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    Don't move her just yet, looks like her leg might be broken and I don't know what else yet, give me a moment.

    *I look around and then at A-Carson*

    Love, can I get you to find something to splint her leg? Oh, there's a nice bump here, she's going to have a hell of a headache...

    *I am looking at my sister carefully, working to find any and all injuries, but carefully hiding the pang of guilt I suddenly feel for going away from the city and leaving my sister*

    *A-Carson comes back a few moments later with a proper splint, I'm guessing he went to the infirmary for it, and I set the leg and put the splint on it*

    So much for getting her off her crutches. *I check her vitals once more and then check one or two other telltale signs and look up at Shep* She'll be alright.

    *and then I change her position slightly and roll her over the way I was taught back when the Carsons were training me*

    Our best move would be to get her back to the infirmary now, so I can check on this head injury. Unfortunately until I know how bad it is, I can't determine how much pain killer will be safe to give her, if any at all...

    *as usual, the adrenaline has kicked in and with a little help from Shep, I lift Dell in my arms, supporting the broken leg carefully and we turn to head back toward the infirmary*


      Aang please let my carry her, you are going to need your energy when you get back, unless you are planing on sitting back and letting your husband do all the work.


        *I turn to Shep*

        I love my husband, I truly do, but not a chance in hell anyone else is touching my sister once we reach the infirmary.

        *I let him take Dell from my arms*


          *Carson stands slightly behind me as I watch. I'm in shock of what happened & thinking things over in my head; how did i not notice? If i had noticed sooner...*
          -Oh Dell im so sorry *cries*

          (Ok, catch u tonight)
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            *He carefully Takes Dell from her sister and kisses her forehead, He whispers to her*
            I'm sorry Dell, please forgive me, and come back to me.
            *then they all start back to the infirmary quickly and carefully. Once there, Shep lays Dell down on the scanner bed, then brushes the hair off her face.
            Keller Dell hurt again? What is it with this one, she accident prone or does she have a screw loose?
            *Shep turns and gives her a look that makes her take a step back*
            I wouldn't push your luck there Keller, just take a break for an hour or so.
            *she nods and leaves the infirmary*


              (Ok tonight, Sis )

              *I reach over and hug Beck, and I think to her: It wasn't all your fault, Beck. You couldn't have known it was more than a dream...*

              *I let Carson take Beck from my hug and I nod confirmation to the question in his eyes, he leads Beck off to the side and sits down, pulling her into his lap. She and Shep will be the first two to know when Dell wakes up*

              *then I grit my teeth and yell after Keller* You don't know anything about my sister. Get the HELL out of my infirmary and don't you dare come back until I say otherwise. *my eyes sparkle dangerously and I turn to the scanner, watching for the results*

              Her head injury isn't too bad, she will have a headache but that's the worst of it. As for the leg... *I go and slip my healing device from its drawer and focus my energy as I hold it over her leg, it glows blue for a few moments as I focus, then I stumble back, A-Carson catches me and slips the device off my hand, but not to be stopped so easily, I push away from him and go back to Dell*
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                There is so much dust, how can you see anything through all the dust...and she was breathing it in all this time too! could it have damaged her lungs?


                  I'm still working... *I rest for a moment against the bed casually, trying to hide how much energy I just spent healing her leg, and then I look around and my eyes settle on Beck who is still sobbing into Carson's chest*

                  Beck, sweetie, why don't you dry your tears and come help me take care of Dell? *I notice Shep look at me funny when I ask for help and so I answer* Beck is my sister, and Dell's sister. If anyone besides myself will touch her, it will be Beck.

                  Beck: Y-yes, I'd l-like that...*she sniffs a few times and rubs her sleeve across her eyes, then joins me at Dell's side*

                  Here, go get a damp cloth, warm water though, and help me get some of this dust off of her. *Beck nods and runs off to do as I say, while I grab the stethoscope A-Carson is handing me and I listen to Dell's breathing*

                  Her breathing sounds mostly normal, but maybe just a bit wheezier than usual...the scanner doesn't show any permanent damage, nothing a few hours with an oxygen tube won't solve by easing her breathing for a while. I'll hook her up.

                  *I do so, and also clean a patch of her arm enough to inject a low dose of mild pain killers into her and then Beck comes back with two soft cloths, dampened with warm water and hands me one, we both set to work sponging some of the dust off her, I pull the curtain around us for a moment and we carefully get her into a hospital gown and then I pull back the curtain, there's not much dust left on her, but now I can see a few more bruises that will probably be stiff and achy when she wakes up*


                    So? How bad is it, shes going to be ok isn't she. I feel like it is all my fault, if I had just.....if I hadn't stormed out on her, she would never have been able to go missing.


                      *I look back at Dell, who is by now settled in her usual hospital bed, Beck sitting at her side, Carson standing protectively behind Beck*

                      She'll be fine, Shep. She'll have a hell of a headache and be on those crutches a while longer, but she will be just fine otherwise. *I smile at him gently* And I'm sure she won't think this is your fault, Shep. She's known to get into all sorts of trouble without help from anyone else...

                      *I look over to her again and something occurs to me* Crap, but she's been like that two days, she'll be a bit dehydrated for sure... *I locate a bag of normal hydrating fluids and attach it to an IV rack before connecting it to her arm with a needle before turning and going back to Shep*


                        So when do you think she will wake up? I really would like to here from her that she is ok, and that she forgives me


                          *I look back to Dell once more*

                          I would expect now she's had the proper treatment, she'll probably wake up soon...but I'm sure, absolutely sure she'll forgive you...

                          *I think a moment*

                          Or I can wake her up right now. Come with me.

                          *I motion for Shep to follow as I pull a bottle and a fresh syringe and needle from a cabinet and fumble for a moment to get the syringe filled. I push the needle into Dell's arm and release the liquid into her system, this should wake her*


                            *Shep stands over her bed anxiously waiting for her to wake, after what seems like forever her eyelids flicker*
                            Dell? It ok I'm right here, you can wake up now.
                            *Dell groans, turns her head to the side and opens her eyes, but closes them again*
                            Open them again Dell, your in the infirmary, we are all here...
                            I know, but you can't stay asleep for ever.
                            Dell Eyes hurt......dust


                              *I gasp as it occurs to me, and then I go find some simple saline eye drops*

                              This will help your eyes, big Sister. *I try to sound gentle as I force my sister to open her eyes one at a time while I drip some eye drops into her eyes and then gently blot the drips from her face and wipe some of the remaining dust from her face as well*

                              Now try opening them, does it feel better now? *I smile gently down at my big Sister*


                                Dell better, but still hurt....everywhere
                                I'm not surprised, you fell quite a distance, and then had the floor from above land on top of you.
                                Dell Did? don't member, head hurts. *she reaches a hand up to her head* Killing me.