients is beyond me!


          I agree. I've seen LITTLE about the ascended ancients worthy of worship;.