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    Newbie 1: Whoa, remind me never to piss her off.

    Blackmore: That was really kind of awesome.

    Andersen: I would not want to be in the way of that!

    Newbie 3: Wow, that's pretty cool!

    *looks at Poet and her guys* Thanks for the lesson, I think that's enough for today. *she turns back to the newbies* Dismissed!

    *Corey, Bob and Paul walk with Poet back to the infirmary, but disappear back to the hive ship, leaving Poet to sit on the floor near Beck's bed, rather beside where aCarson and I are sitting, and I reach down to take her hand in mine without saying a word*


      (good night ladies )


        *I open my eyes and look over at the bed, I know I will see my sister there, I felt it was like a dream but more so....the fight was like a silent movie, I didn't hear what was said, but I saw it...I saw my sister Aang covered in blood again, and feel guilty for putting her through this type of pain....I have been listening to her talk to A-Carson, but haven't wanted to intrude so I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't. I give up trying.*


          *I look over and notice Dell is awake, it's a relief to me because I know Beck will not be awake for some time now*

          Hi Dell...nice to see you awake, big Sister. *I smile, but I know it's kind of an empty smile because it's the same 'polite smile' I used when someone would ask me about Dell, when I had her in a medically induced coma a week ago...*


            Thanks, Aang...I'm sorry about.......I'm just sorry ok?


              *I stand up from A-Carson's lap and move to sit on the edge of Dell's bed, which I had sat up enough so she could look me in the face*

              It's alright, Sis, it's part of being involved in the Stargate program. There is a risk every day that it may be the last day I get to spend with any of you...and I just have to accept it. The pain I feel when you two are so seriously injured, well, it's the cost of being...of loving you two as much as I do. And it's worth it every time I wake up and start a day knowing I have both of my sisters by my side.


                I'll try harder to keep away from trouble, but you know, I don't actually go looking for it, it comes to me....even Keller, she was begging for it!


                  It's alright Sis and I know you don't try to find trouble. It can't hide from it. *I actually smile and shake my head a bit*

                  ...As for Keller--

                  *I cut myself off as Keller walks in, my eyes take on a dangerous look, but she doesn't hardly glance at us, when she does, I see the usual glare, but her eyes are filled with pain*

                  --Okay cause that wasn't weird at all, I was expecting her to make a comment about Beck...

                  *and then I hear what I can only think are soft crying sounds, so I stand up slowly*

                  I' right back, I think something might be really wrong for her...

                  *I ignore the look I know Dell is giving me as I stand up and go to Jennifer's office, and as I look around the edge of the door, she is sitting at her desk, head in her hands, crying*

                  Jennifer...what is it? What's wrong?

                  Keller: Why would you care? You're probably happy they're sending me away!

                  No...well yes...after you kicked my sister in her bad leg, I would have been happy never to see you again. But I'm...just tell me, alright?

                  Keller: I still don't know why you care. Hey don't you have a life to endanger? Or I don't know, has one of your sisters managed to cause more trouble?

                  Keller, cut the bullsh*t and tell me what's going on. *my eyes flash dangerously for a second*

                  Keller: Fine, you want the truth, Aang? I'm jealous of you. Green-eyed monster, hate your very existence, can't stand that happy smile you always have on, JEALOUS. Aang, you have your sisters who love you, you have A-Carson, you didn't have to spend eight to twelve years in school to become a doctor. You just appeared out of thin air one day and got everything.

                  Jennifer...I can't believe you think that. I have had to work so hard every day to get what I have right now. And now I have to work even harder to keep it. I had a life...another life before this. And in that life, you hated me for another reason. I never worked out that Jennifer's problem with me, and I never wanted you and I to hate each other. I was scared when we first met...scared you would make me feel the way the other Jen did. And I was right, you did. But if you knew what I am feeling right now when I see my sisters lying in infirmary beds out there, you would be anything but jealous of me.

                  Keller: I know Aang, I try to remind myself how hard it's been for you, but when I see A-Carson so wrapped around your little finger...Dell and Beck so loving to you...and I haven't a soul in this city who cares that much for me. Even your sisters hate me.

                  They hate what you've done to me. They hate how time and again you have broken my spirits and left me wondering if I even deserve to be on Atlantis with them.

                  Keller: I didn't realize it was affecting you so much. You deserve to be on Atlantis more than I do, and I know' I cope with this has been to make you feel as bad as I thought I felt. But I didn't know about your past, Aang. I'm...sorry for hurting you so much. And I'm sorry for kicking Dell's bad leg, I wasn't thinking last night, I was just...angry. *she sniffles and I half smile*

                  I'll never forget what you did to me and my sisters, but I think I can find it in my heart to forgive it. Now, you should pack for your temporary post...before you know it, you'll be back here being a pain in my ass all over again.

                  Keller: You know it. Now you better make sure your sisters aren't getting in more trouble. *she gives me her usual self-satisfied smirk and I glare back at her*

                  Watch it, Keller. *I snap back*

                  *with that said, I walk back out to where Dell is*


                    *I wonder what is going on in the office, but I never get the chance to nose in on my sis, as Shep walks in.
                    Hey Dell, how are you this morning? *he comes over and gives me a kiss*

                    Dell Better for seeing you, my headache is finally gone.
                    Good to hear, now just stop braking your leg and come home to me, our bed is way more comfortable than any of these.
                    Dell If I get a cast on, or get a sneaky healing, I can't see why I shouldn't be allowed home, but I don't want to push Aang just now, she has enough on her plate.
                    Ok, I guess I can be patient, it's not like they kick me out after visiting hours after all. Hows Beck doing?
                    Dell Ok I think.....but shes.....she will be ok, I know she will. she should never have had to face those two on her own, I should have been there to help.
                    You can't blame yourself, you were already injured by them...and you faced that all by yourself.
                    Dell Can i have a hug?
                    Only if you hug me back, I've had a tough morning too
                    *we hug and cling to each other*


                      *I step out of the office to see Dell hugging Shep, so I just silently slip back to my chair, where A-Carson is still sitting, and take my place on his lap. He hugs me gently and looks into my face*

                      A- Wha' was wi' Jennifer?

                      Nothing. Well something, but nothing. It wasn't anything that anyone else needs to be concerned with...

                      A- Aye, I won't ask ye any further then, Love.

                      *he kisses me and then I look over to Dell and Shep again*


                        *he lets me go and sits on the edge of the bed*
                        Well guess you guys all know they got away. Rodney still can't track the jumper...He designed it so it couldn't be tracked....never guessed he would need too. I got 4 dead guards, I spent the morning writing to their familys. Their bodies will be sent back around lunch time. Oh and Keller is going to go be a medic on an out post on the far edge of Pegasus for a couple of months.
                        *I reach out and take his hand, it has been a tough morning for him*


                          *I smile slightly*

                          Well I had a chat with Jennifer that could actually be classed as pleasant in a way. I know why she seems to hate us so much now...

                          *I trail off, it's really a pity I made such progress with Jennifer and now she'll likely not remember our conversation*


                            Dell I'm glad she is going!
                            *Shep looks at me with his eyebrows raised*
                            Dell I'm allowed to be glad, don't look at me like that, she bought it on herself.


                              *I look at Dell*

                              Yesterday I would have felt the same, Sis. Even now it'll be nice not to have her here a couple of months' time...

                              *I finish the sentence as a thought to Dell: She's only so mean to me because she's jealous. She's jealous I have you guys and A-Carson and that I didn't have to go to school for years to become a doctor. What I didn't say was that I had to almost lose all of you more than once to become a doctor...part of me would have rathered go to school for it!


                                Dell Damn girl, I don't need that! I don't want to like her, or feel sorry for her, my leg still hurts! I need coffee, any chance I can get a bucket or two?