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    I never said you had to like her, I still don't like her much. And I will never forget what she did to you. *my eyes go cold for a moment and then flash back to their usual warm sparkle*

    And yes, coffee can be arranged, you've been days without it now. *I tap my earpiece and order some coffee and a moment later one of the Mess staff comes walking in with two mugs and a large jug of coffee*


      Dell Hot Damn that smells good!, oh and I'll have real milk please, none of that horrible non dairy creamer! What is wrong with dairy in your coffee, I ask you! Trim, skinny , 2% if you don't understand the rest!


        *I laugh* Lucky you Sis, we keep real milk right here in the infirmary so that our patients only get the best.

        *I stand up and go to A-Carson's hidden refrigerated cabinet around the corner, pulling out the one carton of milk we keep in the infirmary and then go back to my sister*

        *then switch the transfusion and IV bags on Beck's rack and turn to Shep*

        And I heard you ask about Beck. She'll live, she'll be alright...and she will have some hell of a headache when she wakes. She'll also have some hell of a selection of new scars and maybe some sore spots for a while....


          Dell She joined the club! We will all be able to sit round the table at christmas time and compare scars, fun times ahead!

          Aang would it be possible to take Dell home tonight? I, um, was just wondering.


            *I laugh for a moment and then look back at Shep*

            Well, I'm clearly living down here until Beck is better, you won't see hide or hair of me around the quarters until Beck is fit to come home. But Dell...well, I think that can be arranged.

            *I feel in my lab coat pockets until my hand comes to rest on the healing device*

            We can do this two ways. I can put a cast on that leg and you behave yourself and let Shep do things for you for a while, come back down here every once in a blue moon to let me have a look...or you let me heal it most of the way and you'll just need a splint and your crutches for a while. Your choice.

            A- Aye, I wouldn'a advise sendin' 'er home so early m'self, but Aang seems t' 'ave great faith that y'll be able ta' keep 'er under control, Shep...*he shakes his head*


              Heal her, it's safer.
              Dell Shep!
              You have something to add?
              Dell sometimes you are so mean to me.
              No I'm not


                *raise an eyebrow* Oh he's mean because he wants me to heal you? Well if that's mean, I'd hate to see him in a good mood then. *I pull the device from my pocket and slide it over my hand*

                Might feel some pinching, last time I did this, you were out cold. *I stand up and I hold the device over Dell's leg with both hands and close my eyes, focusing until it glows blue around my hand and then move it slowly back and forth over her leg*

                *minutes later, I slide the device off my and and reclaim my spot on A-Carson's lap before my legs give out from under me, successfully hiding how much energy that took from me, and give a satisfied smile*

                Now just um, give me a moment and I'll get a better splint for it and locate you a pair of crutches... *I just sit there for a minute and then go to stand up and almost fall back into A-Carson, who catches me*

                A- I'll go get th' splint, Love, ye stay 'ere an' rest. Don' make me make tha' an order.

                *he stands up and sets me into the chair, walking off to get the splint and crutches*


                  *It is an odd feeling having a bone knit itself back together in fast motion, not sore exactly, but not overly comfortable either. I was glad when she finished. I also could tell how much energy she used too...but she didn't want anyone to know, so I just let it be, and decided I could heal on my own from now on. A-Carson came back and fitted the splint on my leg and put the crutches at the end of the bed.
                  A-Your free to go anytime you want.
                  Dell Thanks, and thank you too Aang, I would have been fine with a cast.
                  You want to get out of here? We can come back and sit with Beck later if you want.
                  Dell She will give my bed away.
                  That is kind of the point.
                  *He helps me up and onto the crutches, and I go over to Aang. I bend awkwardly down to her and give her a hug*
                  Dell I'm coming back ok?, I'll need my bed.


                    *I reach up to hug Dell*

                    You're welcome, big Sister. I probably would have done that anyway. And I'll keep your bed for you. Here, let me show you how...

                    *as she lets go of me, I push out of the chair, wander over to the bed she just got out of, push myself up onto the bed and collapse face down into the pillow, only turning my head to look up at my sister slightly, a goofy, sleepy smile on my face*

                    I'm only going to rest a bit and only because Beck has Carson right there...and A-Carson will be after me if I go another week without some form of rest...just poke me when you come back, I'll move.


                      Dell Sleep well, I would hate to have to use force on you to get you to rest.
                      And I would hate to have to force you to leave with me right now too.
                      Dell Ok, settle down, what is up with you?
                      Nothing, I just want some time with you, we need to talk.
                      *we head out the door*
                      Dell If this is about Keller, she just pushed me too far.
                      Ok, tell me everything right from the start...oh and try starting with how you broke her nose a couple of weeks ago.
                      Dell Crap!


                        Tonight, you don't have to tell me twice, big Sis. I need it. And I know Beck would want me to catch some sleep...

                        *I look up from the pillow again*

                        Dell did that because Keller was hurting me, Shep. Keller had told me that I didn't deserve to be a doctor and that I wasn't really one because I didn't go to school for it.

                        *then faceplant back into the pillow*


                          *we leave and walk in silence until we get back to our rooms, then he sits me down on the sofa and looks me in the eyes*
                          I don't want or need to hear about Keller. She told me enough. Now tell me, do you remember anything about what happened before you fell the other day?
                          Dell No, I can't remember anything about it, Nothing after you handing me my coffee.
                          In someways I'm pleased, but in other ways I'm not. We had an argument. I walked out and spent the next two days camped out in my office, that is why I didn't notice you were missing.
                          Dell what did we fight about?
                          I don't want to fight again.
                          Dell I think I can guess, it was right after Aang's wedding. You asked again, I said no, we I close?
                          Yes your very close. I'm not sure I will ever understand, but I don't want to fight about it I want to make a deal with you.
                          Dellwhat sort of deal?


                            *in the infirmary, I am slowly drifting into a sort of restless sleep, only awake enough to feel A-Carson pull the blanket up over me and settle into my chair between the beds*

                            'ow'd ye get 'er t' sleep wi'out arguin' Lad?

                            A- Jus' let 'er go over a week wi'out proper sleep an' use the healin' device three times in tha' week. She's so tired tha' she fell asleep on 'er own.

                            Good move, Lad. She needed it. Tha' wife o' yers doesn'a know when t' stop. Wonder where she learned tha' one.

                            A- Do ye even 'ave t' ask?

                            *both Carsons chuckle and I sleepily reach out and swat at A-Carson's head, but miss, give up and just fall asleep*


                              You don't want to get married, but I want..something...more... official
                              *I just look at him wondering how this won't end in a fight*
                              What if we just agree between ourselves, that we are as good as married.
                              Dell And that would work for you?
                              if you take it seriously. I promise you, that I will stay with you, love you, do everything in my power to keep you safe. and there will be no one else, only you, for as long as we both shell live.
                              Dell Really? That's really sweet.
                              Glad you think so. Are you joining me in this agreement or did I just make a fool of myself?
                              Dell No, I can do this...I will give to you my word that I will love you and only you for the rest of my life. I will do all within my power to keep you safe and happy. I offer you my life body and soul, and if you want, I will take you name for my own.
                              Really? Dellruby Sheppard? I like the sound of that.
                              Dell I can't imagine we will need to use it often but I don't have, why not?
                              I'm going to get you a ring to wear, is that ok, will you wear it?
                              Dell yes, I'll wear your ring, but no fancy ceremony ok, and we don't go round telling everyone about this, this is just us, our commitment to us.
                              That commitment is all I ever wanted...Dellruby Sheppard.
                              *he takes me in his arms and kisses me*


                                (Awww can I just squee right now? *SQUEE*)

                                *in the infirmary, I am now sleeping in Dell's hospital bed, though not restfully. I wake every few minutes to look over at Beck and make sure she's alright...but I can feel Dell's happiness, though I don't quite know why it is, and I smile: I like feeling her this happy*