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    Abby: *giggles* Oh alright, Aunty Dell. *she yawns*

    A- Aye, it's time for wee lasses t' go back t' bed. Say good night t' Aunty Dell, little Love.

    Abby: G'night Aunty Dell! *she waves as A-Carson lifts her from my lap and they disappear down the hall to her bedroom*

    Actually Sis, sounds like you want to come back here. And we could use you here for sure. Goodness, Mary Alice seems to be getting ahead of you quite a bit. Honestly if the time ever came when you and Shep...did decide to move on any further than where you're at...I think Beck and I would help you find the right dress and I would work my fashion magic and you'd look lovely. But we won't go there at the moment, there's only one wedding dress among us sisters that needs to be bought and that would be mine. *I grin*

    Um as for Keller, now that Abby's gone to bed. Seriously, I'm ready to shoot her. I've even switched my side arm for a Zat so that if I do shoot her, I won't kill her. *facepalm* I was helping do the post-mission checkups for Lorne's team, they'd just been off world and their checkups are on my responsibility list. The whole time, Keller was over my shoulder trying to tell me what else needed to be done and how I was doing everything wrong or backwards. I did finally have to pull rank and dismiss her from the infirmary until the following shift so that I could finish...the guys on Lorne's team were none too happy with me, they rather think she's pretty...had to remind them she has a thing for Rodney.


      She really does need to be bought down a peg or two...tell you what, when I come back I will offer to spar with her and beat the living daylights out of her!
      And as for Mary Alice, I'm not sure how I can be more upfront about not getting married than I have! Maybe I should spar with her too! I'm going to have to talk to Dave about it I think, get him to tell her to pull her head in a bit!
      Hey I just got a message it is time to say good bye. It has been really good seeing you all, well some of you, and I can't wait till I get back home!


        And I will patch her up after you beat her up...I'll be a bit too rough and pull the bandages and such a bit too tight and we'll see who's laughing then. *I laugh a bit at the very idea*

        As for Mary Alice, perhaps getting Dave to talk to her will help sort her out some...Good luck with her, try not to beat her up too badly, Sis. *I smile* Shep wouldn't be amused, I think.

        Been really good to see you too, big Sis. I miss you like you'd never believe, I think of you every day and constantly wish you were here. Love you, talk to you another time! *I smile and wave* Imagine me hugging you, Sis. Bye!


          Ok, I'll go gentle on her...I miss you too..Hugging you now! Oh hey I was thinking.......
          *connection goes dead but Aang feels a strong wave of annoyance come through to her*


            *I let the strong wave of annoyance wash over me and slam my laptop shut, not sure if it's Dell's annoyance at the fact that our calls keep getting cut off at the worst moments or mine that makes me do so*

            A- Quiet, Love. Don't want t' wake Corey or Abby. *he comes out of Abby's room smiling*

            Sorry. Just these damn calls keep being cut off at the worst moments! *I exclaim quietly, glaring down at my laptop*


              *Dante walks in slowly holding Poet close to him who looks as she hadn't slept all night but been crying instead* It there will be a way Poet, there will be I am sure...until we find one however we cannot take our eyes off him, I fear *he looks at Poet sadly*

              *looks at Dante* but it's getting worse, the time between him being happy and then depressive are not so long as they have been...Dante, I just can't take that anymore...

              Dante: *smiles at Poet* I know dear I know, neither can I - just wish I had been a better brother to him back then and protected him, but as foolish as I was, I belived in what they said about him...*he looks down and cries a little* We'll have to wait for Carson and Aang to return and then think of something we could do....*he lets himself slide down the wall and Poet sits down next to him on the floor*
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                *It's late at night & Carson & I enter quietly, expecting everyone to be asleep. We see A-Carson attending to Corey who is asleep on the couch to the left.*
                - *I whisper* Well today was just magical my dear. Thankyou, but you know my birthday is tomorrow? *winks*
                *whispers back* Of course I do love. Today was jus' 'n ordinary day where I show ye jus' 'ow much I love ye *smiles at me lovingly*
                -Oh you are just the romantic aren't you? *smile*
                Jus' a little *winks*

                *I walk over to A-Carson & he looks up*
                A- 'ello love, have a good day?
                -Yes, was just amazing. *I look at Corey* How is he?
                A- Ah, 'e is jus' a wee bit tired as 'e is quite weak at tha mo'. 'is 'art stopped a' some poin' bu' Aang & I managed t' ge' 'im breathin' again. I suppose it was a reaction t' Poet's pain of transformin' tha other nigh'. She near froze t' death & tha room wen' quite chilly. Tha same must a 'appened t' Corey 'ere, but is worse for 'im.
                -Corey & Poet have a connection? Like Aang has with me & Dell?
                *my Carson joins the conversation*
                Aye I think so love. When Poet froze tha room from being too cold, Corey felt it too & began to freeze. Poet managed to warm her self again & begin recoverin', bu' Corey has taken a lot longer t' recover. I believe it has somethin' t' do with 'is mental state.
                A- I *nods to Carson* we, think that 'e migh' be able t' recover quicker if 'is mind was as normal as it should be. We think tha' when those humans tortured 'im long ago, it left a rather long term effect on 'is mind.

                *I notice Poet & Dante. Poet looks up teary eyed, from her spot on the floor by the wall, she had been listening & Dante is holding her to him*
                Poet: Is there anything we can do for my love? How can we fix his mind? Can a tortured mind be fixed?
                A- We're workin' on tha' lass, we will find a way t' 'elp 'im.
                Aye, we will do our best

                *I go over to Poet & kneel down beside her, putting an arm around her*
                -The Carson's & Aang will do the best they can. Your our friend & so is Corey & the rest of your boys & we will all do our bit to help Corey as much as we can. But for now it seems we have to treat him very delicately like a child. Like Abby, you have to care for him as if he were a child in need of love & care. *I smile at Poet, hoping to reassure her everything will be ok... I hope*

                *I then look up at Carson*
                -Should we give them the guest room? They could spend the night here. that way we can keep an eye on Corey & Poet can be with him
                Aye, tha' sounds like a good idea love
                *A-Carson nods in agreement & lifts Corey carefully off the couch & carries him to the spare room as Carson hurries ahead & opens the door for A-Carson*
                -Come on Poet love, you can stay here with Corey tonight
                Poet: Are you sure? I don't want to be a hindrance
                -You are no hindrance dear, you are welcome here anytime, the guest room is for guests & you are our guest *smiles* Now come on, lets get you to bed *I stand & Dante pulls Poet to her feet & I lead the way with Dante guiding Poet to the room*

                *A-Carson has laid Corey down on the bed & he wakes a little*
                Corey: Carson? *sounds tired*
                A- A-Carson *smiles* we both are 'ere & so is Poet *looks up as I enter with Poet & Dante entering behind me* Ye stayin' 'ere with us tonigh'
                Corey: Oh my queen is here, I'm happy. *he smiles* But I'm tired too
                Poet: Get some rest then dear, go back to sleep *walks up & runs her fingers through his red hair & he purrs until he falls asleep again, then Poet lays on the bed beside her boy & Dante sits on the chair beside the bed & watches over them*
                Poet: Dante?
                Dante: Yes my queen?
                Poet: please let the others know we are staying here tonight
                Dante: Yes my queen *he vanishes & then only moments later he returns* Ok, I have told them
                Poet: Thank you dear
                -Well we will leave you to it then *I smile at them* Good night
                Night Poet lass & Dante
                A- Aye, good night

                *we leave & allow the door to shut behind us*
                I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                  *looks to Dante* I wish they where right about what they think, but you and I we know the truth

                  *Dante nods sadly* I know, but, we need to tell them, I feel so guilty for it

                  It's not your fault, you did what you thought was right back then...and it's not your fault either that he took that poison to make his lood clot actually, he knows how to kill we will have to watch him


                    *Carson & I return to the lounge room after having checked on Abby & A-Carson has gone to bed where Aang is fast asleep. We tidy up a bit then decide to go to bed ourselves as it is even later in the night*


                    *Its now the next morning....*

                    *I wake sitting bolt upright, shaking & sweating & Carson wakes to & sits up*
                    Love? Another nightmare?
                    -Yes. ever since being blended with Lord Skyra. When I sleep it's like I'm her & I'm doing what she did when she was alive & inside her previous host. I killed people... innocent people...
                    Ye didn't do anythin' love, ye not 'er. It's jus 'er memories
                    -It feels so real. It feels like she is still here, still alive & hiding in me... she imprinted her emotions & memories in me, just like what happened with Colonel Carter
                    I think we should ge' some breakfast, ge' ye mind off things for a bit
                    -Ok love

                    *we dress & enter the kitchen. i put the kettle on & make us some tea & Carson prepares to make pancakes*
                    I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                    traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                      (Hi Poet! Sorry, you left it open there & you were gone, so I didn't know what was supposed to be next. I needed to get me & Carson home & I didn't want to ignore you, Corey & Dante still being here. Hope it is ok. Its morning now, you can come back out)
                      I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                      traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                        *a short while later, Carson & I come out of the kitchen carrying our pancakes & tea. we had cooked extra, in case anyone else wakes & wants some. we sit at the table & begin to eat*

                        *Abby comes out sleepyish, yawns & joins us at the table*
                        Morning mah wee one *smiles*
                        -Morning little miss. Hungry?
                        *Abby nods*
                        -Ok, here you go *hands her a plate with some pancakes*
                        -Honey, Chocolate spread or sugar & lemon?
                        Abby: Honey please
                        *I spread honey on for her*
                        Abby: Thank you

                        *as we eat, I can't help think of my dream & stare into nothingness*
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                        I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                        traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                          *vanishes from Corey's side with Dante and w a ppear again in our home, where the othetr guys are still resting*

                          You know Dante I just can't see why with all my power I cannot help Corey still, I am useless and I am nothing *her hands make fists pushing her nails through her skin as anger about herself is rising insidde her, she starts to grow black light aound her*

                          Dante: *stares at Poet* it's not true, you aren't useless, it's just that a broken soul or mind can't be healed as easy as physical wounds can...don't be angry at youself and stop hurting you

                          No *looks at him her eyes sparkling angrily* I deserve it *pushes her nails deeper into her palm as the light grows darker and wider* I can't help him *she feels as if her blood was boiling, then sends out a wave of energy throwing Dante back to the wall and causses the glasses around to break into pieces*

                          *Woken up by the noise, Leon and Gabriel come running out and see Poet standing there srrounded by darkness, Dante lying on the floor passed out and pices of glass on the ground*
                          Gabriel: my queen, no!

                          *looks at him sadly* no I even hurt Dante..... I am worthless *hate for herself rises in her, the light gets even darker until it's pure darkness*

                          Leon: no you are not stop it *Poet shakes head* I beg you, stop it

                          Gabriel: Leon, do what you did in the training NOW!

                          Leon: *puts his hands forming a ball then concentrates all energy, knowing he must save his queen and throws it at Poet, who stumbles and falls back, hitting her head hard on the floor making her numb. The light fades and she lies there breathing heavily, only half conscioous*

                          Gabriel: *stares at her*oh my goodnesss, what the.....I guess we need to take her to Carson

                          Leon: yes, she bleeds and Dnte too *he picks up the vampire from the ground and Gabriel takes Poet then they both vanish to the room Corey was left in and step out to Carson Beck, Abby Aang and aCarson *
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                            *A-Carson and I come out, we take a small detour to Corey's room to check on him and then go out to join Beck, Carson and Abby. I feel Beck's fear and worry, so I squeeze her shoulder with one hand and give her a small smile, letting her know that I can feel what she is feeling*

                            I spoke with Dell last night. She said to say hello. She can't wait to come home to us.


                              *I sort of jump at the touch from Aang, not realizing my sis was there & talking to me*
                              -Oh, hi sis... Did you tell her I said hi? I miss her... how long till she is home?
                              I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                              traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                                Yep I told her you said hi. She misses us so much. 14 more days and then she'll be home. *I sigh* Sis, you look like you had a rough night. Have you been dreaming again? *I look into her face, I will know if she tries to hide it*