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    Originally posted by scifan View Post
    Beautiful song hun!!!

    So, can't promise that it will be a regular post on this story, but I thought I'd give it a try. I'm not going to post in fanfic or anything. Just here for you guys. ❤ Here is just a few paragraphs for starter. It's not the whole chapter.

    On the Edge

    4am and Zelenka catches himself about to doze off in front of the computer screen. He shakes his head and begins to mumble in Czech, with words his mother would wash his mouth out with soap. Rodney somehow tricked him again to take over his shift and this time it was for the annual scanning of all the known active gates in the Pegasus system. Over time they found out that some gates become inactive for unknown reasons. Some of the scientists speculate that it’s either the people on the planet have chosen to deactivate the gate or something catastrophic has happened and the gate was destroyed. Either way, they hope by documenting the changes they can hope to someday visit the planet and find out what happened. Hopefully, none of them will be occupied by the Wraith.
    Suddenly, a flashing gate address appears across the screen. It’s from an address that was previously in the database, but became inactive over a year ago. Now it’s suddenly active again.

    “What changed?” Zelenka thought to himself. He was excited at the prospect of them finding out that he almost rushed to call Woolsey on the coms, but then quickly remembered the last time he did that. It was about as early as it was now and since it wasn’t an emergency, Woolsey sternly advised not to call him before 6am.

    Please excuse any grammar issues
    It's getting interesting and it's only the first couple of paragraphs. Maybe when the whole story or each chapter, is done you can post it on: If you are wanting a place to put.

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