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    (Catch you later, Dell! I'll be here and maybe even get my package from my Mum by the time "later" comes...enjoy your day!)

    Hmm, facials and doing each other's nails...that could be a lot of fun. We'll do it! I've got a collection of nail polishes and stuff to be proud of... *I put Beck's shell right in the center of the castle, where it can be seen*


      That is a good idea Corey *smies*

      Corey: say, Is making sand castles fun?

      I don't know I never did

      Corey: hmm I see...I haven't done many funny things at all, I guess

      Me neither, I don't even really know what fun is....but when you have only one person to ever care for you and then lose them, you don't have a unny life at all. And before that, Joey and I hat to somehow manage to live, with no one to care for us and a one, not much fun either

      Corey: I know how that goes, was the same for me and Dante, we actiually never knew our parents and found no family that would adopt us...more or less living in the street by the age of ten

      *looks at him sadly* oh, dear...come, let's go somewhere and fight these thoughts off

      *they both vanish*


        *it's a bit later now and my sisters are both dozing in the back of the Jumper, thoroughly exhausted from our day out, so I fly us back to the city and we walk back to our quarters, I see each of them off into their respective bedrooms, saying that we will do facials and nail polish later on, after they get some rest. Me? I am too wired to rest, my body won't let me. I suddenly remember what I have to do and take off running toward Elizabeth's office*

        Aang, you're back!

        Yes and I have a question, Elizabeth... *I look her in the face*

        And that would be?

        You know of my friends. Poet and her boys?

        Yes, the Wraith and Vampires you care so much about. What do you want?

        I want you to give them jobs here in the city. They can be helpful to us, I know they can. I just want them to have something to do around the city.

        I see. Well I can't tell Jack about this, we both know he would disapprove of me having Wraith and Vampires at work here, but this is my city, so I don't see why they couldn't work here. Did any of them have jobs in mind?

        Well, I know Corey wants to work in the infirmary with the Carsons and I, he likes to help heal people. I'd have to ask the others if there's anything they'd want to be doing. Umm, although, nMichael might do well with the scientists in the genetics lab, he's pretty good with that sort of thing.

        Well Aang, it'll be your responsibility to see that they all find something to do and to keep them out of trouble.

        Oh they won't be much trouble at all, they're all quite friendly and they'd never hurt anyone. They just want to help, that's all.

        Alright then. You have my permission to find them all jobs here on the city, just let me know what you find for them to do. *she smiles at me*


          *stumbles backwards, gasping for air, feeling a little hotter than before* hmm, ok I need a break

          *Corey looks at her a bit confused* eveything alright? you look a bit sweaty...

          Yes it's nothing, just the fighting, makes me a little exhausted *her sight blurrs a bit but than clears again* let's go on

          Corey: really? something seems not so right....

          Yes! *tries to thought attack him but fails to concentrate, her sight blurring a little again*

          *Corey runs forward, his clasw scratch her face, before Poet even realizes he is close enoght to reach her* Poet ,don't lie to me you would have dodged that easily, usually....What's wrong?

          Nothing really I was distracted by my own thoughts.... *she starts to feel dizzy again*

          Corey: you could have avoided that strike even sleeping , if as you say, everythng would be arre sweating and you can't react as fast as what's wrong?

          *looks at him* it's realy nothing, believe me *feels cold sweat run down her face* I am not injured or anything at all, not a scratch on me...

          Corey: but you look ill and even if there isn't a scratch on you, there either has been one before whcih has healed or something else is wrong....I'll take you to Aang and the Carsons, I may be able to help them with you

          No...I don't want to ruin her happy day...

          Corey: me neither but I am not as good yet to tell what is wrong with you actually and give you the right treatment *he takes her hand and vanishes with her to reappear next to Aang who is still with Elizabeth*


            *I turn around and see Corey standing there with Poet, who looks ill. I know she won't want to tell me what's wrong, I know she sensed my happiness and won't want to ruin it, so I look to Corey*

            Corey? Poet? What's happened? *I reach to touch Poet's face with one hand and she feels hot to my touch, as if she has a fever*


              Corey: she says she doesn't know..

              Because I don't, I did nothing today which could do that. just went for a little walk outide in the woods on a planet near here...the sun was shining the birds sang and we had to get through some thorny roots and climb some rocks... that's all *looks at Aang smiling weakly, blocking her so she can't sense that she actually feels like fainting soon* it's nothing really, don't worry...I even did not want to come here


                *I then block my worry from Poet so that she can't sense it*

                Poet, you feel so hot to my touch...and I can clearly see you aren't well. I know you could sense that I was having a fun time with my sisters, but if you need me, I don't want you to think you shouldn't come to me because I am having a good time.

                *I look at Corey and then send a quick thought to A-Carson who comes into the office a moment later, takes one look at Poet and then looks at me*

                A- Wha's wrong wi' Poet? She looks t' be feelin' quite poorly...*he looks from Poet to me and then to Corey*

                Poet says she doesn't know, that there should be no reason she feels like this...she only went for a walk with Joey on a nearby planet today, nowhere that she should have gotten this sick from...


                  Hello ladies!
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                    *thinks to Aang* you do very well blocking your worry from me, but not yet good enough...I'll teach you to if you want however...yet, don't worry about me, I don't want to spoil your happy day - Well, these roots had thornes and one of them scratched my closed but then after a while started hurting...thought this came just from me being not used to walk that long anymore *looks at Corey* then when I tried to sit up in my bed later I felt dizzy a bit and after...well, let's say just later on I started to feel hot a bit

                    Corey: why didn't you tell me back then?

                    Because I didn't think it matters....*looks at Caarson* then when training I couldn't really concentrate and my sight got blurred once or twice and Corey says I can't react fast enough...

                    (hi Sparky )


                      Hi poet
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                        (why don't you play a little with us, whith sShep and sCarson? I feel llike you are left out always a bit Just of course if you want to play with us a little)


                          A- 't sounds t' me as if per'aps the thorns tha' scratched ye might have caused a reaction, Lass. Sort o' like a poison o' some sort. *he looks at me and I nod my agreement*

                          *I then think to Poet and give her a small smile* *You won't ruin my good day by asking me to help you when you need me. And I would like to learn from you...though we'll do that later, when you are feeling better.*

                          *and then I say out loud* It does sound a bit like some sort of poison...the fever, the blurred vision, dizziness and slow reactions...even that the scratch would hurt later on...


                            Originally posted by Sparky She-Demon View Post
                            Hello ladies!
                            Hello Sparky


                              Hi Aang!
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                                *thinks to Aang* good I'll teach you soon...dear, say is building sand castles, eating cake and doing nails something fun? *leans on Corey since she feels so dizzy its hard to hooold balance right now, who looks down at her and then at Aang and aCarson*

                                Corey: and what is to be done against this? I want to help but I don't know what to do since if vampire blood could heal it, she wouldn't be ill at all....we need to find out what the poison is I guess?...

                                Never saw that roots before but Joey and the others are out on the planet there and could maybe bring some of it if that would help *sweat runs down her chin, as she tries to get her sight clear again*
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