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    How is S- doing?
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      *Pokes her head in* Anyone here?
      *looks all around, don't see anyone...hehe, I get to play everyone! Yay!


        Sis, I will be on the laptop in a sec


          Originally posted by Dellruby View Post
          Ok enough of this hilarity, who's coming down to the gym with Beck and me?

          Poet I will, some fight training would be fun, wouldn't it Joey?

          Joey You know it will sister *winks at Poet* (although I have no idea why)
          Originally posted by Aang View Post
          I'll come and watch, just to be safe. *my eyes sparkle so Dell knows I'm messing with her and Beck*
          -Ok then just a small group of us, well lets go then. *with a big smile on her face Dell skips out of the living room and off down to her favorite gym*

          Beck I think I'm going to enjoy this, don't remember when I last beat Dell in a sparing match! *winks to Aang and follows her older sister*

          Aang Oh crap! *shakes her head as she too follows out the door*

          Joey You could take them both at the same time sister dear, I won't need to help you to win.

          Poet I don't plan to win, I plan to teach. I wonder if they plan to learn, or loose? *takes her brothers hand and follows the rest of the group down to the gym*


            *I feel my pocket to be sure my healing device is there--I know Poet and Joey can heal themselves from whatever wounds Dell or Beck might cause, but I'm still maybe a little worried about my two silly sisters*


              (just got to get a chicken in the oven....roast chook for dinner!)


                (make me hungry Sis! *facepalm* Ok I'll be here )


                  ok I'm back.
                  *At the gym Beck and Dell square off, and circle each other, then Dell makes her move, but Beck blocks the blow, and swings the sticks again and knocks her to the ground. Dell sits on the floor dazed for a couple of seconds, put a hand up to a cut on the side of her head, seeing blood when she takes her fingers away, then he face breaks into a huge smile*

                  -Crap sis, you are amazing!

                  Beck OMG, I'm so sorry Dell, are you alright? *she squats down beside her sister and reaches for the cut*

                  -I'm good, your better! Help me up and try not to throw me across the room please!


                    *my hand flies to the healing device in my pocket as I watch my sisters...I realize I don't know why I'm quite this much of a worrier over my sisters and I shake my head at how jumpy I am. If Dell really needed my help, she wouldn't be able to hide it no matter how she would try. I remind myself that she's fine, let my hand drop to my side and smile*


                      -Again? but you have to be one handed!

                      Poet Let me show you some tricks...strength is not the only thing to use in a fight!

                      -Ok, going to need all the help I can get!
                      *Joey leans back against the wall with a smile on his face as he watches Poet instructing Dell in an art she thought she knew all about*


                        *my earpiece crackles*

                        Keller: Aang, report the infirmary. You're needed.

                        *the sound of her voice in my ear throws me back on edge, but I grit my teeth and answer her*

                        Alright Jennifer, I'll be down in a moment.

                        Keller: Now. Keller out.

                        *I pinch the bridge of my nose to try to fight back the instant headache she gives me, but it doesn't work, so I look up at my sisters as I tie my hair into a quick bun on top of my head*

                        I've just been called to the infirmary, sorry I can't stay. I trust you'll not try to hide it from me if either of you is injured? *I give them a sharp look and turn on my heel, walking out of the room at a fast clip toward the infirmary*


                          -Injured? I'm not letting her get me again * thwack* Crap!

                          Beck sorry!

                          Poet let me show you again.


                            *I stalk into the infirmary, my face as emotionless as a Vulcan, and walk over to Keller*

                            Why did you call me when I was on off-time?

                            Keller: Aang. Good. You're here. *she stalks over to one of our medicine cabinets* I found this cabinet unlocked. Care to explain?

                            Clearly it wasn't me. When I left here last night after my shift, it was clean as a whistle and locked up. Both Carsons had the day off today, they worked the graveyard shift. You and Biro were in charge here today.

                            Keller: You cannot be accusing me of leaving the Narc cabinet unlocked!

                            You accused me first! *my eyes flash with rage for a moment before I try to resume my Vulcan facial expression*

                            Keller: Well you're the one who's always screwing up in here!

                            Oh am I? Who has been the poor doctor stuck here until all hours cleaning up your messes when your patients develop infections?

                            Keller: That would be Carson and A-Carson. *she glares at me sharply, her eyes flashing with anger*

                            No, Jennifer. That would be me. The Carsons do their damn best to make sure the rest of us get some time off, so when you screw up, I come down here at all hours of the damn night pulling your ass out of the fire. And I'm not, not even for ONE SECOND, doing it for you. I do it for your patients, to give them the care they deserve.

                            Keller: What the hell, Aang! I call you down here to ask a simple question and you start this nonsense!

                            Oh I started it, did I?! As I recall it, you called me down here to accuse me of something I know I would never in my life do!

                            Keller: Right, and I would believe you because...? You may be my superior by way of rank, Aang, but I am definitely superior to you when it comes to professionalism and medical knowledge.

                            *I feel hot tears begin to sting the corners of my eyes, but I keep my Vulcan-like facade up, pretending her words don't bring back the memories of where I come from...pretending each word she says doesn't feel like a punch to the stomach*


                              Back in the gym...

                              *A few hits later Dell has had enough for a while, besides, Poet is now showing Beck a few moves, and she seems to get along really well with Na'kita, so Dell decides to go see Aang and get checked for out a cut or two she is now sporting, she waves bye to Joey, who is the only one to notices she is going, and she walks quickly towards the infirmary.
                              She starts to hear raised voices and as she gets closer she starts to make out the words, and starts to jog. As she comes through the door she sees Kellers back to her, Aang is not quite facing her either, and doesn't see her enter either.
                              Dell grabs Kellers left shoulder and spins her around and punches her in the face, knocking her to the ground. Then walked the 4 steps to where she is on the floor and picks her up by the lapels of her jacket and punches her again, repeating the process a third time, which leaves Keller unconscious on the floor. Dell turns to Aang.

                              -Are you Ok sis?
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                                *I look at Keller, I know that as a doctor, if I'm to be as good as my words, I should help her no matter how much I'd love to leave her lying there...but I am rooted to the spot, looking from my sister to Keller and back to my sister again in shock*

                                I...I'm alright. We were just...having a discussion...loudly... *I half mutter to Dell, still trying to work out what just happened and still feeling the punch to the gut from what Keller said to me*

                                *then all at once, my Vulcan facade fails me and I turn to look at Dell fully, my eyes reflect what I feel and I sigh heavily*