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    *knowing what she wants, A-Carson reaches down and wraps his hand around Poet's, smiling sadly at her*

    A- I'm sorry,'s fer your own protection...bu' I'm 'ere. An' so is Gabriel an' Joey an' yer father.


      *she winces as aCarson says her brothes name, still knowing what he had whispered to her in her dream, confusing it with reality* he...all of them...they, I deserve....they are hating me *starts crying again*

      *Alriel steps next to Gabriel, stroking her hair but sees panic in her eye as he touches her so takes his hand back* no, we are not hating you

      *her mind projects his dead face on him, making her scream out again a little* plase don't hurt me, just do it fast...

      *her father looks at aCarson confused* what...what's wong with her? She seems to be scared of us....could that be side effects of her surgery and the stuff you just gave her?


        *A-Carson sits down on the edge of the bed, his hand still wrapped around Poet's, his other hand strokes her hair gently and he looks up at Ariel*

        A- 'fraid it could be, lad. She prob'ly 'ad a bad dream an' the combination of meds she's on 'as got 'er confusin' the dream for reality. It'll wear off soon enough. I s'pose I should 'ave thought of tha' sooner. *his eyes sparkle sadly and then he looks back at Poet* Nobody's 'ating ye, love...

        *just then two of the new guys come walking into the infirmary, Blackmore and Andersen*

        Blackmore: Hey aCarson, how's Poet doing? *he comes over beside A-Carson and smiles down at Poet*

        Andersen: Yeah, we got chased out yesterday because um, our guys got too loud. But now it's just us, so we thought we'd come say hello. *he shrugs as he joins Blackmore*


          Airiel: well I guess then it's better we leave, wouldn't it be? *he looks at aCarson sadly actually not feeling well to leave his daughter's side*

          *looks from aCarson to the two guys* hello's nice of you to come...though I wish I was not able to talk to you here right now still...


            A- Aye, it may be better tha' way for a bit. I'll let ye know as soon as she'll be a'right for ye t' come back, lad. I'll take care o' 'er for ye. *he smiles at Ariel* Y'don't 'ave t' leave the infirm'ry, only jus' get where she canna' see or 'ear ye from 'er bed...

            Blackmore: Why do you say that? I mean...oh. *suddenly he understands* But...why? I mean...I've talked to Doc Beckett and Colonel Sheppard and they tell me that you've never done anything but help. Why would you think you deserve to...?

            Andersen: 'm sorry you feel that way, Poet...*he's sort of quiet, remembering something*


              *Ariel nods and he, Joey Gabriel and nMichael walk away to the other side of the room, while Djego and Ramirez remain sitting where they are*

              *looks at Blackmore* I do help yes...but people got hurt or died, because I could not help them as well...and it's their blood gluing on my hands *she smiles sadly* it's not about what I do, it's about what I could I did not kill someone when I had the chance to, so that one hurt someone I like much or I have been saving 42 of my brothers but that is of no use to the 65 who are dead because I could not help them...


                Andersen: I...I know how that feels. Before I came to Atlantis...I had a mission. I had a ten man squad, I managed to save six of their lives, but I still feel the guilt about the four I couldn't save. *he shakes his head, his brown eyes shine sadly* It isn't that I'm not glad i saved the six men I did save, it's...that does no good to the four men I lost.

                Blackmore: I...but you should know...hurting yourself does no good to the brothers *looks at Andersen* or men that you couldn't save either.


                  *Looks at Andersen* I am sorry, that happend to you...if I had known I might not have brought you back to life...forgive me

                  Say gentlemen, would you like to come with me for a moment, I would like to show you something...then you may understand better why I am so upset?
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                    Andersen: *shakes his head* No, I'm glad you did bring me back. I may never bring back the men I lost, but every day I live, I can save another life. *he sort of smiles*

                    Blackmore: I'd like that. I'd like to understand.

                    Andersen: So would I.


                      *smiles sadly* ok then genlemen just touch my hand carefully, you will see everything that is going to happen like you watched it...just watch, nothing can happen to you

                      *they put their hand on her hand and she closes her eyes, making them able to see her memory*

                      *she stands there, on the ground around her lie her brothers, wounded, she bends down to them, checks their vitals...then she heras a scream coming from the throne room...she gets up and starts running summoning two blades, which burn her skin as she holds them but she does not care...she runs in the throne room, seeing Larah bleeding and unconscious on the ground, another female, a queen, bent over her about to feed on her friend. She runs forward, the other queen notices her and dodges, hitting her hard so she slides back a bit, she gets up again in time to avoid an attack, then spins around, pushing the blades through the other queen, who falls down, though close to death, still laughing madly. "Why are you laughing I killed you!?" "you are too late, I hope many of them will come with me, you can't save them all and I know this will hurt you and your little friend queen more than all I could have done in my life..." the queen replies, still laughing a bit. She pulls the blades out of her, crossing her arms and striking the queen again...she falls to the ground dead, still smiling...smiling forever knowing she has won....*

                      *Poet opens her eyes again and the mmory vanishes while tears run down her face*


                        *Andersen shakes his head, eyes shining*

                        Andersen: She did take many of them with her...but she only won because you let her. If you are happy for those you saved, then that queen would not win. *he speaks quietly, looking back at Blackmore and aCarson*

                        Blackmore: I had no idea. But...has Aang--sorry, Doc Beckett-- told you how proud she was of you that day, Poet? She told me once, I had asked her about you...


                          *looks at Andersen* that would be like I ignore the others, like they would ever have been there, I cannot be happy, knowing they are missing because I failed...*looks to Blackmore* she did yes, I can remember but I don't think I really did something she has to be proud of me for

                          *Ramirez gets up looking at Poet sadly* nothing she should be proud of you for? YOU got 42 of us out of hell! That monster treated us like dirt, she used us if she was angry, to test weapns at us and hurt us just for fun....each day we came to life again wishing we hadn't...until you came. it may be too late for the others, but those who live are happy for each day they know they come to life now *he opens his coat and lets it fall down, standing with his back to them now*

                          Oh my.....

                          *they can see two long scars left and right of his spine*

                          Ramirez: that was what she did when she was bored or mad....she cut me, always on the same places on my back, always deep enough to make sure it would not heal to fast dripping acid into it, cut me open again and did the same again over and over...some day, it just did not heal anymore ...and I was not the only one she "played" with like that

                          I can heal that still if I...can move again...I mean if I am allowed to, it's not that I could not breat that cast around me

                          Ramirez: I can wait, you need to be healed youself first, my queen *he smiles at her, putting his coat back on again* you ended the nightmare we lived in and for that we owe you thanks until the end of our days...we have lost our brothers that is true and sad, but no one of us is holding that against you, we know it was her and we know you gave all you could that day...and this is more than anything anyopne else cared to give for us time you have that nightmare my queen, smile back at her and tell her we are know that would have hurt her more than anything else we could have done to her
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                            Andersen: You misunderstand, Poet. I did not say to forge those you could not save, I well know you never could. But it is possible to remember them without forgetting about those that you did save. *he sighs*

                            Blackmore: Maybe she can explain it herself. *turns to where I am sitting* Hey Doc Beckett, come and tell Poet why you were so proud of her that day on Larah's ship.

                            *I stand and come to Poet, smiling at her the whole time as I remember*

                            Let me show you, Poet. *I take her hand in mine and close my eyes*

                            {I am standing in the infirmary beside Dell's bed, when Poet appears in front of me. She is crying and I can see she has used much of her power. I am surprised when she asks me to help, but I call together my team and we go to the hive. I am surprised to feel Poet's emotions running through me as I go from one Wraith to the next, doing my best to heal them the only way I know how. And then I feel the wave of pain and sadness almost knocking me to the ground, I leave Biro with my patients and I run. There is Poet, crying over the body of young Raphael, she hasn't the energy to use her powers on him, but she willingly does as I ask and brings him to life with her own bare hands as I would have. I catch her as she falls back and I take her and Raphael to the throne room, there I am telling Ariel and the others how proud I am of her, that she came for my help when she needed me, she did not hide her emotion from me, and she even saved Raphael with her own hands, not her powers.}

                            *the memory fades, leaving us back in the infirmary, I am smiling still as I look down at Poet*


                              I know what you meant, Mr..Andersen, really *she smiles sadly*

                              *looks at Aang* I know most of that still myself but it only shows my failure, dear....I ran out of energy, that is why they died, it's nothing to be pround of to me dear

                              *Ramirez looks at Poet his eyes now sparlking angrily* they died because that monster killed them...picking some of us out and locked us away while she di it...then she forced us to get over to the other ship...we dd not really feel like fighting the other crew, but our choices were death or death, either dying from the other's weapons or being killed by that monster...Djego and I were some of the first who tried to attack we don't know much at all of the things that happen on the other ship...but what I know is that it was NOT you who killed them....


                                hello! remember me?