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    *I smile, it's been a while since I've felt something other than the cold sadness and pain from Poet, I am happy that her brother is with her*

    Yes, she still is like that...many times I've tried to help her, I've tried to heal her...and she won't allow me to use my own energy to heal her. She resists my help, saying she doesn't deserve it...but I believe she deserves my help, what little help I can provide...she has always been there, ready to do whatever it took to save my life or that of either of my sisters, even if it would be at the expense of her own life...*I smile at Joey* And my way of thanking her for that was to do all I could to keep her safe until I could bring her to you...

    (edit- Good night I will, they're always a pleasure to have around )
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      *I look over at Beck, remembering our plan to slip back off to Earth to see Dell again and decide I should show Joey where he can stay with Poet for the moment before we leave again...this time, I think, we could take the Carsons along*

      Joey, do come with me...I'll show you to the guest room, where you and Poet can rest until she is strong enough. *I smile*

      Joey: That would be good. My sister does need rest. *he stands, holding Poet carefully in his arms*

      *I lead him down the hall toward the guest room, sending a quick thought to Carson, who moves the second bed out before we get there and moves Gabriel to the couch, leaving the main bed free for Joey to stay with Poet*

      *inside the room, Joey sits down on the bed, Poet still in his arms, he said he wouldn't leave her and he meant every word of it*

      *I smile at him, send him a silent thought that says to let us know if they need anything, and then Beck and I and both Carsons quietly exit the room and go to the living room, where we all flop gratefully on the couch for a moment, awaiting a thought-yell from Dell, letting us know it's safe to come back*


        (Love the sig lil sis you gotta keep it on. I cant stay, but i'll catch up tonight. Hello big sis, i feel you there. I'll see you too tonight if your still here )
        I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
        traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



          (Okay Beck, I'll keep it on a while, I do love this set *squeal* O-M-G I didn't notice Dell there! HIYA BIG SIS! YAY)


            *I'm in my hospital room alone, Shep has gone home for a while, there are things he needs to do before his brother gets married tomorrow....I will still be in hospital, they want to keep an eye on me to make sure there are no more blood clots. I'm bored, so I push back my blankets and swing my legs out of bed, I'm going to see is I can walk. I lower my feet to the floor and stand far so good. I go to take a step lifting my bad leg and putting it forward, but when I put weight on it, folds under neath me and I fall to the floor, ripping the IV out of my arm...only remembering about it as I feel the needle rip through the flesh on the way out.*

            -Crap that's going to leave a mark! *I put my hand over the wound in an attempt to stop the bleeding....I've damaged the vain. I'm lying on the floor holding my bleeding arm trying to think of how I can get back into bed and get the needle back in before anyone notices when a nurse comes in....she is not a happy camper and all hell breaks loose for a few minutes as she gets help in and growls at me for getting out of bed....I close my eyes and try to think of my special balcony on Atlantis. I miss it, my home. I don't realize there are tears until I hear the nurse scolding me for crying..."I'm an adult" she says, "I shouldn't cry over over a little pain". I think to myself, she doesn't know what pain is. I didn't feel any as I fell, or as the needle ripped out...that was only discomfort.*


              *I feel my sister, the discomfort, the tears...not quite the yell I was expecting, but it is enough for me, I stand up without thinking, pulling Beck with me...this isn't the night for the Carsons to come. As I'm pulling Beck out the door, she looks at me in confusion*

              It's Dell. She's hurting again, she's upset, she's...she needs her sisters.

              Beck: Well then what are we waiting for?! *she moves as fast as I do, we burst into the control room at the same time*

              Liz, I'll explain later, but we're going to see Dell again. Chuck, dial Earth.

              *we run down the steps and through the 'Gate without giving Jack more than two seconds' warning and about 30 minutes later, are walking through the door of the hospital*

              We're here to see Dellruby again. *I sputter the sentence out as we run past the receptionist who nods in confusion, and we skid to the elevator, moments later are stepping out on Floor 3, and walk up to our sister's room. By this point, Beck can feel Dell as well, and this time we don't hesitate at the door, but both come skidding in and end up sitting on either side of Dell's bed, hugging her*

              Oh Sis. I felt you all the way from Pegasus...


                -Aang! Beck! *I throw myself into hugging them.* I want to go home! Just take me home please! I can't stand being away from it any can look after me better than these clowns! It's not like I'm going to get to go to the damn wedding anyway...they don't like me, the nurses I mean, they will be happy to see the back of me!


                  *I find myself holding on to my sister tightly, I don't like how miserable this hospital is making her. Beck clings to her from the other side, also feeling that we can't leave our big sister in this place one more day*

                  Sis, I'll do my best to get them to let me take you home with us...I will. I don't like you being away from us any more than you like being away. These nurses...I don't like them either, they don't know you the way we do, they don't know how to take proper care of you...I hate leaving you in this hospital.

                  Beck: And we need you, big Sis. We need you back home in the's so hard being away from you all this time.

                  *we just hug our sister, I am trying to plan how to get Dell back to Atlantis, I could probably act all official, I am still wearing my lab coat and I could have Jack send me a copy of Dell's charts from the SGC backup files, I could go to the Nurses' station outside the door and I could tell them I am Dell's primary physician back home and I've come to take her could work. I could do it. ...But how would we explain this to Shep, I wonder?*


                    -Please just take me, I can walk if you let me lean on you, and I know how to get rid of my IV line, did it before, mind you I would do it slightly differently this time round.


                      What about Shep? Wait, I have an idea. It'll probably get us in trouble..Beck, stay with Dell, I'll be right back.

                      *I skid out of the room and put in a call to Jack*

                      Aang? What can I do for you?

                      You can help me out, Jack, you can call the hospital, tell them that Aang Beckett is Dell's primary doctor, and they are to release her into my custody.

                      Why would I do that, Aang?

                      Because, Jack, she's miserable here. And I can't stand seeing my sister like this. Do it for her if not for me.

                      Alright, get her ready to go, I'll call up the hospital and make the arrangements. I'll have a car out front for you, it'll take you by where Shep is so you can tell him you're bringing Dell home.

                      Perfect. Thank you Jack. I owe you one.

                      *I hang up the phone with a click and run back into Dell's room, hugging her once again*

                      I've called Jack, he's going to have them release you to me. We're going to run by where Shep is and I'm going to tell him you're coming home with us, then we will go back to Atlantis. I'll take care of you, Sis. But I can't leave you here.


                        *I close my eyes and sigh with relief*
                        -Shep will let me go won't he? promise me you will take me home even if he says no! I want to sleep in my own hospital bed, if not my bed in my quarters! you know what I mean!
                        *I'm tiring not to but I can't help the tears from running down my cheeks*


                          Well you'll already be checked out of the hospital by then so either he lets you come home with us to the city or we take you home anyway, regardless of what he says. And Sis? It's alright to cry sometimes. *I sit down on the edge of the bed and hold my big Sis close*

                          *at that moment, the grumpy nurse from earlier comes in, looking more pissed off than ever, and sees me holding my sister, Beck sitting on the other side of the bed, and the tears running down Dell's cheeks....I can see her face turning redder as she looks at us, but she says nothing about the scene, just holds out a chart to me*

                          Nurse: I'm told you're Dr. Aang Beckett, her primary physician. Can't say as I've ever heard of you, but I'm under orders to let you take her back to her home city. I assume you can figure out how to do that on your own.

                          *she turns on her heel and stalks out, and I set the chart down on the bed and begin disconnecting Dell from the IV tube properly, noticing the wound on her arm from where she'd ripped the IV out*

                          I'll have to see to that properly when we get home, Sis...but for now, let's get you out of here. Beck, would you grab that chart and Dell's things?

                          *Beck nods and jumps up, grabbing the chart and Dell's little overnight bag and I gently help my sister out of bed, letting her lean her weight on me. She's wearing scrubs so I figure we'll just go as she is and worry about getting her proper pajamas when we get back to Atlantis*

                          Let's go home, big Sis.


                            *I lean on Aang and hop out of the room, I'm so grateful to my sisters for coming and taking me away from this horrible place! The nurse just stands with her arms folded watching us, but an orderly comes up to us with a wheel chair.*

                            Orderly let me help you lovely ladies. I sure will miss this one on the ward, she knows how to have a good laugh. *he helps to get me in the chair, then stands back to let Aang push me down to the lift and out to the waiting car, where we get in and are driven off.*


                              *Dell is sitting between Beck and I in the car and we reach where Shep is...I don't want him to see Dell until I talk to him, so I give her a smile, step out of the car and walk inside...Shep and Dave stare for a moment, wondering how I came to be standing in front of them when I should be, for all Dave knows, miles away*

                              John, I need to talk to you. Sorry Dave, I need to talk to John alone. *it's weird to call Shep by his first name, I notice, as I pull Shep into another room*

                              What's this about, Aang? *he looks at me, a worried look spread across his face* Is it Dell?!

                     is. I felt her earlier, so sad and hurting, Shep. When Beck and I arrived at the hospital, she was so unhappy...I called in a favor with Jack and he got her released from the hospital, she's to come back to the city with Beck and I, so I can give her the proper care she deserves...she needs to be home, Shep. She's out in the car with Beck if you want to talk to her yourself, but she -is- coming back to the city...I couldn't stand the idea of her being in that hospital one more day.


                                *he looks at her for a moment then nods*
                                I could see she was unhappy, she has been for a while, but I hoped being with me would be enough for her.....She hasn't been getting on with Mary Alice either, and that hasn't helped. Since she would have missed the wedding anyway, you might as well take her home, but I will have to stay for at least another week...there are legal things I have to see too. I would like to say good bye first though.
                                *they go out to the car, and Shep climbs in the back to talk, and Beck gets out to give them some privacy, the doors are closed so they see and hear nothing....after a few minutes Shep gets back out of the car and nods his thanks to Aang, then stands back to allow them to get in the car.He stands and watches as it drives away.*