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    *4 hours later*
    *I'm showered and dressed in my own clothes again, and we are on our way back to the infirmary when we come across the dinner cart being wheeled to feed the sick. so we decide to take it ourselves. Shep pushes, and I just hop along beside him with a silly grin on my face, but when I glance at him, he also has a silly grin on his face.*

    You better stop smiling like that or Aang will know something is up.
    Dell Me? look at you, you look like the Cheshire Cat!
    I'm happy, so shoot me. *winks at me*
    Dell Can't, promised not too.
    Yes you did didn't you!
    Dell Well now you are grinning even bigger
    What of it Sheppard?!
    Dell Shhh, they will hear you!
    *he chuckles and winks again*
    *a little further and we walk into the infirmary*
    Dell Hey everyone, who wants some dinner?


      *Carson and A-Carson both nod, and A-Carson reaches over to brush the messy hair from my face and shake me awake*

      A- Aang, Love, wake y'self. Dell an' Shep 'ave brought food.

      *I sit up and stretch, attempting to arm wrestle my hair into a ponytail so it won't be all over my face as if I just woke up, and then I sit all the way up and cross my legs, a soppy smile on my face for no reason that I can see, except that Dell is not hiding her happiness from me*


        Dell Is it worth waking Poet, does she eat human food anymore?


          Only when she's very weak, normally it doesn't do her any good to eat. If she's actually sleeping, I'd let her stay that way. *I glance over to the bed A-Carson had put Poet on after she fell asleep*

          So what did they send us to eat today?


            a mix, but it all seems to be chicken done in different ways, soup, stirfry, and baked


              Hmm, got to wonder if the stir fry is any good, I love a good stir fry. *I grin and stand up to get myself some stir fry*


                Dell It smells ok, I'm going for that one too.
                baked looks good. I wonder if they sent the Soup for Beck, or maybe Dell?
                Dell tough if they did, ones asleep and the other ain't eating it!
                Bet I could get you to eat it.
                Dell Don't even think about it mate, or all deals are off
                Fine, Dell doesn't want the soup


                  And with a coma...she's gonna be out for a while.

                  Aye, but th' baked chicken soun's good t' me.

                  A- Aye, same 'ere, Lad.

                  *both Carsons get their baked chicken and I take my stir fry*

                  Ooh this is pretty good actually!


                    *Aang, Dell and Shep sit on the edge of Dells bed*
                    Dell tis good, want to try some Shep? *hold a fork full out to him, he eats it*
                    Hmm, good, I hear a new chef came up with the last lot of new recruits, hope he doesn't turn rouge on us! Try some of mine?
                    *Dell takes the mouth full held out to her*
                    Dell Nice, but mine is still better, but thanks
                    You are most welcome.


                      *where I am sitting happens to be close to A-Carson's chair, so I reach out and swipe a forkful of his baked chicken without asking*

                      Hmm not bad...hey! *I playfully stab at his hand with my fork as he swipes a forkful of my stir fry*

                      A- Aye, this's good stir fry, Lass.

                      *I raise an eyebrow*

                      A- But no' as good as the stir fry y'make when ye cook for me. *he smiles and I smile back*


                        Dell Ahh, newly weds! *giggles*
                        *Shep shakes his head and smiles as he eats*


                          *I shake my head*

                          Well if my Love isn't proof that men can be trained, I don't know what is. You saw, it only took one look to get him to rephrase what he said properly.

                          A- Aye, ma' Love does 'ave me trained quite well.

                          *I look up and notice Carson is smiling sadly down at Beck, stroking a stray bit of hair from her face*

                          Oh Carson. She'll be back sooner than you think, you'll see. *I smile reassuringly and he smiles back*


                            *Shep and I are looking at each other as Aang and A-Carson talk, but I loose my smile when Beck is mentioned.*
                            Dell I wish I could use that healing device, I could heal her some....maybe we could ask Sparky, she can do least a bit. I feel so useless, I can't do anything!
                            You are not useless, never think that! *he puts his arm around me*


                              (would but Beck said no healing whatsoever, she wants Aang and the Carsons to just do their doctor thing...)

                              I...I would heal her if I had the energy left...but I'm afraid that wouldn't be smart for me right now...

                              *I wrap an arm around Dell from the other side* And you are not useless, big Sister. Not at all.


                                Dell I have no powers, unless you count finding trouble.
                                You don't find trouble, it comes looking for you, but you have me now, and I'm going to do my level best to keep you safe, just like I promised!
                                Dell And I love you for it, but still.....I wish I could do something!