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    You do that. *nods*

    I won't be. If I ever get my hands on them, they won't know what hit them. Nobody hurts my sisters like this and gets away with it. *my voice is still cold, but the hint of pain grows*


      *gets up, walks over to Beck and pulls one of her still shining featers out* like this dear I will be always with you *she opens Beck's hand carefully and let's the feather fall into her palm*


        Italics indicate host/symbiote conversation.

        Falina: I felt your fear for Gilan and Nikola yesterday. Our connection is getting stronger.

        Even though I've been unsure of how I'm to deal with them, I was scared. I didn't want to lose them.

        Falina:Perhaps you should tell them that.
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          *looks at Aang again, feeling anger rise in her, as she can feel Aang's pain* I will hold them down for you if I have to, so you can finish them one day


            Poet? Are you up to doing a training session today? *she asks gently*

            *I look up at Poet and try to smile, nodding my thanks to her, but my mind is all muddled with the pain and anger I feel*

            *A-Carson reaches out a hand to take mine and lift me from where I had been sitting on the floor, I stand there looking at him for a moment and then he pulls me close to him, I snuggle into his chest and let the tears fall as he holds me close...I am strong when I need to be, but now I do not need to be*

            *as his fingers gently run through the hair I had just let down out of the bun it had been in, I tilt my head so I can look into his eyes*

            I...I have come so close to losing both of my sisters recently, aCarson. I can't...I can't lose them...or you...or any of you. I'd never be able to move on if I lost any of you. I can't...the thought that it could have hurts. *my love just holds me close, leading me to the chair between my sisters' beds and sitting down before pulling me into his lap and holding me there*


              *looks at Liz* yes I guess so, just let me call some of my guys, today I would like to show the new ones why it is not the best idea to go ito face to face fight with wraith *thinks to Bob, Paul and Corey* guys would you please come here, well have another training lesson today

              *a few seconds later, the guys appear next to her*

              *they look at Poet, then at Aang and the Carsons and then at Beck* we are so sorry for what happened to you again

              *looks at Liz* we are ready to go really need some distraction *looks back to Aang* I'll come here again when we finished the training *her hands form a fist digging her claws into her own flesh as she feels anger in her*
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                Alright, the guys are waiting already, let's go then. *she nods and heads out of the infirmary*

                Thanks Poet. We'll..we'll be alright. *I smile, this time a bit less forced than the last time...I feel better now that I've cried out some of the pain, but I make no move to leave aCarson's arms*


                  *walks of the infirmary followed by her guys, then turns again, walks to Aang and aCarson and puts her arms around them* If I can do anything for you ever just let me know

                  *then she heads out and walks into the training room with the guys after her*


                    A- Aye, lass, we will. *he nods to Poet as she leaves*

                    I just...I still feel guilty for not going after Beck yesterday...

                    A- Y'already know tha' Carson does no' hold it against ye an' neither will yer sisters...*he strokes my hair and I nod*

                    I're right. But I don't like to see them hurt, Love.

                    A- Is no' that part o' why ye decided t'be a doctor? T' care for them when they need it?

                    Yes it is...and I suppose I'm doing that, aren't I?

                    A- Aye, ye are. *he hugs me close to him and kisses me, and this is how we will sit for a while with him holding me close, as if protecting me from something*


                      *pokes her head in*

                      How are Gilan and Nikola doing?
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                        Alright, settle down and behave like adults this morning, or you will be dismissed early and sent to your quarters for the remainder of the day. Today, Poet and her guys will demonstrate the reasons you should try to avoid hand to hand combat with Wraith. *she steps to the side out of the way*


                          Originally posted by Sparky She-Demon View Post
                          *pokes her head in*

                          How are Gilan and Nikola doing?
                          aJanet: Gilan and Nikola will be fine. Nikola may be a bit sore for a while after what Kavanaugh did, but thanks to Gilan's help, they are mostly healed already.


                            *looks at Bob and Corey* guys now would you please take places?

                            *Corey and Bob nod and walk each on one side of the room facing eachother*

                            Corey, here will take the part of a human and Bob, fights wraith will see very quickly why you better try to stun wraith before they get too close to you....Now Corey, Bob....get ready....3.....2.....1....fight!

                            *Bob moves forward quickly, reaching out for Corey who pulls two knives from his belt and dodges, trying to hit Bob who spins around and punches Corey in the stomach, throwing him off his feet, causing him to slide over the floor backwards..this short time Bob uses to dash forward pushing Corey to stay down and holds his right hand over his chest, then stops in that position*

                            This now gentlemen is the worst thing that can happen to you, if you don't manage to get on your feet again, throwing the wraith off from you, you can only hope the wrath will maybe show mercy and let you run

                            *suddenly the picture of the wraith, called Rollings flashes up in her mind again, lying in front of her unconcious as she did not take the chance to kill him* mercy, not for you *she thinks while diging her nails into her palms again to calm down*
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                              *for once, the guys don't have smart-ass comments to make, they are all staring in amazement*

                              Thank you Poet. When a Wraith has you in that position, is there any way to escape it?


                                Escape...*she thinks* I have let him escape.... *her hands start to be surrounded by darkness as the anger rieses in her more and more, her eyes turn black*

                                *Paul realizes what happening and run forward trying to take her attentiion off that matter, but she dodges him, half aware she must stop herself still*

                                *Bob lets go of Corey, jumps over Poet's head* I know you are angry at him and youself, but he is out of reach, take us for now, Poet

                                *she turns to him and wipes him off his feet with one stike of her hand, while Paul jumps at her back. She jumps backards, roling over with him as Corey jumps out of the way to land on his feet in front of her*

                                Corey: that wasn't enough, was it? Come on, you still got me! *he throws his knives at her, missing her however, as she catches them, throwing him off his feet too with one simple movement of her hands, by now however she has gained control over her feelings again...the ldarkness around her fades and her eyes turn yellow again as she puts Corey's knives in her boots*

                                Sorry gentlemen,and Dr Wier, now I showed you accidently a part of what happens if someone makes me angry *she looks down* however to answer your question,Dr. Wier, if you can distract the wraith by wounding him with a blade, leaving it inside them, you may be able to use their confusion to your advantage

                                *her guys get up again looking a bit worn out, but smiling still*
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