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    Oh and I like to read them!


      I really did try to leave him on Earth until you came back, but he wouldn't stay. Kept nagging me that he'd spent quite enough time away from you and wouldn't leave you, but he wasn't about to force you to stay on Earth again either, so he would be coming back to the city with us. Seems to have worked out well actually


        I'm glad he came back..I missed the big lug!

        What did you call me?

        -nothing really.

        Nothing? I'll give you nothing! *tickles me*

        -*laughing* no.....stop...please....sorry.....not a ....lug *lots of laughing*


          (Ok so assuming this means that Poet & her boys are back at their rooms and we're back at our quarters by now! Ahaha)

          *I smile to myself, rather satisfied with how my little plan had worked out so well for my big Sister*

          A- Now Love, there's another weddin' that needs yer attention. *his eyes sparkle*

          Now what wedding might that be? Oh! Yes, our wedding! *my eyes glitter with mischief as I pretend to have forgotten our wedding*


            -Oh yes! we need to sort that out *turns to Shep* the dresses are lovely, you should see them!
            I don't have to wear a kilt do I?

            -No you don't....I'd like to help you pick out a nice suit, or maybe A-Carson wants to be incharge of that.


              *I giggle at Shep* As amusing as you wearing a kilt might be, no, we're trying to make this wedding as easy for everyone involved as possible.

              A- Dell, Lass, if y'd like ta help the lad pick out 'is suit, that's quite fine wi' me. Y're the one who's goin' ta have ta look at 'im in it all day. I'll be a wee bit distracted watchin' ma' beautiful bride. *he kisses me and I giggle*


                -hmm, I will get a little distracted myself. Hey do you want his waistcoat to match your kilts? I wouldn't mind seeing him in a bit of tartan. *I smile him*

                I don't mind tartan, I just don't want to wear a skirt...I haven't got the legs for one.

                -Oh I don't know, you have very nice legs. *I grin at him*
                * he glares back at me*


                  A- Aye, wouldn'a be bad if 'e matched us a bit. I'll 'ave ta pull out th' kilt an' show ye the partic'lar tartan we've got.

                  *I grin a little* Umm I think I'm going to be a bit distracted myself...

                  *then I realize something* Um, we still have to write our vows, my Love. We did agree to write them ourselves, right?

                  A- Aye, so we did.


                    -Oh that is fun...I remember we wrote ou....*stops mid-sentence.*
                    -um, don't mind me, remembering a past life *give a quick smile and head off to the kitchen saying something about needing a coffee. Everyone looks around at each other*

                    I'll go. *he follows me into the kitchen and finds me standing by the bench, my back to him, doing nothing. He slips his arms around my waist*

                    Hey you ok?
                    -I'm good, just got attack by old memories I thought I had locked away.
                    It's ok to remember.

                    -Easy for you to say. I'll be fine, I just need a moment.
                    *he holds me tight and rests his head against mine*
                    You can have all the moments you want, but I'm staying right here with you.

                    -You are too good to me. *I turn within his arms to face him* What did I do to deserve a good man like you?

                    I think the question is what did I do to deserve a woman like you? *we kiss*
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                      *Carson & I are sitting on the couch, we had been quietly listening to my sisters conversation & then when Dell left for the kitchen, I sat there in thought. A chill runs down my spine as I realize something. I had not told anyone, not even Carson as I fear it would devastate him. Then knowing my lil sis will pick up something is wrong, I quickly concentrate on blocking her out. Then I think freely to my self;

                      no, no not my wedding, omg god, its gone! I- I can't remember any of it!

                      I have realized that with the torture that had killed me, even though I was revived with a sarcophagus & my physical injuries had been healed, my mind had been damaged & as a result I had been having memory loss.
                      sometimes its just tiny things that would go unnoticed, like forgetting where I had placed an item even just moments before, or forgetting to tie my shoelaces, or to brush my teeth. But there are also times when I find myself wondering what I did in the past hour or even worse... forgetting the existence of my parents who have been long gone since I was 10, I have no memory what so ever of them, it is gone and now the memory of mine & Carson's wedding has been lost. Tears roll down my face as I think of this*
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                      I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                      traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                        *I happen to look over at Beck and I notice the tears on her face*

                        Sis, you may be pretty good at hiding your emotions...but I can see your tears plain as day. What's wrong? *I know my eyes probably show my worry. But I am not trying to hide it*


                          *Carson notices my tears, as my lil sis points them out, I shake me head*
                          - I -I can't... *thinks to only Aang; not here. Then I pull out of Carson's grip not looking at him & I run out of the quarters & down the hall, tears streaming down. I round a corner & stop for breath, then out of desperation to get out of here, I close my eyes & imagine the quite little place that only Carson & I ever went to on the mainland. When I open my eyes again I am surprised it worked, but then I run for the shady trees & find myself a cosy spot to curl up & cry. I only then manage to think the words 'mainland, far side' to my sis*
                          I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                          traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                            *I think hard about what Beck just said and find myself on the far side of the mainland, following Beck's emotions and the crying sounds until I find her, I fall to my knees beside her and pull her into my arms*

                            Sis...tell me. I'm here. Tell me what's wrong? *I feel her sobbing in my arms as I hold her, I wonder silently to myself what could have her so upset*


                              Hello everybody! *eyes flash*

                              Falina: Good morning.
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                                *nMichael looks at Gabriel* don't mess it up guys, it's a surprise for her and I want it to work...I made detailed notes and if you stick to them, it should work

                                Gabriel: it will for sure, well and if not...then it does not...but it will, just no relax so this stuff can work and we can do our job here *he smiles*

                                nMichael: you know it's a bit hard to relax like that, it brings old memories up...*he doesn't feel too comfortable right now tied up to a bed, his shirt off and Gabriel giving him a sedative*

                                nSteve: yeah we know *looks up to nCarson* would you please wait outside at least until he s sleeping? *looks back ti nMichael* remember it's for Poet

                                *n:beclett: walks out deciding this to be really tthe best*

                                *Dante smiles looking at nMichael* now just imagine Poet was here, putting her arms aound you, it feels lovely warm....

                                *nMichael smiles tiredly* yes...all....for...our que...*his eyes close and he falls asleep*

                                *Corey knocks at the door* Poet , can I come in, I have to ask you something?

                                *sists on a chair wrapped in a towel about to dry her hair* yes of course, you can help me with my hair

                                *Corey enters and looks at her*with pleasure dear *he walks closer to her, his eyes glued on her beautiful pale skin and her long dark hair hanging down wet to her shoulders* hmm, I think I forgot what I wanted to ask you...

                                *smiles at him and pulls him down to sit on her lap* maybe you will remember later *she strokes his hair off his face*

                                Corey: yes....maybe *he sniles and puts his hand on her shoulder*....