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    Beck: Well the two times it was different, we finally got to turn all the way around and see who was controlling was Tome'l, the man from that planet who turned me over to Skyra. Then there was an explosion and lots of dust when we fell, that also was new. Oh, and the view...we'd always seen all of Dell's friends and family before, but this time...the view was of Aang's wedding.

    *I can see Beck is horrified she hadn't taken notice of any of this sooner and feels bad for it, so I silently wrap an arm around her shoulders and look up at Shep*


      Did it still feel like a dream, was Dell asleep when you saw these new things? If there was an explosion for real, that shouldn't be to hard to track down.


        *Beck seems to think hard for a moment*

        Beck: It...did feel like a dream...but now you mention it, it felt like my own dream, not Dell's. I was watching Dell this time instead of being in her mind. And I didn't hear anything from her both times, usually she um, tells me when she has the dream...

        Well if there really was an explosion, I can bet that's where we'll find our sister. *suddenly I remember that nagging worry in my mind while I'd been away...maybe my concern hadn't been quite as unreasonable as I'd tried to tell myself*


          *he taps his ear piece*
          Sheppard to McKay
          McKay here, do you know how early it is?
          Yes I do, I also know how late this is. Can you get into the city system and check to see if there have been any explosions or cave in's or anything out of the ordinary in the past 2 days?
          On it, but do you mind telling my why I'm doing this before breakfast?
          Dell's missing, has been for 2 days.
          Like she could go missing for 2 days and you wouldn't notice.
          McKay! I didn't ok, just look would you.
          Right I'm, there was a relatively small explosion in one of the out lying areas.
          Where exactly?
          hold on, down loading it to a hand held scanner, where are you, I'll meet you and bring it along.
          Transporter by the mess .
          Be there in a minute.


            *we all stand up and head to the transporter, I tap my own earpiece*

            A-Carson, would you catch up with us by the transporter outside the Mess? Bring me my small med kit as well.

            A- Aye Love, mind explainin'?

            Dell's gone missing and we think she was involved in an explosion somewhere in the city.

            A- An' Shep never noticed 'er gone?

            Let's not discuss that now, but no he didn't. Just...bring the med kit if you would?

            A- Aye, yes dear. *I hear the chuckle as his earpiece clicks off in my ear*

            *moments later, he and Rodney both show up at the transporter*


              Ok lets have the scanner, thanks man. *looks at it*
              I know this area, I found her out there once before when she first arrived here, everyone in the transporter.
              *he taps at the scanner as they step back out*
              Too far away to get a reading yet, this way, and keep an eye out, we don't know what we are going to find.
              *he takes off at a run, and everyone follows*
              Jogging before breakfast is never a good idea!


                *I am close behind Shep, med kit in one hand, with Beck beside me. A-Carson and Rodney are only slightly behind us as well*

                Beck: Watch where you're running, if her dream came true then you may accidentally run off the edge of the floor if you're not careful. Should be a hole somewhere.


                  I'll keep that in mind.


                    I'm getting a reading, one life sign, thank God, it's not far away.
                    *they round a corner and see a long corridor with a balcony at the end, and a gaping black space in front of it*
                    Oh crap! *he races ahead and gets down on the ground at the edge and shines the torch from his (bat) belt down into the dark. there is a lot of rubble, but then he see a leg, moves the light and finds my head, I'm lying face down.
                    Found her, we need to find a way down.


                      *I think a minute and then I lean over the edge as well, to see what we have to work with, but as I put a hand on the edge of the floor, it crumbles and I find myself holding a handful of dust*

                      Well whatever we do, it better be good, that's a long fall and I'll be damned if anyone touches my sister before I get down there. *My eyes glitter, if I ever get my hands on Tome'l, I won't be as merciful as I once was*

                      Beck: Aang, please, try to relax. You're going crazy. *she gives me a pointed look and I lock back the anger I've been feeling since I found out Tome'l was behind this*


                        we should be able to get to her from the floor below.
                        *Shep sits up and adjusts the scanner*
                        Yes, I see it, this way. *he gets up and runs back down the corridor and around the corner to a set of stairs. Once down he runs back along the one below but there is no rubble in the corridor.
                        She is through this wall!


                          *By now, I've followed Shep, I run up beside him*

                          Now what? *I ask, looking around*

                          *A-Carson and Beck skid up behind me, stopping short at the wall*


                            We break through the wall.*he gets ready to kick at the wall.
                            AOr we could try the access panel *He pushes the panel aside and steps aside as Aang and Shep charge past him


                              (LOL we so would...And he so would be the one thinking straight)

                              *I run over to where my sister is lying, dropping to my knees beside her so hard I'd be willing to bet both of my knees will be bruised, suddenly half remembering her telling me that she'd "seen" me hit the floor like that last time and she would bet it hurt. I think to myself, yes, it does hurt a bit, but probably less than what happened to her...*

                              Dell...Sis... *I reach out and touch her hair, I kind of wish she would respond but after a quick check of her vitals, it's clear she is unconscious*

                              Beck: Dell! *she joins me at Dell's side, looking to me for direction on what to do*


                                Lets get this stuff off her *he start to lift bits of broken floor off her, id stirs up the dust and he start coughing, Rodney helps remove the some of the debris.
                                Do we roll her over?, is she ok?