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    - Does that thing get Tetris?
    - This an advanced piece of technology. It's not to be used as a toy.
    - You could have just said no, Carson.
    - Alright, no. And don't you have a gameboy?
    - It um... kinda broke.
    Save a Man-of-War, ride a Commodore.


      *Joey appears with nSteve* I so told you to watch out

      nSteve: you did, but this is only a smal thorn and if it's out again...what much harm should it do to me?

      Joey: umm *smiles at him sadly* well I am sure my sister thought the same *lifts Poet off her feet*no you be a nice girl my dear....

      *tries to get down again blineded by the dizziness* but I am OK, let me down Joey

      *nSteve shakes his head* I don't think so Poet *he grabbs Corey's arm to not fall over looking as bad as Poet

      Joey: you neither Steve..That stuff must have a much stronger effect poisoning you faster even, than Poet *looks at her sister* don't force me to make you sleep again dear, you know I can *he strokes her hair gently, holding her close to him*

      But I really AM ok...really...I just need to...*she hears a high tone in her ears, her own blood flowing in her and then her mind fades away*

      *Joey looks down at her, smiling shaking his head* ah yes, you feel so well, that you could pass out dear *he kisses her forehead gently*
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        *I look up at Joey and then at Poet* You're right, Joey. She is clearly not OK. She couldnt see properly, was hardly able to stand even using her mind to help, she's sweating and so hot to my touch. *turns to nSteve* And you too, you look as awful as Poet does...

        *I look back to A-Carson, who shakes his head at me, making it clear to me that I've got to handle this one, he's not about to step in and help me unless I really do need him*

        Shall we take Poet and nSteve to where I can care for them? If I can bring their temperatures will at very least help them feel better. aCarson can try lookin in the medical databases the Ancients left for some clue as to the effect from the roots...
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          (made some edit to make it work easier^^)


            Joey:*looks at nSteve* at least we collected the his leg....

            nSteve: that is not really a fun thing...someone please get it out


              (I edited mine then, sorry it took so long, doing my washing and the Internet in the laundry room is bad)


                *aCarson now comes over to nSteve and with a medical tweezer, extracts the thorn from nSteve's leg, then disappears to his lab to try to work out what this root even is supposed to do*


                  Joey: yes I gueess so, but whre is that?

                  *Corey lifts up nSteve* you don't intent to say it's nothing anymore do you?

                  *nSteve shakes his head slowly* no, not at all, it's one of the nastiest states I've been ever in...but neither I have ever seen these plants before *he holds on to Corey, rather happy he is carried, forgetting his pride over how bad he feels, looks after aCarson* thank you so much, Carson


                    *I think a moment* I can care for them either at my quarters as I have before or at the infirmary...I can give them something to bring their temperatures down and that along with rest and a bit of antibiotic medicine will probably help the other symptoms to fade as well. *I walk with them*


                      Joey: it's worth a try...though I actually have some doubts, these meds will work before we have the antidote to that poison, can't be such a weak one, when it's making wraith and my sister so ill

                      Corey: and what can I do?

                      (I have to go now, sorry, good night )


                        (Sorry slow internet, good night. I'll take care of Poet & nSteve the best that I can)

                        *I look at Joey* You may be right, but you would be surprised some of the things I have managed to cure Poet and her boys from with just what medicine we have here on the city and a little bit of extra care. *I smile to him*

                        *I decide my quarters is the best place for me to care for them, so I walk them up and watch as Joey lays Poet on the bed in the guest room and Corey sets nSteve on the couch in there as well, then I step up with my med kit in hand and begin doing what I need to. Before long, nSteve and Poet both have IV lines running into their arms, a plain saline solution with a strong dose of antibiotic and some fever reducer meds mixed in*

                        And now we'll just have to hope aCarson can come up with the cure we need if this doesn't least this will make them feel a bit better, keep them alive and comfortable until we can cure them...

                        *I am by now sitting between the bed & the couch, using a soft cloth I always seem to have around, and wiping some of the sweat from Poet's face, I've asked Corey to help me look after nSteve, and Joey won't leave his sister's side...which I figure is for the best, so I let him stay beside her*

                        *by now both of my sisters have woken again and are with me, I've told them that we will do our spa time just as soon as I can safely leave Poet and nSteve, once aCarson comes out of the lab with an answer about the root*


                          *I sit down beside Aang as she tends to Poet, and I'm holding Poets hand*

                          -Hey love, what have you been doing to yourself now? And they say I'm always finding give me a run for my money! We should make a bet you and I, which one of us can stay out of trouble the longest! Give poor Aang a rest, what do you say?
                          *she is asleep so I don't expect an answer, and don't get one. I look up at her brother across from me*
                          -Hi, we haven't met yet, I'm Dell, the oldest of the 3 sisters, and a friend of Poets. *I hold my hand out to shake his, he looks at me as if deciding if it is worth his time to say hello, then at last takes my hand in his*

                          Joey I am Joey, Poets twin.
                          -It is nice to meet you Joey, I didn't know she had a twin...mind you I didn't know I had two sisters a year ago!


                            (got my package!! I can read your handwriting just fine, Sis. And I love the notebook, going to use it for some plot bunnies soon Um I'll be back in like 45 minutes work to do)


                              I'm glad you like it!


                                Well now you do know you have us. And you know Poet has a twin. *I smile as I tend to Poet, wondering slightly how anyone could manage to end up in more trouble than Dell*