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    Joey: there is no cure fior sad hearts, Aang, just love and patience maybe *they vanish and reappear in the room where Poet lies still sleeping, though both her and nSteve look not ill anymore at all*

    *nSteve wakes up again looking at Joey and then at Poet* I've been awake before, she slept and I am awake now...but she still sleeps

    Joey: oh I guess she will wake up soon enough *he walks over to his sister and takes her in his arms carefully* and I'll be holding her if she does *he smiles*

    *opens her eyes slowly, looking at her brother's smiling face* hey Joey *then sees Aang* oh hi Aang, I am really so sorry, Corey brought me to you yesterday, I spoiled everything...and I really need to Corey, not to do that ever was not right, he knew you had such a nice day *looks at Aang sadly*


      *I smile at Poet*

      Poet, it really, really doesn't bother me at all. It didn't mess up my good day, not even a little. I'm actually glad that Corey brought you to me...if he hadn't and I had found out too late to help you, it would have been much worse for me. Knowing that I was able to help you, that makes me happy.

      *I sit down beside Joey and Poet, and I hug Poet*


        But you were so happy and then you had to worry about me again...if you hadn't known, it would have been much better and if you had found me too late then it would have even better because you would never have to worry about me at all

        *suddenly only Aang can feel a wave of pain in Joey's heart*just help me if she really is not able to...she needs to be forced to be happy...even if it means to make her very sad first, I cannot bear her being like that anymore..I am sorry Aang *he reaches down for Poet's boot, pulls her knife out and stabbs himself in the heart, faster then his sister could react to stop him* what...what t.....ime...when you...say...such things...Poet *he pulls the blade out and fall forward to the floor, boold running fast away, each time his heart beats*

        *stares at him, eyes wide open, unable to move whille nSteve jumps to him, and puts his hands on the wound, so Joey won't lose more blood* he pushed that thing right through Aang, it's to deep to heal fast enough, you must help me stop the bleeding, Poet now!

        *still stares at her brother not realizing anything anymore*
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          If I had found you too late, it would have destroyed me, knowing I was out having a good time with my sisters when you needed me. It would undo all you've done to try to keep me safe. How would that be better?

          *I feel Joey's pain and I look at Poet, my eyes glittering with Joey's pain and my own, I take her hands in mine and look directly in her eyes*

          I don't know if my skills can save him, Poet. But this time, you can. You can save him. Do it now.

          *but I can't help myself, I move to Joey's side, pressing a cloth over the hole to try to keep him from bleeding out, I have to keep him alive, I know that if I let him go, it will destroy Poet and I can't stand the idea of that*


            S- Is there anythin' I can do?
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              nSteve: Poet, wake up he needs you NOW *he gets up walks to her and shakes her* wake up

              *doesn't realize what nSteve does, neither that he's talking to her, just stares empty eyes wide open*

              nSteve: Aang, she's out...I just could close it as much as it stops bleeding with the gift of life but to do so I have to feed on her, to have enough power...what should we do?


                *I look up at nSteve, not taking my hands from Joey's chest, and then look to A-Carson*

                aCarson, would you come take my place here?

                *I move aside and he presses his hands over the cloth to try to stop the bleeding. I wipe my blackened bloody hands on my white lab coat and then I look at nSteve again*

                If he dies, she will never forgive herself. It will destroy her and she will feel as if she's failed him again. I think you'll have to do it, you'll have to stop the bleeding. Even if it means feeding on Poet.

                *I turn to Poet and grab her by the shoulders*

                You have one more chance, Poet. One more chance to save your brother's life. Either you can snap out of it and do it yourself, or nSteve can feed on you and use your energy to do it. Either way, your brother needs you.

                *I turn back to Joey, checking his pulse, which is growing weak under my fingers*

                We don't have time to waste now, we need to stop the bleeding.


                  *stares, not thinking, not even realizeing or feeling anyything anymore*

                  nSteve: she doesn't make it, Aang *turns to Poet* I am sorry dear *he puts his hand on her chest, diging his fingernails into her skin and drains her until he is sure to be strong enough, then gets down to Joey again and puts his hand on his chest, giving him what he just took from Poet. Joeys wound stops bleeding, however is seen as a slight wound still* that should be it

                  *lies motionless on the bed still staring, feeling cold as ice though now there is a spot of warmth in her heart again, someone is back..someone without out whom she would have been freezing..but she did not make him come back....however he is back and that is all that matters...her eyes start to see again but she is too weak to move* Joey....
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                    *I kneel beside Joey, wiping the leftover blood from his wound and doing my best to properly bandage it to keep anything further from happening and then I lift him in my arms and set him on the bed beside Poet, laying his hand over hers. I know he has lost a lot of blood, so I set up just as I once did for Poet, a way to get some blood back into him from what aCarson keeps stored for use in these sorts of situations, but I leave him beside Poet, their hands touching*

                    *I still remember how strong the wave of pain was that I felt from Joey before he'd stabbed himself, and while I know even that wasn't the full strength of his pain, it shakes me still and I sit down on the edge of the bed, shaking.The adrenaline is wearing off and I am shaken up, my lab coat and my hands are stained black with Joey's blood and my hair sticks to my face, I hadn't noticed I was sweating. I realize a moment later that I am smiling, probably with the relief that we had saved Joey and with him, Poet...but I stay silent, not trusting my voice*


                      *her mind is screaming at her* need to help brother...*eventhough she feels much too weak, a warm red light starts to surround her getting brighter fast* I won't fail you this time, Joey...not again *she concentrates, thinking* he is there, you there, friends are there, they love you, you love them even more....what elese do you need to be...happy?.....NOTHING! *the warm spot inside her grows bigger untill the warmth is spreading in her whole body, making the light around her burst into bright flames*I am here for you my brother and I am happy that you are with me...all of you *the whole room is filled with warmth and peace as she starts smiling, feeilng that her power gives her brother his strength back, but she knows not only him gets better, she knows everyone around she loves and cares for feels stronger and forgets their pain*


                        *I look up at Poet, I can actually feel...can it be? I am actually feeling happiness from her? I smile and my eyes shine with happiness, aCarson lifts me right off the bed in a hug and spins me around once before setting me on my feet and pulling the blood-stained lab coat off me*

                        *I turn back to Poet and Joey, my eyes sparkling with happiness and smiling, I haven't realized yet that my sisters are standing behind me now, Beck had felt me and known something was up, but I can feel them and it makes my smile even bigger*


                          *suddenly she starts to feel dizzy, the light around her starts fading as Joey pulls her down to him*I like you much better this way dear sister *he smiles, knowing his plan had succeeded*

                          Joey, I...I really thought I lost you again* she feels so tired, she can't stay awake any longer falling asleep on her brother, without any fear or worry, just happiness in her*


                            Joey, is she that really happiness I am sensing in Poet?

                            *I'm still in slight disbelief, though now I realize my sisters are standing behind me*

                            I like this...I like not feeling even the slightest worry from her...I've never seen her this peaceful before.

                            *by now my sisters are both beside me, Dell to my left and Beck to my right, and aCarson is standing behind me*


                              Joey: yes, she is...though I hate to have hurt her so much, I am glad it had the result I hoped for

                              nSteve: I have to say, this feeling confuses feels so...nice

                              Joey: oh I hope you have to get used to that *he smiles* thanks for helping me out...*looks at Aang* thank you as well, Aang and of course aCarson, too...I am sorry I had to do this..
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                                If only for what it has done for your sister, it's alright. You did have me scared a bit, but it's worth it if only to feel Poet so happy. *I smile at Joey and then reach to hug him*

                                A- Aye, it's quite a wonderful feelin' to see Poet so 'appy. *he smiles and his blue eyes sparkle*