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    (night Beck )

    *while Poet and Larah are still talking silently, Larah's companion gets up and walks to aJanet again* Excuse me doctor, can I have a word with you?


      *aJanet nods*

      aJanet: Of course you may. What is it?


        Wraith: well, my queen assumed you would wonder why she gave the lady such a gift...she planned it a while ago just as a thank you for what the lady has been doing for us....but now that opet turns to be out more than a gift. We heard about lady Poet's problems and well, we don't want her to die...we know you are all doing your best to keep her from doing it but now, when she "wears" that iratus queen...this is the last thing that can be done to save her from hurting herself...she will just not be able to do it anymore *he smiles at ajanet sadly* She fed on herto get to know her new owner but also to know about her body, now if once everything else should not work and the lady tries to harm herself, the iratus will feel that specific change and start to feed on her again, so she will faint and while she is unable to do something, her pet will go and search her friends to help her
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          aJanet: I see. So this Iratus Queen will protect Poet from hurting herself? I'm sure that will be a relief to Aang and A-Carson most out of all of Poet's human friends, they give the most of themselves to care for her when she's hurt...*she smiles as she looks over to where I am asleep in A-Carson's arms and he smiles to her from across the room*


            Wraith: we hope so because unlike things the lady can control, like blocking her friends from finding her or knock them out if they want to help her, her body sends certain signals, special ones only in that case she wants to kill herself and that is what she cannot control, so her pet will be able to stop her

            *looks at Larah* you know I really hate lying here in that thing, they put it around me so I can't move...*she thinks to her* as if it could hold me back, I am sick of it...if I should faint after breaking it please tell them, I will try to stay, but I don't want them to put me in that thing anymore

            *Larah nods and Poet concentrates gathering all her strength, pushing against the cast and breaks it into pieces. A pain stronger than everything she had ever felt befiore spreads through her body as she moves all of her broken bones like that. It takes her breath away, she bites her lip to not scream out but staiys awake tough her sigt blurres a bit for secons and her heart beats as fast that it hurts*

            Thank you, .. so much better...*she gasps for air trying to calm herself down again, unable to hold back tears from running down her face*
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              aJanet: For Poet's sake and that of her friends, I hope this works. *she nods*

              *by now A-Carson was asleep as well, but I woke when I heard Poet's cast shatter and I slipped from A-Carson's grip to go to Poet, but when I get to her, I've got to hold on to the side of her bed to stay standing because of how weak my body is after over-dosing on caffeine pills...I don't like to feel this weak and unable to care for myself, let alone my friends, but I bite back what I feel and look at the shattered pieces of the cast around Poet in silence*


                *looks at Aang for a few seconds, feeling how weak she is, her mind turns off all reason, she vanishis and reappers with spread wings behind Aang pulling her into a hug flying up with her, puts her palm on Aang's chest and lets her engergy flow to her friend, unaware of the pain that spreads in her own body while she does it*


                  *Feeling Poet's energy flowing into me, I feel stronger than I have in days, like I could do anything I properly set my mind to, but I know what it is costing my friend. All I keep thinking is that if it will make Poet happy to use all of her energy on me, then this once, I will let her do it...not as though I am given a choice...*


                    *sinks down with Aang again slowly letting her down to her feet again, while she keeps floating about an inch above the floor* does it feel better now Aang? *the pain inside her grows stonger but she still tries to ignore it, after days not lying in bed finally, may it even be for only a few minutes*


                      *I stand on my own two feet, feeling for the first time in weeks as if I'd had proper sleep and as if the over dose never happened, so I look at Poet and smile*

                      Yes, I feel much better now, my friend. Thank you for that. *I smile a bit more, happy to have my strength back, to feel as if I can properly care for my sisters and my friends again*


                        *smiles back at her* that is good, my dear *moves forward to hug her, then feels pain in her wrist again*
                        Lie doooowwn nooow agaaaaain, myyy frrrriend *it's not much more than a whisper in her mind* lie doooowwn orrrr I haaave toooo fooorrrrrce yoooou

                        *she looks at her arm* no Kuo; I am ok

                        [Kuolema] yooooou arrrre nooot *she starts draining Poet again,who falls to her knees only a second later* I doooo nooot waaant too huuurrt yoooou, buuut yoooou muuusssst resssst
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                          *gets down near Poet to hug her, and all in one movement, lifts Poet into her arms and stands up, placing Poet on the bed but keeping hold of her hand*

                          And now it's your turn to rest again, dear friend. You cannot argue with your new friend there... *smiles and strokes Kuo with her fingertips*


                            *kuolema looks at Aang* sssssheeee caaaan, buuuut I sssssstiiiill wiiiiiiin

                            That was not nice of you...*gives her pet a reproachful look and feels pain in her wrist again, being drained more*

                            [Koulema] resssst, jussssst beeeeing nicccceee isssss ssssaaadly noooo goood fooorrr yoooourrrr healtttthhh aaaanymoooorrrre

                            *feels her eyes close falling asleep and tries to resist it but is too weak*

                            *Larah looks at Poet smiling sadly* we just want you to be well, lady Poet, me crew and me, we owe you our lives, we cannot let you do this to yourself *she sits down on a chair next to Raphael, happy to watch Poet sleeping*
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                              *strokes a bit of hair from Poet's face*

                              Rest now, my friend. Rest. *I whisper, letting loose Poet's hand and then turning to go back to A-Carson who is by now sitting up watching me with a why-do-you-never-listen sort of look on his face*


                                *Gabriel notices how aCarson looks at Aang* oh, my queen looks at me the same way, if I mess up her stuff accidently *he smiles at Aang, then walks over to po's bed and bends down to kiss her lips* when you feel better again, I will ask you one more time my queen and I hope your answer will be yes *he lies down next to her pulling her closer to him carfully, stroking her new pet, thankful that she has her now*