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Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard Appreciation/Ship/Discussion Thread

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    Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone!

    SR - so glad you've had a great time at the con!

    Have a good weekend everyone!
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        SR and Flowerbud - glad you are both having fun at the con.
        All these con reports I've been reading here are making me regret not going to the one Shanks and Judge were at a couple of years ago in Columbus.
        I'm definitely jealous of the lot of you for just being able to talk to them. From personal experience of getting autographs of my favorite Columbus Blue Jackets I know I would turn into such a fanboy I'd never be able to say a word to any of them!
        I tell you Teal'c, hockey is the coolest game on Earth!

        Did you not say it is played on ice, O'Neill?


          Originally posted by Southern Red View Post
          Well, I guess the Joe encounters for the day are over. ...
          wow, wonderful detailed report, thank you!
          Do you mind if I quote bits of it on the FB group The JF Advocacy?

          ...and if I may add, Mr SR surely looks very patient, indeed


            Originally posted by Erin87 View Post
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            I love "casual sparky"

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              SR I read your report and I'm so happy you're having a good time!

              Happy Sunday to you and to our Sparkies here!


                'Epiphany' rerun and lol'ing with malp-on-a-stick

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                  Lizzie looks really worried again about her Shep.

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                    Picture found on Twitter of Joe and David at the Chicago Con:
                    Looks like they have fun together

                    And another one of Joe here:

                    And the fun goes on, on Twitter:

                    JF writes: "Leaving Chicago. Trying to recuperate from my time in stage with Hewlett. Hope he doesn't mind the dirty handkerchief I put in his bag."

                    DH is hylarious: "@JoeFlanigan Currently heating my room to above 114 degrees in order kill off any possible con-Flanigan-ation I may have been exposed to."

                    DH: "Don't go changing @joeflanigan, we love you just the way you are...leaving!"

                    DH: "Great to share the stage with @joeFlanigan in Chicago, or anywhere, but Chicago particularly. He's gone? I never liked that guy..beady eyes!"

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                      Lizzie's awesome language skillz at work!!

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                        And Elizabeth is very adamant about going through with the others. She wants to get her flyboy back!!

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                          "The beard is interesting."

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                            I disappeared just one day and I missed many things

                            Happy Birthday SMB!!!!

                            Anuna: Strange things front of your house. Welcome to my club. I hope the woman is fine.

                            Kris: Good to start a day with your missing moment. Love it.

                            SR: Glad you had fun. And great report. Can't wait to see the pics.

                            Love the tweets of David. If one day, I do a convention, I hope he will be there.
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                              Originally posted by KrisRussel View Post
                              SR that's AWESOME!!!!! His reply to Torri's taunt is hilarious
                              But now I'm wondering, did you tell him about season 6 and did you give him a card??
                              And congrats on staying cool when meeting him!! Knew you could do it
                              Looking forward to reading more!!
                              The auto session was quite rushed and all I got out was the Torri comment which stopped the line for a moment so, heh. I did pass out a number of cards though. 3 ladies in front of our seats were all excited to find us. They had heard about us and the first thing they asked was were we bringing back Weir. So yay! Everyone was very happy to get a card. Oh, and the guy who is doing the comic books was here and it was announced that the comics for SGA will start right after EatG and WILL be considered canon. The Daniel comic will come out first. I didn't hear when the SGA ones will be done.

                              Someone asked about linking to my posts on FB. That's fine. I will be writing a detailed report for them next week but go ahead and link to the tidbits. I know people are waiting.

                              Speaking of tidbits, do you have the details on the hankie yet? Joe had a runny nose and was blowing it on stage. DH went postal about the hankie "Do you know how many germs are in that thing? I can't believe you use a hankerchief. My grandfather uses one of those. OMG" It was hysterical. Joe kept waving it like a flag at him and then stuck it back in his pocket.

                              A couple of girls presented Joe with the "actor of the month on Twitter" trophy. LOL And one for DH as runner up. Anytime DH got a question and Joe didn't he waved his trophy and gloated.

                              Oh yeah, my pic with the guys came out great but someone looked at it and said "OMG, it looks like Joe's hand is on your ass" It does actually. David's is on my shoulder but Joe's is missing. I kept gloating to people about it and had lots of fun with it. Then when I got David's autograph, he took the pic and asked, "So, how did we do?" I said "Great, but there seems to be some question as to exactly where Joe's hand is." He studied it and said "You know you may be right." And he wrote "I found the hand." on my pic. It was the best. He is beyond adorable and I just wanted to pinch his cheeks. Lovely man.

                              Michael is also quite great and we had a little chat when I got his autograph. I have very detailed notes on his talk and will write a long report. Much much more to say.

                              Mr. SR is waiting to do our Chicago tour. We are skipping the SGU stuff. MS did his usual survey of the audience. SGU fans: little applause; Don't like it: huge roar.. Enough said.

                              More when I can. It may be tomorrow late because we have an early flight.

                              Visit us at SGA Rising for our version of season six.


                                Con Report
                                Nervous meeting JF, but simply got my picture taken with him and said a simple thank you to him for coming to Chicago. He was a little bleary-eyed and had his usual stubble. He is not as tall and built as I was expecting him to be. Kind of a skinny dude with a big head, but easy to see he is very fit and has a fairly well-proportioned body. The most the striking thing about him is not his good looks, but this incredible presence and charisma that shines through which partly explains his success in a tough business. Overall, he was friendly and relaxed. A very nice guy.

                                All the con attendees were friendly and easy to talk to. I was surprised at how many people there were my age and older who were deep fans and had strong viewpoints. It was a lot of fun chatting with them. Nearly every one said they gave SGU a chance and didn’t like it.

                                Stage Presentation with JF and DH
                                They are performers with a lot of humorous banter and DH amping up the energy level every now and then. Unfortunately, I did not take notes and don’t recall much of it. I was way in the back and could barely seem them. The con organizers have to do a better job with the video screens or find a hotel with conference room designed with good AV presentation equipment.

                                • Sparky Connection → Both JF and DH joked that in EATG, John is the only one without a girlfriend/spouse. In fact, JF speculating on what happened to Todd said Teyla probably would have 3 more kids. No other mention of shipping at all otherwise.
                                • Both JF and DH loved Vegas and said it should have been the last episode instead of EATG. Also, Vegas was much more character-based. JF wryly stating that yes it was one episode in which he did not have to act much with DH and DH shooting back that he loved the idea of Joe dying in the desert.
                                • When asked how they got into acting, JF said they both sort of failed into acting, not being successful at other jobs. DH said he did poorly in college and was not interested in doing the necessary homework and regretted it because that learning would have helped him in his acting work. JF said that it was just as important to know what kind of work one doesn't like to the young boy asking a question about careers. JF is great with kids.
                                • DH said that if he couldn’t be an actor, he would have liked to gone into computers but he didn’t think he was smart enough not being good in math and science.
                                • In school, JF was good in reading and writing, but terrible at math and science. JF said he majored in history and focused on European and American Intellectual Thought and found that it was helpful to his acting work. DH looked impressed. JF admitted he would enjoy doing a period piece, but that they are mostly done in the U.K. by the BBC, but if he were to do a period piece he would love to do a western.
                                • JF was asked something to the effect of how much input he had on the John Sheppard character. They both chimed in that they both felt they owned /knew the character after a few episodes. JF felt that JS was like him in many ways and noted that they both shared an antiauthoritarian streak. He gave an example of how in grade school, he was always getting in trouble and at one point, he and a friend managed to flood the hallways in the school and the weary janitor came to his classroom asking for them. No other suspects and in fact, he and his friend managed to produce the flood.
                                • A few mild digs at SGU by both of them.

                                There was much more, but can’t recall much of it. A lot of the substantive things they said were said in previous cons. I suspect that JF may not do many more cons as he becomes more successful.

                                Met Southern Red and her hubby and had a lovely lunch with them. Gave out a few of the SGARising cards and left the rest of the cards in many strategic sitting areas. I’m just not bold enough to go out and hand them out.

                                Had to make a phone call and by the time I got back, I was one of the last ten people in the JF autograph line. He was very tired and looked as if he was hitting the wall in his fatigue. He had both a coffee and a can of either dark beer or an energy drink. I just very quickly mentioned that Torri said she would like to give him hug, but didn't get a chance to explain more before I was shooed off the line. Joe looked a little puzzled and said that's was nice of her. And that’s it. If I think of anything else that is interesting I will post more.
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