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    By YappiChick

    “so men just came and took Teyla?” Woolsey asked, leaning forward in his chair in the conference room at Stargate Command. “You know that her disappearance could compromise the location of Atlantis--”

    “I don’t care about Atlantis,” John interrupted, his voice cold. “We need to find Teyla.”

    Sensing Sheppard’s agitation, Woolsey calmed down. “All right, let’s go back with what we do know. You and Teyla were being followed by an unknown subject for at least two hours, right?”
    “Yes, and we tried to get back to the car when she was taken by two different men.” John felt a wave of guilt pass over him. “The search for the SUV was a bust,” he said sullenly.

    “Maybe not,” Rodney said, walking in the room with Ronon.

    The two men turned to look at him.

    “San Francisco has traffic cams set up throughout the city. We got access to the footage and I finally managed to find what we are looking for,” Rodney explained.

    “Actually Zelenka--” Ronon started.

    “It doesn’t matter who found it,” Rodney said, cutting him off. “There was an SUV picked up leaving Chinatown at about the time you said Teyla was taken. We tracked it to here.” He pointed at his tablet. “It’s down by the docks. We couldn’t track their specific location because the traffic cams don’t go that far.”

    John stood up. “We need to get down there.”

    Rodney exchanged a glance with Ronon. “There’s something you should know.”

    “We know who took Teyla,” Ronon said.

    John looked at Ronon. He couldn‘t wait to get his hands on who took Teyla. “Who?”

    Rodney tapped his tablet a couple of times to get the grainy image from the traffic cam loaded and held it up for everyone in the room to see.

    “Bates,” John muttered.

    “I’m not sure why he would take her,” Rodney replied.

    “Actually,” Woolsey said awkwardly, “I have an idea. About a month after Atlantis arrived on Earth, Mr. Bates has been AWOL. We believe he has been working with the Trust.”

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      By Everlovin

      A distant noise roused Teyla. “So you’re back with us. Good. We can begin.” Teyla refused to respond in anyway. “Oh, come now, Teyla,” the voice continued. “Your bio signs show you are awake. You waste my time and try my patience with your useless ruse.”

      “I will not aid you in any way. I will not do anything to betray the people of the Atlantis Expedition, nor those that command them. If you know my name, then you ought to know that much about me.”

      “That is where you are wrong. I’m afraid you have little choice in the matter. In fact, you are already proving useful.”

      Teyla looked around the room. It seemed to be a laboratory similar to what Rodney would work in. Somehow the thought didn’t make her feel any better. Worse, on a long table nearby, there were several objects that make her hair stand on end. Wraith technology. “If you think I have any skill in using these things, you are sadly mistaken.”

      “Again you are wrong. You’ve been injected with a very carefully balanced compound. Already these bits of technology are responding to your presence. And now that you are awake, they will respond as they are meant to. You will have no control over it.”

      “That is impossible. By it’s very nature, this technology requires directed thought, and I will never do this,” Teyla informed her captor with tightly controlled anger. Despite her claims, one of the monitors started flashing with information at dizzying speeds.

      Teyla only saw one option. She closed her eyes and attempted to connect with Todd.


      Deep inside the holding cells of Atlantis, Todd became alert. “Guard! I must speak with Col. Sheppard. It’s urgent.”

      The sergeant clicked his communicator. “Col. Sheppard, you’re needed down in the holding cells. Apparently, Todd has something urgent to tell you.”

      John lost it. “What could he possibly have to say that is more important than finding Teyla?”

      The sergeant raised an eyebrow in question to Todd. “It is regarding Teyla that I must speak with him.”

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      It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


        By Alexandria7

        “This had better be good,” Colonel John Sheppard muttered through gritted teeth as he reached Todd’s cell. John’s eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared slightly as his gaze fell upon the Wraith they called Todd. “I’m not in the mood for any of your games,” he said coldly.

        The Colonel’s chilly warning caused everyone, even Rodney to stop dead in their tracks. Sheppard had been distraught the last time Teyla had been kidnapped, but now…distraught didn’t seem to even scratch the surface. It was as if John really loved…Rodney’s thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the powering up of Ronon’s gun.
        “Say the word, and we can have a Wraith Barbeque tonight,” Ronon smirked as he pointed his gun at Todd.

        Todd merely smiled. He had known the team long enough to know that Sheppard would never…

        “Sounds good to me,” the Colonel retorted. “Better start talking or I’m gonna let Ronon start shooting, and I’m pretty sure, it’s not set to stun.”

        Todd glanced over to the wide-eyed McKay and came to the same realization that the scientist did only a few moments ago. “It would be foolish to kill me if you want to save the woman you…love.” He smiled.

        “Start talking, NOW!” Sheppard said dangerously.

        “Teyla has been reaching out to my mind,” Todd finally hissed as he studied the rage-filled man standing before him.

        John furrowed his brow for a moment as he carefully considered the Wraith’s words. “Can you see where she’s being held?”

        Todd paused, closing his eyes as he tried to re-establish the connection with Teyla’s mind. He remained silent for many minutes, putting John even more on edge.

        “Well, can you sense her or not?” Sheppard asked, irritation filling his voice.

        “Be patient,” the Wraith merely replied.

        “Ronon!” the Colonel signaled the warrior to fire.

        Suddenly, Todd raised his hand into the air. “I can sense her,” he said in a low whisper. “She’s okay…for now, but something appears to be interfering with our…connection.”

        “What’s that supposed to mean?” John asked, glancing back to Rodney in time to see the scientist’s classic ‘don’t ask me shrug’.

        “The images and sounds are quite distorted. Maybe her mind isn’t as strong as I thought it was,” he remarked nonchalantly resulting in a stern growl from Ronon.

        John sighed heavily. They were wasting precious time. He should be out there, searching for her, not stuck here. Never in his life did he feel as helpless as he did now. Sheppard clenched his fists angrily. God help them if they so much as touched a single hair on her head. Her beautiful head. He inhaled sharply as he closed his eyes allowing his mind to drift back to her smiling face. He loved that smile. And he loved her eyes, God, her mesmerizing dark eyes, so full of warmth. He could stare into her eyes forever. And then there was her voice. The gentle lilt of her infectious laughter was music to his ears. He loved making her laugh.
        John found himself smiling as he thought back to her enthusiasm for their shopping adventure mere hours ago. The sweet scent of her perfume flooded his senses as he remembered the softness of her skin when he held her hand. He loved how her hand felt in his. John swallowed hard as he remembered feeling her fingers slip through his and how he’d lost her. He had promised her that she’d be safe with him; she had always been safe with him…until now. Sheppard caressed his fingertips with the pad of his thumb before clenching his hand once more. He couldn’t lose her again. Deep inside his chest, John felt his heart ache. He needed to find her, he needed desperately to take her into his arms, and never let her go. Slowly, John turned his attention back to Todd.

        Teyla struggled to focus as she tried desperately to re-connect with Todd. She squeezed her eyes shut in an attempt to block out the events unfolding around her. ‘Why is it so much more difficult this time than before?’ she wondered. She could sense Todd’s mind, if only she could just…

        “Don’t worry,” a voice said calmly, breaking her reverie. “Disorientation is a side effect of the compound we gave you. We can’t have you using these items just yet, now can we? At least not until you’re ready.

        Teyla arched her eyebrows over towards the voice as she struggled hopelessly against the restraints. “What do you mean?”

        “Ah! Excellent!” the man said excitedly, ignoring her question.

        Much to her horror, she saw a man holding a sphere-shaped piece of Wraith weaponry that had only been rumored to exist. She recognized it from it’s descriptions in folktales told by many races.

        “This piece is quite impressive,” the man said enthusiastically. “I hypothesize that this is a weapon, I’m right, aren’t I?”

        Teyla laid there in silence, refusing to answer him.

        “Tell me what it does.” He said while holding up the spherical, iridescently glowing, flesh-like object.

        “NEVER!” Teyla replied angrily.

        “Now now, Teyla, didn’t we already cover the futility of you fighting?” Bates asked as he entered the room.

        “I’d rather die than help you!”

        “I figured as much. You always did have a flair for the dramatic,” Bates merely said, his lips twisting into a sickening smile. “You see, I planned for that, in fact, I’m certain I can convince you to be very cooperative.”

        Teyla watched him curiously, desperately wishing she could slap that expression right off his face.

        “You can’t imagine how easy it is for me to walk onto Atlantis with a little help from this handy piece,” he said, pointing to the leather Sodan cloaking device on his forearm. “It’s simple, Teyla, cooperate with us, and your son lives. Refuse, and well, you’ll only have yourself to blame for his death.”

        “You’re lying!” Teyla gasped.

        “Am I?” Bates asked with a sick smile. “Do you really want to call that bluff?

        Teyla could feel the rising panic within her as it traveled from her stomach to place a stranglehold on her heart. She couldn’t breathe. Could he really have Torren? It wasn’t possible, was it? She fought back the tears that threatened to spill. Torren was safe, he had to be. The very idea that Bates could possibly have her son locked away in this filthy place sickened her. She began to feel lightheaded as she choked back a sob. Slowly, she closed her eyes and prayed that her friends would burst through the door at any minute now. John would be there to tell her everything was going to be all right. Mere minutes had passed by the time Teyla opened her eyes again, but for her, it seemed like an eternity. Her heart sank when no one came through the door. Tears slipped past her dark lashes and caressed her cheeks in shimmering trails. “I will help you, just please…please do not harm my son,” Teyla said finally, her voice breaking up as she resolved to do everything possible to re-establish a connection to Todd.

        John tapped his finger on the wall impatiently as he watched the silent, unmoving Wraith.

        “Colonel Sheppard, I believe I’m close to re-establishing a link to Teyla,” Todd commented quietly without opening his eyes.

        “Tell her that I’m coming for her, no matter what it takes,” John replied, his feelings reflected deep within in his eyes.

        Suddenly, Todd’s eyes snapped open. “John?” he asked in a strange, slightly feminine tone.

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        It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


          By Scifan

          John cautiously stepped forward, getting closer to the cell door, as Todd stood up and walked towards him as well. John had an eerie, deja vu feeling wash over him. He recalled when Teyla did the same thing to the Wraith queen that had him, Rodney and Ronon captured and she took over her body to save them….risking her life and the life of her unborn son. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest.
          “Teyla?” he said slowly and softly.

          A small sigh of relief escaped as she expressed how happy she was to get through to him and see him, “Yes, John. It is me.” She paused briefly. “I cannot speak too long for there are too many here and I fear they will discover what I am doing.”

          “Where are you being held?” Woolsey jumped in.

          “I am still unsure, but Bates is involved,” Teyla answered with a slightly angry tone to her voice when she mentioned his name.

          “Yeah, we know, “ Ronon grumbled.


          “What is she doing?” Bates asked one of the men as they observed Teyla from a distance.

          “Oh she’s just meditating and probably mumbling to herself”, the agent said non-chalantly.

          “You idiot! She’s probably communicating to the Wraith they have on Atlantis to contact Colonel Sheppard,” Bates said quite angrily. “Get over there and stop her. I don’t care if you have to knock her out to do it…. Just do it now!”

          But before the agent was able to carry out Bates’ order a well dressed, older man walked in. He had black hair with fine streaks of silver in it, a square jaw and lifeless dark eyes.

          “Mr. Parker,” the agent said with surprise and nervousness. “What are you doing here?”

          “I came to see my newest addition to my collection, but first I need you to give her another dose, “Parker ordered with an evil tint to his eyes.

          “But that could killer her,” the agents uneasily rebuked.

          Parker glared at the young man before answering, “I think she can handle it.”

          The young agent looked at Bates and Bates nodded his head to confirm the order.


          Teyla was surprised, “You know, but how?”

          “Right now that’s not important. We need to know where you are so we can find you,“ John
          “First, I need to know if Torren is with you or not. Bates said that he has him.” Teyla said sadly.

          The men all looked at each other curiously. Woolsey quickly clicked on his ear comm. and walked to a quiet side of the room and is a short amount of time he returned with an answer for Teyla.

          Woolsey’s eyes told her it was bad news, “Torren is safe and I will make sure to keep Atlantis on high alert for any intruders.”

          Teyla gave a sigh of relief, “Thank you, Mr. Wool…..sey…”

          Teyla’s voice started to sound weary and weak. They watched as Todd began to lose his balance and fall to the ground. They knew something was wrong with Teyla.

          “Teyla!” John yelled as he could feel her presence slip away.

          She was gone, no longer in control of Todd and they still had no way of finding her.
          Todd opened his eyes and attempted to stand, but the process of them merging their minds took more out of him then he thought it would so getting up took a little longer.

          “Dammit! “ John shouted in frustration. “We still don’t know what is going on or where she’s at…. And I should be out there…”

          “John Sheppard,” Todd called out amongst John’s loud rant. “I was able to probe Teyla’s mind as she was talking to you and there are things you need to know.”

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          It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


            By Hope 24

            “I won’t hesitate in killing you if it turns out you’re lying to me.” John told Todd as he looked at him sharply, through the energy field cell walls.

            Todd looked back at John, seemingly unperturbed by John’s threat. “I see.”

            “See that you do!” John countered, looking the Wraith squarely in the face. Todd smiled.

            “I think I do.” Todd replied as he keenly eyed John.

            “Sheppard, I believe I have been of some help in this matter, so far, and I think I can be of some assistance now in getting Teyla back.” Todd said evenly.

            “We’ll see.” John said before giving Todd a look that looked more like a frown. Then he turned to leave the room. Ronon who had been standing close by the doors, in the shadows, left the room with John as the marines’ guards took their position guarding the doors again.

            Todd watched John intently as he and Ronon left the room.


            In Woolsey’s office, John was on a precipice of emotions, it seemed some where between fury and panic. John who had never like trusting Todd because Todd always had an agenda and it was usually what was beneficial to Todd. John knew his choices weren’t that many in fact they were very limited. But John found himself still questioning his choices. To get Teyla, it looked like they would need Todd’s help. John frowned at the thought. The less Todd know of Earth would be the better in his opinion. John found himself hoping that Rodney would have been able to get some more news on Bates by now since he left the SGC. Like whom was Bates working for now.

            Bates had a hand in Teyla’s abduction and John wanted a private talk with his former head of security officer except he wouldn’t be doing much talking. For a brief moment, John remembered the altercation between Teyla and Bates on Atlantis, those few years ago when Teyla had struck Bates after Bates had insulted her. John allowed himself to think, with a slight smirk to his lips that maybe he shouldn’t have inferred in that altercation. That maybe he should have let Teyla wipe the floor with the traitor. That what he felt Bates was. The people that Bates was working for and who had Teyla had somehow acquired Wraith’s technology. And it was now obvious why they took Teyla. There is no way was that a good thing. It wasn’t a good thing for Teyla and it could potentially not be a good thing for Earth too. These people could unwittingly give the location of Earth to the Wraith and then they would be in a world of trouble. And with the uncertainty of what they may be trying to do Teyla to achieve their goal of using the Wraith’s technology, John found his frustration building.

            John touched his radio. “Rodney anything?”


            The young agent looked at Mr. Parker with reservation. Mr. Parker was a ruthless man. His reputation was well known in the organization. Although Mr. Parker was a man of some age, his statute didn’t reflect his age. That statute also complimented his cold and steely dark eyes. Mr. Parker was a man that alluded power and he used that power to get anything or anyone, he wanted, no matter the cost or method.

            The young agent did seem to be questioning the wisdom of the decision to give Teyla another dose of the injection, so soon after the first injection. The young agent’s doubt about the order was clearly written on his face although he was trying to conceal it from the other two men in the room. The agent’s fear wouldn’t allow him to speak or questioned the order by Mr. Parker out loud.

            And it was obvious to the agent why Bates hadn’t questioned or raised any objection to Mr. Parker’s request. The young agent knew Bates and Teyla had history and from the usual office grapevine, it wasn’t a good one. There was some talk about a physical alteration between them a few years back while both of them was on Atlantis. So there was certainly no love lost between them, therefore he got the feeling that Bates didn’t seem to care what side effects or repercussion that another injection may cause to Teyla.

            The young agent eyed both Bates and Mr. Parker as he gathered the syringe and a vile of the drug. Mr. Parker looked contented to watch what was going on in the lab with his newest addition to his collection. The young agent’s hand trembled as he now carried the syringe with the liquid powder white substance in it, toward Teyla. The young agent saw Teyla struggled against the restraints as he approached her.


            Teyla saw the young agent approaching. She fought against her restraints, but they were too secure. There were so many things running through her mind. At least she had the added assurance that Torren would be fine on Atlantis. She trusted that John, Ronon and even Rodney would make sure that Torren was safe. And the fact that they knew of Bates’ involvement with these men had seeded a little hope in her that this knowledge might assist them in finding her. She was even contemplating about whether she could reason with this man called Mr. Parker, hoping to give John and the others more time to mount a rescue attempt for her, but, as for as Bates, Teyla knew their animosity hadn’t diminished any since their confrontation all those years ago. She knew any talk between them would be futile, but. And she was also sensing some empathy from the young agent. Teyla could see some presence of concern in his azure eyes. She wondered if she could use that to her advantage.

            “Please do not do this.” Teyla said almost pleadingly, but she didn’t address any of the men directly. “It is not wise to use Wraith’s technology. You do not know what consequences your actions may cause by activating any of this.” Teyla looked around the room at the Wraith's equipments. “The Wraith has been searching for the location of Earth since they have learned of Earth’s existence. You are putting…”

            “Be quiet.” Bates said little forcibly to Teyla, from across room.

            “Why? Is it because you know that I am speaking the truth? You have seen first hand what the Wraith can do, and have done.” Teyla said to Bates. She could see that Bates was getting upset with her, but she didn’t care.

            “You have witnessed first hand the Wraith’s cruelty. And yet you are willing to bring them to your planet’s doorstep.” Teyla said to Bates, her voice dripping with sarcasm and contempt.

            Bates rushed over to Teyla, as if he was going to strike her. “Shut up! Shut up!” He shouted at Teyla. Teyla did not back down from her stance as Bates tower over her lifting his hand.

            “Mr. Bates, I don’t think that his wise.” Mr. Parker voiced, drawing Bates attention away from Teyla. “Do you?”

            Bates looked at Mr. Parker as he tried to gather his rage. “Ah…, yes, sir.”

            “Ms. Emmagen, what a compelling argument. But it still will not stop my plans. Mr. Salter please gives Ms. Emmagen the next dosage, now.” Mr. Parker said to the young agent. Teyla who had been looking at Bates looked at Mr. Parker. Teyla and Mr. Parker stared at one another, their eyes assessing each other. Teyla frowned at what she read in Mr. Parker’s dark eyes.

            “Mr. Parker… you have no idea of the consequences of your actions. I’m afraid when you learn of that consequence it will be too late for many.” Teyla said.

            Mr. Parker laughed out loud.

            By this time, the young agent who had stopped to watch the vocal outburst between her and the other men, was at her side. He was prepping one of her arms for the injection. The young agent’s hand shook as he raised the syringe. He could see some semblance of fear in Teyla’s eyes as she watched him now.

            Teyla’s hand jerked as she felt the syringe entered into her skin. The dosage started to have an immediate affect on her. Teyla could feel her focus started to fade rapidly. Her eyes started to blink rapidly as she tried to hold on to that focus. Teyla felt as if she was falling into a black hole, a black void of nothing. Before she lost herself to that dark place, Teyla called on the images of the people she loved, images of Torren, John. Teyla called out John’s name as her eyes shut for the last time.

            The monitoring system that was monitoring Teyla’s vitals went off.

            Mr. Parker barked. “What is happening?”


            Meanwhile Amelia who had been watching Torren as John and Mr. Woolsey had instructed her to do. She had Torren in John’s office. Torren had been relatively quiet, oblivious to what was happening with his mother per John’s instructions. Amelia had Torren in her lap; she was reading and showing him pictures in one of his books. Torren had seemed engross in the books of pictures. Suddenly, Torren became very restless in hers arms; wriggling. His little arms reaching out. To the casual observer it seems he was reaching out into the thin air. “Mama… mama.” Torren said.

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            It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


              By Jeyla4Ever

              John sat quietly, the granite face closed in defensiveness, while the rest of the team planned the unthinkable.

              “I’ll monitor his vitals at all times, and I’ll certainly know if there’s any complications. I won’t let it get to any critical point.” Dr. Keller continued.

              From a short distance Kanaan sat across the table, Torren no longer in his hands. “I do not know the details of all of this, but I can be certain that while I was under Michael’s influence, I could detect many abilities that I never thought I possessed due to my wraith gene. We must do all that is possible to get Teyla back for she never gave up on me.”

              As John heard him, he held back a retort and hid his fist underneath the table.

              “Our intel isn’t much. There’s no way for us to find out where they’ve taken her and Stargate Command has no leads of Bates role in this new development.” McKay’s soft tone was a bit surprising.

              “Are you certain that you can take over Teyla’s body without difficulties?” Woolsey asked.

              John clamped his teeth together, afraid that anything he said would only jeopardize his standing, but he didn’t trust Todd one bit and he wasn’t going to let this happen.

              “There is much that you still do not know about the Wraith.” Todd stated.

              John was angry, no beyond that. He had every right to be angry, and bitter. While he lacked the information, he knew that the Trust was involved in this and that Bates was somehow manning the operation.

              That terrified him.

              From his left, John could feel Ronon’s anxiety, for he felt them just the same. But what came out of his mouth, John would have never spoken it. “Well, let’s not talk about this anymore and let’s do this.”

              “Alright....” but Woolsey didn’t get to finish his sentence.

              “No!” John cried out, horror-stricken, as he looked around the table. He had sat there for an hour, speechless, while Todd spoke his stupid plan to rescue Teyla. No more could he hold back his fury.

              But Todd continued, “It is the only way that I can communicate with her without losing the connection, Sheppard. Her life lies in the mind of her child.”

              How stupid did he think John was?
              “Colonel, I am aware of your concerns, but I am Torren’s father and I would never endanger my son’s life unless I was certain that no harm would come to him.”

              A ripple of alarm and aggression coursed through John, but he remained poker-faced, staring down at Kanaan as he brooded over his words. After a short moment, and with a cord of threat he said, “I don’t think so.”

              “Sheppard.” There was anger, but also a hint of plead in Ronon’s voice. John could hear it loud and clear, but he also remembered the promise and the vow he made Teyla; to always protect Torren. And he wasn’t going to endanger the boy’s life.

              “NO!” He added forcibly this time, “We’ll find another way.” He added, not holding back the rage.

              Because there was no way in hell that John was going to allow Todd to enter Torren’s little mind.

              Because the mere idea of the little boy feeling the touch of the beast’s mind was simply in-human.

              Because Teyla would never forgive him.

              John felt the soft touch of Keller’s hand from behind, “Colonel, we don’t have any other choice.”

              “How can we be sure that you won’t hurt Torren?” That Woolsey wouldn’t want to hurt the child, John did not question, but they all knew that they were running out of time. But what they didn’t know was that this wasn’t just any child. This was Torren John Emmagan.

              Torren, the child that John first held in his arms just minutes after his birth when they rescued him and Teyla.

              And Kanaan.

              “He will not hurt him. I would know.”

              Staring Kanaan down once again, John added. “I’ll decide what’s best for both Torren and Teyla.”

              The *******, John thought. How could he possibly be Torren’s father? Didn’t he understand the complexities of this act? Didn’t he realize that this was Teyla’s son?

              “Sheppard, she is very weak and I can barely reach her mind.” Todd’s words burned through John’s skin, but he listened. “There is no stronger bond between Wraith than that of the one who bore us. Our Queen is in our flesh, in our souls. She makes us strong. We breath her into our very depths. We wake with her image in our minds, and she is our first and last thought. There is no other with such significance.” Todd moved towards Sheppard, only mere distance from their faces. “She is imprinted in us for ever. Surely, you of all, should understand that.”

              John flinched at his words.

              Suddenly, Todd lifted his arm and John saw a long stretched out marking along the length of his arm. “Her marking distinguishes us as her own. We are bonded to her as with no other,” John watched him turned his eyes from him before he continued, “And Teyla’s bond with her child has always been as strong. I sensed it back when she held her power and strength with the Wraith Queen when you and your team were held captive.”

              John remembered. He recalled seeing Teyla inside the Wraith Queen’s body. He could always sense when Teyla was nearby.

              Yet, what Todd was implying didn’t make any sense because John was no Wraith and Teyla was no Wraith Queen.

              The conference doors opened, and the tension in the room lessened as Amelia came in with Torren in her arms. It had been almost an hour since the boy started crying inexplicably and only John’s soft touch seemed to soothe him. After he calmed, they started discussing Todd’s plan to reach Teyla’s mind and take over her body by using Torren as a conduit. Since Todd could no longer reach her with such ease, he was convinced that through Torren he could reach Teyla’s mind and use her body to fight her captives and find a way to show the rest of the team where she was being held against her will.

              But to John it sounded too easy on one end, but too dangerous and too risky on the other. And then of course, there’s the logistics that a monster would use a babe’s mind to execute the plan.

              It was something out of a horror movie with too much at stake and too much for John to lose.

              Yet, something was there. There was no question in John’s mind that a strong link existed between Torren and Teyla, but what really shook the hairs in the back of his neck was the fact that he also felt a strong pull, something powerful beneath the surface between Teyla, Torren and he. And if anything or anyone severed that chain, John would make sure there was hell to pay.

              “I do not know this hell, but I will interpret that your words mean lethal.”

              John’s eyes focused on Todd. The Wraith had not read his thoughts, of that John was certain, and though no words were spoken, and certain that he hadn’t picked up on some new telepathic powers as of late, somehow John had sent a clear voiceless threat to Todd.

              And Todd bowed his head in silent understanding.

              Behind him, Torren out-stretched his hands, but they weren’t reaching towards his father standing only a few steps from him with Amelia holding him back. Those precious hands were reaching out towards John.
              Slowly, John picked him up in his arms and walked over to the large window over seeing the Golden Gate Bridge. Ever since they’d arrived on Earth things had slowly changed between Kanaan and Teyla, but more importantly, things were changing between him and Teyla.

              No words of admissions have been spoken. No acts of affection have been shared. Yet, something was different between them. Kanaan had moved out of Teyla’s quarters, and they were no longer a couple. And today-- today John was going to make the move that would make or break their current relationship. It was something that he’s wanted to do for so long, but never dared for fear of losing her forever.

              No, he couldn’t lose her.

              But what will cost him to bring her back?

              Softly, he tucked the little toddler in his arms and looked at his big brown eyes. Lightly, Torren picked up his chubby little hands and touched John’s cheeks, “Momma.”

              Was he asking John where his mother was? Or could he sense that John missed her just as much as he did?

              John didn’t care for Todd’s words about the Wraith and their worship for their Queen. But he could certainly understand what it means to need a person to the point of no return, no remorse and no holding back even at the sake of his own life.

              Because Torren couldn’t live without his mother, just as much as John couldn’t live without her in his life.

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              It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                By Jeyla again:

                And if that’s how the Wraith vow to their Queen, then Todd was right. Except this time the stakes were much, much higher. Failure is not an option.

                For there has never been nor will there ever be another for John. There is only Teyla. And Torren is an extension of her being and therefore, a part of his till his death.

                With moistened eyes, John tucked his face in the crook of the young toddler’s neck. Fury and pain were his companions, but love---love was simply the reason.

                “Your mommy will probably never forgive me for this, but I promise you, I’ll die first before I let anything happen to you or your mother.”

                And with a newly found defiance, holding Torren tightly against his chest, John walked back towards Dr. Keller, “Do it.”

                Teyla was completely asleep and the young Agent was very concerned for her well-being. He couldn’t explain it but something about this woman struck him at the heart, and in his nature he wanted nothing bad to happen to her.

                He didn’t know the reason for her captivity, but the fact was that Bates had saved his life one doomed by his addictions. Studying in the medical field brought many sleepless nights and soon he found himself addicted to off the counter sleeping pills that soon turned into others. But medicine was his calling and he knew much about the human physiology to know that this woman couldn’t take much more of this.

                Still, he couldn’t and wouldn’t betray Bates.

                “Matias, is the serum working?” Bates asked.

                Matias looked down at the beautiful woman on the stretcher. She had a strange mixture of beauty and strength and something more that he couldn’t quite explain. Yet, her semblance told of a great sadness, the worry on her brows told of a loss that was too compelling.

                It was heart-shattering.

                Bates didn’t care, though. And who was he to question or even risk himself for her?

                What could he possibly do for her?

                “I’m not sure how much more of this her body can take,” Matias started.

                “We don’t really care what you think or what she’s going through. We just want her to give us the information we need and to use her to power-up, this!” Mr. Parker could really be an *******. Actually, he was an *******, Matias thought.

                But again, Matias was here doing a simple job. One that paid well, and would get him back on track to his studies. Not to mention, pay his bills and get himself that new sweet bike across the street from his apartment.

                “She’s ready.”

                Matias leaned over the unconscious body. Bates moved around the other side of her stretcher and together they lifted her body to a sitting position.

                As Matias took her legs towards his side, he felt a sharp pain on his shoulders. Were her nails digging into his flesh?

                Before he could register what was happening, Matias was forcibly hit in the gut, punching the air out of him. He felt his arms being twisted out of position, his neck turned into a most painful state. He screamed out from pain, but that was nothing compared to the horrid cry from behind him.
                Bates was yelling. Matias could barely make out his face but he could certainly hear his voice. Taking a deep breath, he looked around to see the woman had somehow awaken, her supine form holding both Bates and Mr. Parker’s neck, tears drowning from their eyes.

                With one swift move, Matias saw as Bates’s body flung in the air like a rag doll, smashing against the wall.

                Terrified, Matias dragged his shivering body toward the door only to feel Mr. Parker’s body curled in front of him, shouting with pain.

                Quickly, Matias crawled underneath a table as he saw the woman’s body move towards him.

                Breathing heavily, Matias could only plead for mercy, “Please, please don’t hurt me. I had nothing to do with this.”

                Matias continued, moving his body in no real direction, the site of the woman’s feet right beneath his stare afraid to raise his head and meet her eyes.

                But it was too late.

                He sense a strong grip reach down towards him, and no longer could he speak nor breath correctly.

                Gasping for air, the flow of air constricted between her fingers, holding him up without any signs of difficulty, Matias realized he was soon to be dead.

                With his feet dangling in the air, Matias cried out, “Please, don’t kill me.” Gasping for air, he continued, “I can help you get out of here.”

                “That is precisely what I intend for you to do.” And Matias was certain that although he was very near unconsciousness, the voice that he heard from the beautiful woman’s lips was not that of her own.

                And it was at that moment that Matias prayed to the one God that his mother had called upon on her daily nightly prayers. Because Matias never believed in such things as a child, and up until this point, he was nowhere near been called a believer. But when you are certain as Matias was at this moment, that the one holding him up in mid-air with a simple grasp was without question an act that could only be achieved by some powerful force only explained from one powerful supernatural being, then he must conclude that it is a fact that demons do exist. And if that’s a demon inside the body of the once beautiful woman that laid in the stretcher only minutes ago, then surely, if demons exist, then there’s also a God.

                So, Matias did the only thing that came to his mind.
                Yes, Matias prayed.

                Beneath the grasp holding his last breaths, Matias silently prayed---No, begged. In his last whisper to the one that his mother prayed to, Matias beckoned for God to save him. Save him from the devil that was currently sucking the life out of his being.

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                It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                  By Mysterywriter012

                  Matias could feel his world fading. He watched as the picture of the highly developed science lab began to disappear from his view. The wraith tech devices began to loose their frightening statures, starting to look like mere toys on a far away display in the shop.

                  Through the lab windows he weakening gaze caught site of the desk in the office across the hall. Bravo Red Stars, his dead wife's favorite flower. Regret began to fill his heaving body, it was running through his mind. The pictures of her smile, her beautiful smile. He blamed himself for her death and now he was to blame for what this woman who held him in her strong grasp was going through. He should have resisted Mr. Parker and Bates orders.

                  Just as Matias was about to say goodbye to the world completely, he felt himself released and he crashed onto the concrete floor. The shocking pain of his head smashing against the floor was nothing compared to the burning sensation that ran through his throat.

                  His hands grasped his throat, as he attempted to get his breathing back to normal. Before he was fully aware of what was going on, he felt himself being kicked in the gut once more. He let out a loud cry of pain, and his arm flew protectively across himself as he was forced to move in a prone position.

                  His now near fixed vision became clear once more, as he saw the woman position herself on top of him in a threatening position.

                  His eyes began to blink rapidly, his eyes trying to adjust to the strong lights above him.

                  The woman's lips curled in a somewhat snarl, as she brought her face closer to his.

                  "You will get me away from this place, or you will die. Trust me when I say this, if you do refuse to help me in this manner I will make sure your death is long lasted and excruciating," she spoke, as if her words were dripping with venom.

                  Matias struggled for words, too shocked to react at what was happening. What had he done? Should he lead her out into the open world, allowing her to do whatever harm she could? Would he be blamed for such destruction.

                  The woman forced a foot against his neck, and Matias grabbed onto her, in an attempt to force her off. The woman merely smirked, before putting more pressure on his neck.
                  "Stop! Stop!" Matias wheezed.

                  "Will you?!" the woman demanded.

                  "Yes, yes..." Matias croaked.

                  The woman released her foot of where it was planted, but remained towering over him. Matias let out a heavy sigh of relief, before he was forcefully heaved onto his feet. The woman's face was very close to his.

                  "Now," she demanded once more. Her hot breath rolled over his face, her forehead creasing in anger. There was a terrifying glow in her eyes that he couldn't even describe.

                  Matias turned to look at a out-cold Mr. Parker and Bates. "Are they..." Matias began, but could not finish.

                  "Whether they are alive or dead is of no concern to you. What matters is that if you do not help, you will join them..." the woman hissed again.

                  "So they a-"

                  "Now!" the woman demanded, grabbing his shoulder threateningly. Her nails dug into his skin again, and he whimpered.

                  He ripped himself free as he moved to lead them out of the lab.


                  John paced in the room as he watched a focused Todd standing above the bed where Torran was in a deep slumber.

                  John strode over to where Ronon and McKay were standing. Their presence next to him brought little comfort compared to how the presence of Teyla next to him felt.

                  McKay turned to face Sheppard. "We are doing the right thing," McKay spoke up.

                  Sheppard didn't even bother to respond. He kept his eyes focused on Todd. His side arm was off the safety, mostly for his own comfort.

                  He looked down at Torran. He had his mothers nose, and the same shape of his mother's lips. Full.

                  His mind began to swirl slightly of memories. He remembered those lips. He remembered that day in the gym. It was as if his animal instincts were sharpened, not changed. His animal instincts brought out that secret want for Teyla, that secret need.
                  John regretted so much straying away from her once he found out that she was pregnant with Kanaan's child. He regretted not having more of those little precious moments with her.

                  It wasn't just the moments of them the few times they hugged, or the times when their bodies made that slight, soft contact that he missed.

                  He just missed looking at her beautiful face. He missed hearing her full-hearted laugh. He missed her challenging gaze when the two of them sparred. He missed the comfort of her presence.

                  He felt a strong tug on his heart, his heart was aching. He felt as if it was his fault Teyla was missing. He was the reason that the woman he...

                  "Sheppard?" Ronon cut in, interrupting his train of thought.

                  Sheppard kept his face in the direction of Todd, but his eyes darted to Ronon.

                  "We're going to find her," Ronon stated.

                  He knew the giant Satedan had grown close to Teyla, Teyla was like that of a little sister to him. He knew Ronon was concerned, and would not have agreed with Todd unless it was a last resort.

                  Sheppard turned his vision back to Todd.

                  "I want Major Lorne and a team of marines ready," Sheppard spoke up, finding his voice.

                  "I don't think that's nece-"

                  "McKay!" Sheppard growled, turning to face his old friend.

                  "Look, force isn't going to do any good..." McKay stated.

                  "Really? Well it proves useful in the past, Rodney. I sure as hell trust Major Lorne and a team of Marines to do a better job at saving Teyla than this plan. All I asked is for them to be standing by," the anger in Sheppard's voice catching the attention of the others in the room.

                  Sheppard took a step closer to McKay.

                  "Plans do go wrong Rodney. If Torran dies because of Todd's wreckless-ness, he's dead..." Sheppard whispered harshly.

                  "Right, and how would we find Teyla then?" McKay questioned, folding his arms across his chest.

                  Even though he probably would not admit it, Sheppard could see a hint of care in McKay's eyes. Deep down, McKay knew that Sheppard was right. He was right that Todd's plan could go wrong.
                  Sheppard continued to stare down McKay for a minute, before turning away. He set his gaze on Kanaan, who looked perfectly calm sitting in his chair that was a few feet away from his son.

                  If this plan went wrong, he would first turn his anger to Kanaan for endangering Torran and Teyla like this. Teyla, the woman he....

                  "Something's wrong!" came the frightened voice of Dr. Keller.

                  Sheppard's head snapped in the direction of Torran, who was now shaking slightly on the bed. Kanaan stood up, before striding over to the bed.

                  "What's wrong?" Kanaan questioned.

                  "Move," Sheppard demanded, his shoulder shoving Kanaan out of the way.

                  Todd began to breathe heavilly. "I can fix this," he muttered, attempting to strengthen the connection once more.

                  Sheppard slowly reached out, holding Torran's little hand in his fingers. He could feel hot tears burning to break free. He wouldn't let Torran go, he wouldn't let Teyla go. He promised to protect her, he promised to protect Torran.

                  He felt Torran's tiny hands squeeze his finger's tightly as he let out a small cry.

                  "Momma," he whimpered, squeezing Sheppard's fingers tightly. He pulled Sheppard's fingers closer to his body, as if protectively.

                  Sheppard squeezed his eyes shut tightly, refusing to let himself cry. He had to be strong for Torran, had to be strong for Teyla.

                  "Teyla..." John muttered.

                  There was a long drawn out sigh heard from Todd as he re-established the connection with Torran.

                  John opened his eyes as a small, single tear slid down his face.

                  "I'm here," John whispered. "and I'm not going anywhere."

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                  It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                    By Everlovin

                    “Todd, I know you’re communicating with Teyla now. Can you see what she’s seeing?”

                    “I can, Sheppard. But the places and things I see have no meaning. I can tell you that she is with another that we have - convinced to aid Teyla. She and the other are in some sort of conveyance away from the building where she was being held.”

                    “I need you too tell me what you see around her. What sort of buildings, landmarks, signs - anything to tell us where she is.”

                    “What good would that do us? Do you know how many streets and buildings there are in San Francisco alone? What if they took her out of the area?” Rodney couldn’t believe the straws Sheppard seemed to be grasping at.

                    “Even with a few clues, and Lorne’s and my knowledge of the area, you and Zelenka should be able to write some sort of computer program narrowing down the possibilities. We need something to go on so I can deploy my teams.” John was swiftly losing patience and Rodney finally seemed to recognize that.

                    “We’ll get right on it. As soon as Todd starts filling in blanks, we’ll get you some answers.” Rodney clicked his communicator and summoned Radek to the observation deck.

                    Down below, Ronon laid a hand on John’s shoulder. “Good call with getting more information.”

                    John lowered his barriers just a bit. “All I can think of is how she doesn’t know anything about Earth. She barely knows how to get around. Nothing. How is she supposed to escape with such a complete lack of knowledge?”

                    “You heard Todd. There is someone with her. And if that person is helping her willingly or not, that person is helping her. She will see to that.”


                    Teyla felt an awareness swim though her mind and guessed it must be Todd seeking clues. With a feigned nonchalance she asked, “Those seem to be unusually large ships. What is their purpose?”

                    “They’re ships from our Navy’s fleet. There is a shipyard in the area.” Matias still didn’t know if she was completely trustworthy, but everyone in the area knew about the shipyard.


                    “She is near the ocean, Sheppard. Her companion speaks of a shipyard. He says it is used for your Navy.”

                    “That narrows it down a lot, Todd. Is there anything else?”

                    “As I glean the information, I will pass it on to you.” Todd didn’t bother pandering to Sheppard’s bad mood.

                    Sheppard ignored Todd and turned back to Torren. “I’ll get your mom home soon, Little Guy. Don’t fret.” He turned to Lorne. “Get your team and head for the jumper bay. We’re going out there and finding her.”

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                    It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                      By Scifan

                      Parker dialed his cell phone, "I need this area secured now. It's been compromised... and I want it sent to my private collection."

                      "But sir," the man on the other man said nervously. "What about Mr. Wayne and the Trust?"

                      Parker got mad, "I don't give a damn about Mr. Wayne or the Trust! I pay you and you should be worried what will happen if you cross me. I will not give up this unique collection."

                      The man on the other side of the phone call could hear the maddening obsession Parker had and it scared him, "Yes... yes, sir. We will have our crew there in minutes."

                      "Good," Parker said firmly and abruptly hangs up. He looks over to his gun man to his left. "I need you to get rid of any loyal Trust trash...."

                      The gunman stealthfully adds a silencer to the barrel of his gun as Parker continued to instruct him.

                      "... I also need you to deal with those Wraith we have hidden in storage... Be careful though, we don't need you to end up like those other guys that got too close," Parker devilishly smirked. "I guess Wraith tend to get nasty when we starve them and try to keep them as pets."

                      "Are you sure you don't want to use them since we lost the girl, sir?" The gun man questioned.

                      "No, I have faith that we will get her back... and besides those Wraith don't play hardball very well and unfortunately know how to mess with your minds," He glanced back at his gunman. "Make sure you do the job quick before they get the chance to do that. I can't afford to lose any more men."

                      The gunman nodded to the devious man's question and began to fire upon the men in the building, killing them with no more than two shots each. As he came upon Bates he stopped as he saw his victim raised his hands and spread them apart to show surrender.

                      “Mr. Parker,” Bates yelled out. “I can get Teyla for you.”

                      Parker narrowed his eyes as he observed him and waited for him to present his case, “How?”
                      “I took liberty of placing a tracking device under her skin… somewhere where she wouldn’t notice,” Bates responded without any signs of nervousness.
                      “And what made you decide to do this without my knowledge?” Parker asked coldly.

                      “Cause I feel I know her, sir. We did work together for about a year and I know enough that she will do whatever she has to to survive,” Bates said with confidence.

                      “And what of your loyalty to the Trust?” Parker asked.

                      “My loyalty is to those that can help me finally get that dangerous woman out of Altantis. She is a danger to us all… in my opinion.”

                      Parker remained silent as he considered Bates’ fate. He could tell that both Teyla and Bates didn’t have any love lost between each other, but he was worried that Bates’ obsession to get rid of Teyla would be more harmful to his plans then helpful.

                      Parker looks down as he fiddled with his cufflinks; to show he had no particular interest if Bates lived or died, “Ok. I’ll let you live… in one condition. You get her at any cost, but I want her alive.”
                      “You have a deal,” Bates responded and pointed to some of Parker’s men to assist him.

                      They get into Bates van and he turned on the tracking device on the dashboard, “She’s not too far. We should catch up to her in no time.

                      The young agent pulls out a cell phone and downloads an application.

                      “What are you doing? We do not have time for any of this,” Teyla said sternly.

                      “I…I know, but this is just in case we get split up for some reason,” Matias said nervously. Knowing what all she had just done back there, made him intimidated.

                      He could see the confusion in her eyes, “This phone now has a GPS tracking application in it… a Global Positioning System that can…” She raised her eyebrows to show her lack of patience with his detailed explanation.

                      “Basically I can track you anywhere… as long as you have this phone on you. “

                      Teyla understood what he was trying to do and she places the phone inside her boot to keep it concealed in case she was recaptured, but she could sense something else was bothering him.

                      “What else is troubling you?” she asked with a bit of her own concern.

                      He was afraid to tell her and she sensed it. She knew she had done anything to show her more compassionate side and placed her hand on his upper arm to reassure him that she would not get upset.
                      “It… it’s the second dose of drugs we gave you,” he hesitantly began.

                      “What about them?” Teyla questioned, trying to contain her anxiousness. She didn’t want Matias to feel that she was would turn feral on him at a moment notice of any bad news.

                      “The drug is time released,” Matias answered, but again he can see her uncertainty of what he was trying to say. “It means that the affects of the drug is released slowly to maintain it’s effectiveness over a period of time….and that can happen any time now. “

                      Teyla was definitely worried now. Despite her effort of forcing any strength she had back where she was being held in order to escape, she didn’t know if she could do that again. She was beginning to feel fatigue, but she didn’t want to show it.

                      She grabbed Matias by his shoulders and looks at him squarely in his eyes, “You need to remember what I tell you.” Matias nodded his head. “I need you to leave me here and get a hold of the Air Force and ask for General Jack O’Neill. Tell them that it’s urgent and you are helping Colonel John Sheppard. Can you remember that?”

                      “Yes, but why can’t you come with me? “… Why can’t you just give me my cell phone and I can call….” Matias began to question her, but then he noticed that she was having trouble with staying vertical. He quickly helped her find a place to lean up against.

                      “The drugs are starting to affect you again aren’t they?” Teyla nodded yes. Matias let out a deep exhale. “Ok. We should find you a safe place to hide you until I get back with help.”

                      Teyla shook her head no, “I fear we are running out of time. We’ve been in one place far too long… it is only a matter of time before they find me. You must go… go quickly.”

                      And with that, Matias left, but with deep reservations.

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                      It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                        By Hope24

                        John enters the Jumper’s Bay where Lorne and his team await him. Following behind him a few feet away is Todd and directly behind Todd, Ronon. Ronon held his gun firmly in his hand as his eyes fixate on Todd in front of him. Todd’s hands were bind with chains. But that didn’t put any of their minds at ease. Ronon’s gun was set to stun and if need be, to kill. Behind Ronon were Rodney and Dr. Keller. Dr. Keller holds a subdue Torren in her hands. “Major is everything ready?” John asked.

                        “Yes, Sir.”

                        John looks around. “Alright then let’s get moving.” Everyone begin to make their way into the puddle jumper.
                        The door closing a few minutes later, then the jumper begins to rise.


                        Bates motions the driver to take a turn to the left while holding the tracking device. The van speeds up as Bates motions again with his hand. The city streets through the van’s window becoming like a fast moving motion picture of buildings, stores and shops, images of distorted concrete, glass, and colors, as the van heads toward the ocean, toward the shipyard where Teyla and Matias found themselves.


                        Matias had only run several yards from where he had left Teyla when he heard an engine of a vehicle approaching. Unsure, he stops and hides behind a large shipping storage container, out of the view of the occupants of the vehicle. Matias tries to catch his breathe, his heart was pounding. The pounding of his heart probably had to do more with the situation he now found himself into than the slight physical exertion of the run although, the evident of the run could be seen in the perspiration that had began to formed, that now ran down the side of his face.

                        Matias is also dealing with his compounding fear that Teyla was running out of time. He fears that Teyla may have already succumbed to the drugs. The reservations he had about leaving her were getting stronger with each passing minute. He wonders whether it was wise to leave her alone, maybe they could have found a better way. Although, he was hard press to think of one at the moment.

                        The screeching halt of tires drew his attention; the smell of burning tires filling the air. Matias peaks around the storage container. He could see that a vehicle had stopped near the location he had left Teyla. He watches as several men exited. One of the men, he instantly recognized. Matias pulls back as he saw the men search the area with their eyes upon exiting the vehicle. Matias waits a few seconds before he decides to take a peak. Bending down before he peaks around the corner of the huge metal container to takes another look. He watches as the men fan out toward the location that he had left Teyla.


                        Teyla stumbles then slumping against one of the huge shipping crates that lined the dock of the shipping yard hiding her from the view of most passersby. She could now see the ships in the harbor. Teyla without realizing it had gotten too close to the edge of the dock, too close to the dark murky water below.

                        Teyla is finding it too hard to keep her focus, she tries to steady herself, but her legs are no longer stable. Her mind and body didn’t feel like her own. But she could hear the approaching footsteps of Bates and his men toward her. Teyla summons whatever strength she had left to move further along the dock from the approaching footsteps, but she stumbles as the shadow of blackness, she had been fighting claims her, succumbing to the drugs invading her systems.

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                        It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                          By SciFan

                          John sat in the back of the puddle jumper across from Todd, hoping to get some sign of him reconnecting to Teyla, but nothing was happening. He began to feel anxious and wished he had decided to fly the jumper instead of Lorne. They had to stay cloaked and remain high enough so people couldn’t hear the jumper, but he didn’t care. That’s why Lorne volunteered to fly. He would be able keep a level head about the situation and wouldn’t compromise the mission. The only upside John liked about being in the back was he could keep an eye on Todd and get out of the jumper quicker once they found Teyla.

                          Todd had his eyes closed, trying to feel out to Teyla, "Nothing. She must be unconscious."

                          John sighed, expressing both his frustrations and worries.

                          "I sense something else," Todd continued with an angry hiss to his voice. "I sense Wraith.... starving Wraith! They are being allowed to feed off each other while others are being executed." His head moved about as if he was looking around. "Wait! I believe I see Teyla."

                          John leaned closer to Todd, anxiously waiting for him to continue.

                          "She is strapped to a table and it looks like they are injecting her with something," Todd continued to report. "I can barely hear what they are saying. Something about she's almost ready.....extract as much blood from her as possible and then eliminate her."

                          John's heart sank. He knew his time to find her alive was becoming more and more slim. He was running out of time.

                          Matias had to calm himself enough to think. He quickly found a place that looked safe enough to call the Air Force. It took a lot of transfers and time, but he finally got a hold of General Jack O' Neill.

                          "O' Neill," the General answered.

                          "Oh, thank God. I finally got a hold of you. I need your help to get a hold of..." Matias blurted out franticly.

                          "Um, excuse me," Jack interrupted. "But to whom am I speaking to?"

                          Matias took a deep breath, "I am Damian Matias. I am calling on behalf of Teyla. She told me to call you to find a Colonel John Sheppard."

                          Jack sat up straighter and gave the man his full attention. "You know where Teyla is?"

                          "Well, I did," Matias responded nervously. "But I'm afraid she may have been recaptured."

                          "You mean you don't know if she's been recaptured," Jack asked sarcastically. "Why isn't she with you?"

                          "The drugs Mr. Parker were giving her made her...." Matias hesitated. He was feeling guilty for his involvement "... She made me leaver her behind to call you and... well, she's most likely is unconscious from the effects of the drugs. We need to hurry up and help her. Once they get what they want from her they will kill her."

                          "Ok," Jack said calmly. "First I need to calm down, then I need all the details about what they are doing to Teyla and where we can find her. This way I can relay it to Colonel Sheppard."

                          Matias took another deep breath to settle himself down, "I have a way of tracking her through my phone... as long as they don't find it. I'm sure they brought her to a more secure location by now." Matias paused. Silence was all Jack heard for a moment. He wasn't sure if they man was still on. "I am truly sorry. I didn't realize what they were doing. I thought she was going to be like those other monsters. Not someone that looks like us and is a mother. All the wanted was a serum that they could use to help them use the Wraith technology...... she was to be means to that solution."

                          "Monsters? Wraith?" Jack sounded alarmed. "Are you telling me the Trust have Wraith and some of their technology? How the hell did the do that?" Jack was sounding more and more upset as he thought of how low and dirty the Trust were.

                          "They found some wreckage in a crash over the Nevada area and some other places... I think," Matias was becoming too nervous to think while Jack was getting mad. "All I know was I was supposed to give her the drugs they told me to give her and then later I was to extract as many vials of her blood before they were to kill her. They are probably doing that now... unless we are already too late."

                          Jack closed his eyes and hung his head. He wondered if they were trying to make the Wraith version of the retrovirus for the ATA gene. The thought made his skin crawl to think of the Trust with that kind of power and like Matia, he feared they may be too late to save Teyla.

                          "Thank you Matias for your help. I will get a hold of Colonel Sheppard," Jack said softly and kindly. "We'll make sure we'll find her."

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                          It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                            By Everlovin

                            “Walter! I need you to get me Atlantis.” For one of the few times ever, Jack didn’t mind being the man. A flurry of phone calls later, he was talking to Woolsey. “I have intel on Ms. Emmagan’s situation.”

                            “One moment, General. I’ll get Chuck to patch you into Colonel Sheppard’s radio.”

                            A moment later Jack heard a slight disconnect in the connection. “This is Sheppard.”

                            “Sheppard. General O’Neill speaking. I’ve got intel on Teyla.”

                            “Go ahead, General.” Jack thought he heard some relief in Sheppard’s voice.

                            “A civilian calling himself Matias claims the Trust has her. They are hoping to create a retro-virus similar to Dr. Beckett’s. After they feel they have a sufficient amount of her blood, they will execute her.”

                            “Copy that, General. We have similar intel. Nice to have it confirmed.”

                            “Matias provided a list of possible Trust sites in the San Francisco area. Those are being forwarded to you as we speak.”

                            “What are your orders, sir?”

                            “Save Teyla. Destroy all research and materials related to a retro-virus. Capture any Trust members you can.”

                            “Permission to use deadly force, sir?”

                            “Granted. Remember we need someone alive to gain more information on their plans.”


                            John breathed deeply. Finally, he had everything he needed to save Teyla. He wouldn’t lose her. He couldn’t lose her.

                            “Sheppard,” Todd’s hollow voice sounded. “Teyla is fading swiftly. I do not know if I can maintain a connection - even through her son.”

                            “That means I can shoot him. Right, Sheppard?” Ronon switched his weapon from stun to kill.

                            John had already gone very grim. “You can’t shoot him.” Half a beat went by. “There’s one thing I can do to help you help Teyla. Isn’t there.” It wasn’t a question.

                            McKay and Ronon were vehement in their refection of John’s train of thought but he ignored them.

                            “There’s more to wraith than we know, right?” John locked eyes with Todd.

                            “John. Believe me when I say you don’t want to do this. It changes a person,” Ronon warned.

                            “This is the only way to save Teyla. I have to,” John gritted out. “It’ll be up to you and Lorne to get in and get Teyla out. Rodney’s taking care of the research and data.”

                            John kept focused on Todd. “You’re going to exert control over her.” He swallowed the bile that rose in his throat at that thought. He was ordering a wraith to take control of Teyla’s beautiful mind. It was the very thing she trained her mind against daily for more than four years. “You’re going to exert your control over her and do whatever you can to get her moving. Get her out.”

                            Rodney was agog at the plan. “Have you lost what ever is left of your infinitesimal, military, flyboy mind?”

                            Ronon simply nodded in agreement.

                            “I have to do this. I’m nothing without Teyla.” With that he pulled open his shirt. Todd stood up and fed.

                            Click here daily to give free mammograms

                            It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


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                              Click here daily to give free mammograms

                              It is better to be crazy for Jesus than a wise man for Satan. Laters, Misi


                                I'm ready to start reading. Thanks, and wonderful pictures all.