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    *some time later, we've finished helping Abby pack and we walk across to Beck & Carson's room, where Carson is doing some paperwork at the desk and Abby runs up to him*

    Abby: 'bye Daddy! Mummy an' Aunty Aang are taking me to school!

    Goodbye, little Love. *he lifts her to his knee and hugs her tightly* I'll see ye real soon, darlin'.

    *she hugs him once more and we go to the lab where I walk her in and she says goodbye to A-Carson, then we head down to the control room*

    Liz, we're going through to Earth to take Abby to school and then visit Dell. We'll be back tonight, I have the GDO transmitter in my bag. *I nod to Chuck as we walk past and he begins dialing Earth*

    Alright Aang, I'll see you later then. Good luck, have fun. And stay out of trouble.

    We'll try, Liz, but I make no promises. *I smile back at her and then Beck and I each take one of Abby's hands and we step through the Gate into the SGC*

    Welcome back to Earth, Ladies. There's a car waiting to take you to Abby's school, then to visit your sister.

    Beck: Thanks Jack. Come on, Abby, let's go.*she and I lead Abby up to the surface and we all climb into the car, which takes us to Abby's school*

    *some forty minutes later, we've settled Abby in her room and are saying our goodbyes*

    Abby: Goodbye Aunty Aang! *she hugs me and then turns to Beck* Goodbye Mummy! *Beck gathers her up in one last hug, kisses her cheek and then sets her down*

    Beck: I love you, sweetie. I'll see you very soon! *she waves as we leave the room*

    Sis, she'll be fine. You and I can both feel her now, we'll know the second something isn't right and we'll call the school and check on her. *I squeeze Beck's shoulder as we climb back into our car*

    *some time later, we step through the glass doors of the hospital where we are told Dell is staying and I step up to the reception desk in the lobby*

    Hi, we're here to visit Dellruby? I believe she was brought here recently for surgery to remove a blood clot? *the receptionist nods and starts looking in the database*

    Receptionist: She's upstairs, room 335. Visiting hours are from 3pm to 9pm unless you are immediate family, then you can stay as long as you wish unless otherwise stated by the doctor in charge.

    We're her younger sisters, and back home, I'm also her primary physician. Thanks for your help. *we get in the elevator, we hadn't told Dell we were coming to see her so we laugh a bit at how we think she will react*

    *On floor 3, we step out and I find room 335, where we both poke our heads through the door and I knock gently on the wall*

    Aang & Beck: Hey Dell, can we come in?


      * I look up at the knock*
      -Hey! Hello! come in, and give me a hug! why didn't you tell me you were coming, not like it would have cost you much to call! Sheps just popped out to get us some coffee, guess he will need to get 2 more drinks!
      *as I talk I push myself up into a sitting position from my half reclined one and hold out my arms for my hug*


        Hey Sis! *I walk up and hug her from one side, being careful of the IV tube in her arm, and Beck hugs her from the other side*

        -We wanted to surprise you, we just took Abby back to school and I figured while we were on Earth, we could stop in and see our favorite big sister!

        Beck: It really was all Aang's idea, she thought I could use some time away from the city after what happened the last few days. Suppose Aang told you about all that already?


          -I got the gist of it, are you ok? I tell you, if I'd been there, there would be a new clone needed! Or not in point of fact, there would just be one less.
          *I hug them but don't let go....I've missed them to much*


            *we are still hugging Dell, neither of us really wants to let go of her either, we've missed our big Sis far too much*

            Beck: I'm alright, thanks to Aang. She saved me. *she looks over at me and then back to Dell with a smile* For the first time in a long time, I didn't dream last felt pretty empty until you said my name...then I got to hear your whole drugged conversation and I felt peaceful and calm the rest of the night.

            *I giggle* Yeah Sis, it would appear your drugs wore off on me and I was acting all silly, then I fell asleep on you. Sorry about that!


              -Yeah I remember something about moment you were giggling in my head, the next you were snoring!...No you can't hit me, I'm in hospital, they have strict rules about that sort of thing! I guess you want to check my leg out while you are here? The kick was in my shin, but the clot had traveled up to about my third rib...although they went in at the top of the thigh, and did key hole surgery...I'm told there is nothing much to see there...funny thing is, it feels just like I took a blow to the ribs!


                I owe you a slap later, when you're not in the hospital. Be glad you're not in the infirmary where I'm one of the doctors in charge, I might have slapped you one already for that. *I laugh a bit* I wouldn't mind having a look to make sure you're getting the proper treatment...Just because I'm a doctor and you're my sister. And yes, it'll feel like you took a blow to the ribs for a bit if the clot traveled that far.

                Beck: It was a very amusing conversation, you two sounded so silly...but it helped me sleep last night. *she smiles*


                  -Funny the drugs helped me sleep too!

                  Well hello what do we have here? Hey Aang, Beck *he comes over and after putting down the 2 cups of coffee gives them both a hug*
                  Long time no see, are the Carsons with you?


                    Who knew drugging one of us would help all three of us sleep? *I laugh and then turn to hug Shep* Sorry no, the Carsons are back on Atlantis still...Carson is keeping an eye on Poet, she's tried to kill herself again so we have her sedated, it's taken a triple dose of our Wraith-strength sedative to knock her out enough...and A-Carson is helping N-Michael, lord only knows I don't like that so much, to make a clone of someone for Poet...someone she lost a long time ago.

                    Beck: Hi Shep, long time no see. *she smiles as he hugs her*


                      I feels like we have been gone for months, and it has only been a couple of weeks!

                      -2 weeks and I end up in hospital what are the chances of that?
                      *3 sets of eyes look at me*


                        Sis, if any of us was going to end up in hospital, I do think it would be you...*dodges out of the way so she doesn't get slapped*

                        Beck: She's right, you know, Sis. *she also steps back out of reach*

                        And Sis? If it makes you feel any better about not being there to help us with nMichael, it took me a hell of a lot of self control for me not to kill him and I still can hardly look him in the face without feeling angry for what he did to Beck...I didn't kill him because his death would have served no purpose, it wasn't worth my time, saving Beck was more important at that moment. *I wrap an arm around Beck and hug her*


                          -Ok you two, you make it sound like I'm always in hospital...
                          Always in trouble one way or the other. *he dodges a slap as well*

                          -Hmmm, ok, moving on are right Aang, saving Beck was more important at the time....but now...., just like, Tomlin or what ever his name is, there will be time to go back and do what needs to be done.

                          I can't hear this!
                          -I'm not saying anything *thinking* One of these days, he might just wake up Tomlin will when I get the time. I can't let anyone get away with doing something like that to one of my sisters!


                            *thinking back to Dell* It's Tome'l. And it's pretty clear in my mind that if nMichael steps out of line one more time, I won't control myself as well as I did this time.

                            *I smile and talk to both Dell and Shep now*

                            Saving Beck did teach me one thing though, watch this... *I take Dell and Shep's hands in mine* Both of you focus and try to let go of your emotions, now keep your concentration... *I focus on Dell and Shep and before long I've projected an image of myself in their minds and seem to be standing beside them as if we were in a dream* Why hello there. But this takes a lot of energy on my part, so I can't stay for the moment.

                            *I vanish from their minds and all three of us open our eyes, back in the hospital room, I take a deep breath and steady myself quickly, hoping neither of them notices how much energy that 3.5 second projection took*

                            Basically, I learned how to use my gift to insert myself into someone's mind, into their dreams. I have to be in close proximity, holding their hand really, but I can do it. It's what I had to do to save Beck, I had to go into her mind and help her fight back the emotions that were trying to take over her mind and break her, and I had to bring her back to the land of the living. Sort of like that one Star Trek Voyager episode with Borg 7 of 9, when she was trying to fight through the souls of all the people she had assimilated and the Vulcan whose name is escaping me had to do a Mind Meld in order to save Seven's soul from being lost's like I've learned how to do a Vulcan mind meld of sorts to save Beck's soul...


                              Tovok (how ever you spell it)....well cool! But just save it for when you really need to do can't hide from your sisters how much it takes out of you to do that.

                              Beck No you can't Sis!
                              I have no idea how you did that, but even I can see it takes to much energy to do it.


                                Yes that's the one. *I smile at them* Of course, I can't hide anything from you guys...*I look at Shep* Any of you. But I must have been in Beck's mind for an hour at least, my body passed out while our minds were melded and when I finally brought us back to reality, I couldn't hardly walk two steps and damn near passed out all over again. If I'd stayed there much longer, I think Beck would have returned without me, I might have stayed passed out a while.

                                Beck: I felt the same, Sis. I nearly passed out also and Carson had to carry me back to our quarters...

                                -Yep, A-Carson had to carry me back as well. And then Corey had to give me back some energy to make sure Poet wouldn't sense my weakness and try to give me her own energy.