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    Oh, I think I saw that black cat that she drew actually, it is quite nice. *smiles*

    A- Aye, 'm glad ta hear o' such good things happenin' for ye. *still smiling*

    It's been a bit quiet round here until now, nobody has been here all day except for us *I look around the room*

    (Oh by the way Poet, Dell said to say hello & give you a hug so *hugs*)


      (thanks Aang, I chatted with her yesterday on FB)

      Leon: oh I am sorry you were allone

      *Gabriel walks in slowly* Hi Aang hi Carson Hey Leon dear


        (Oh good, glad you got to chat with her!)

        Oh it's alright, we were quite's just nice to see you here is all. *looks up when Gabriel walks in* Hello Gabriel

        A- Aye, it is nice to see ye. 'Ello Gabriel. *smiles*


          Oh crap

          I just noticed I can download a theme for my iPhone to make all the apps look like the Chevrons on the Atlantis Stargate!


            Gabriel: *smiles at Carson and Aang* it's nice to see you, too...haven't seen my queen though since a few hours and there wis something I guess i have to tell her *looks to the ground sadly*

            Leon: oh, what's wrong Gabriel, does this have to do something with that friend of yours who came to visit yesterday night?

            *Gabriel nods* yes it has... I hope Poet returns soon, maybe she knows what to do


              Well Gabriel, you know Poet usually comes around here not long after you guys show up, so I would guess she'll be here soon and then you can tell her whatever it is you need to tell her...*I stand up from the couch and hug Gabriel & then Leon*

              A- Aye, until then, make y'selves comfortable. *he's in a really good mood today even more so than usual for some reason*


                Gabriel: thank you *walks over to the couch and sits down

                Leon: but you could tell us what bothers you, while we are waiting for her to come back *sits down next to him

                Gabriel: well, it's not that easy and I would like to hear what my queen thinks, too but well, I could tell you here now of course...I just hope Poet and N-Michael return soon from whereever they went to doing whatever they planned


                  (Sorry, RL called, brother is here at the moment)

                  You can tell us if you want to, Gabriel...but if you'd rather just wait for Poet, that's alright with us. *I smile, but I do not like to see Gabriel seem so upset and I do hope Poet arrives soon so that he can tell her what's wrong*


                    (No prob Aang)

                    *N-Michael comes in carrying Poet, both of them have looked better already* Hello, there *while he speaks he spits a little blood*

                    Hi guys and Aang *looks up to N-Michael* you can really let my down I don't think it's really broken *smiles at her guys* well don't look so shocked we have been just running and fighting a bit with each other, needed some fresh air and some action

                    Gabriel: you two really look as if you had some action for sure, but why is he carrying you, my queen

                    Oh, that's nothing just a twisted ankle I think, as I said he can let me down again

                    N-Michael *puts Pet down to stand, who winces a bit and leans on him* are you sure? I thinlk I even heard it crack? Sorry I should have looked where I was putting my feet down *looks at the others* IO tripped and she tried to catch me bu we both roled down a little hill, that's why we looked a bit ragged now...

                    Leon: *walks up to his mistress and lifts her off her feet again* oh no, I don't like you hurting at all *smiles at her sadly and sits back down with Poet in hs arms*


                      Oh Poet, are you sure it's only a sprain? *I look at her ankle from where I am standing and can see it's swollen*

                      A- 'Ello Lass, 'ello N-Michael. Y' sure y're alright, both of ye?


                        N-Michael: *looks at Poet* well, she says so but I know she hurts and I don't really feel well, too...even if she is going to eat me, we both we both were passed out for I don't know how long, since we had a very rough landing.....

                        *looks at him frowning* I told you not to metion that, and I am not really hurting *bites her lip sice a new wave of pain us spreading in her but she doesn't want th eothers to know*

                        Leon: oh my poor mistress *stokes over Poet's hair* are you sure you don't hurt *looks at Poet sadly since he can feel that it hurts her much but feels like he is in no position to tell her what she has to do*

                        Gabriel: I'd say you should have a look at them Carson....*shakes head looking at Poet* you know it won't heal as fast as usual, you are still not having your full energy back...


                          Well Poet, you are only vampire and not Wraith, and these injuries were caused by the um, tumble you two, at least, I can heal for sure...*I look over at the little bag on the table for a moment before looking back up at Poet* And you can't hide your pain from me...don't even think you can. *I let it show in my eyes that I am feeling her pain, before picking up my little healing device and setting to work on Poet, healing her ankle and a couple of other minor injuries caused from the fall*

                          *As the device glows blue, I focus harder, determined that this will work this time, and by the time I finish, I sit back breathing a bit hard and with small drops of sweat running down my forehead, but I am smiling a bit*

                          A- Aye, that'll do f'r Poet. As f'r N-Michael,'e is goin' ta need ma' help I think. *he checks over Michael's injuries and does what he knows to do for him, patching up the various scratches and whatnot before checking his work and giving a quick nod of satisfaction and moving back to his seat*


                            *smiles at Aang* thank you, buut you really shouldn't do that, it costs you too much energy, dear friend

                            N-Michael: thank you Carson

                            (sorry I have to go, good night)


                              It's worth using my energy...because I am not trying to regenerate enough energy for both myself and another as you are with Kyran, I'll be fine in just a few moments. *I put the device away and stand up with a smile*

                              A- Y' quite welcome, Lad.

                              (Alright good night then )

                              (Oh and Beck I see you lurking there, Sis )


                                Morning sis & Poet & Jae'a. Do you have twitter Jae'a? Go check my tweets from last night im Dalek Skeet. David sat at my table. Then Teryl & David swaped tables, he stayed a bit & we had both David & Teryl at our table. Then later Teryl stole Jason Mamoa from the other dinner nxt door & brought him to us! Plus Teryl called me a slut! Coz i was drinking vidka & pineapple juice was so funny! She swears too & so loud! So is soooo different to Dr Fraiser hhaha going back to the con today. Tonight is aftermath with David & Callum Blue mote drinking & hanging with David!
                                I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                                traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!