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    Originally posted by hlndncr View Post
    I'll never look at the Amish the same way again. You think there are nuclear research facilities beneath the farms of Western Pennsylvania?
    makes you stop and think!


      The Genii at this time were such a great nemesis - I loathe them.

      I thought their deception, posing as simple farmers was good. I'm glad so many others mentioned Tyrus' stupidity. No, I will not let rescue the prisoner, it will alert the wraith! I will however shoot several bullets into him.

      My favourite line from this episode courtesy of McKay;

      "If people could just learn to keep their secret underground hatches locked.."

      Tiny little things make all the difference in this series. Shep's ease and confidence when Cowan tells the team to follow him. Shep gets up from the table swiftly to lead, while the others take a more slow and hesitant stand. I love it.

      More little things I loved:

      Teyla's laugh
      Ford without a hat
      Rodney + Ford table banter.. "It wasn't a working model."