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    Yeah I can of course but you won't like that....Corey dirnk to the end

    *Corey lifts up Beck's body and digs his fangs into her while Poet holds back Aang, who is trying to stop us doing what needs to be done*


      *I am fighting against Poet* What are you doing to her?! *I am no longer steeled against my emotions, I am releasing my fear and frustration by fighting against Poet's grip on me, until I finally give it up and slump against Poet in defeat*


        *I watch in horror as Corey drinks Becks Blood*

        Noooo! *I start to run towards them, but Shep grabs me and holds me back*

        He must know what hes doing, doesn't he Poet?
        *we both look to Poet*
        -Please don't make her a vampire *I beg*


          I told you, you would not like it, but fiirst sshe must die, then we will get that thing out of her and then I will bring her back *I look at Aang and am sure she can feel my heartt breaking over knowing I hurt her so much* there is no other way

          Corey: *lays Beck's lifeless body to the griound* we just have a bit of time until that thing can make her come back

          *bends down over Beck's body and then pusches her hand through the wound the symbiote left when it got into her, grabbing that ugly beast and pull it out* Really? They look like that? *the thing in her had starts movong but Poet just rips it apart with a quick movement* uhg... Wraith are withoout doubt the prettier aliens

          *gies down on knees next to Beck, closing her eyes* I need you my friend come out to me now *she starts glowing and the Dragon forms himself around her* Ready?


          *I look at Aang and the others* get off a bit please and think of Beck, think of how great it will be if she is back with you


            *Shep is holing me close as tears run down my face. I can't bear to watch, but can't look away either*

            (I have to go have a shower....back soon, Aang write me if I'm needed)


              *I stand up slowly and walk numbly over to Dell and Shep, reach out to Dell and hug her, all the while thinking that I need Beck back, that it would be a miracle if she would come back to me, I need my sister back. We need her back. I think of how she completes our family and I think as well about my wedding and how wonderful that day will be with both of my sisters beside me* I need my sister back. *the Carsons come over and A-Carson puts a hand on my arm, but does not try to pry me away from Dell*

              (Alright Dell, got you if we need you, see ya soon!)


                *the light around me starts to glow brighter and brighter as I stretch out my hands over Beck* this is not xour appointed time to die my friend, come back to us *I concetrate more, having the wishes of my friends in mind, the light gets so bright it's nearly blinding* come on Beck, we are waiting for you *puts both hands over Beck's heart, and concentrates even more, her fingers start shaking as a ray of light goes right through her dead friend's chest, she can hear the dragon iside her roar as the flames that surrowund her get hotzter they start burning her skin* just a little bit more Kyran *he light is floding the whole room, the flames go through Poet's heart, she screams and bloody tears run down her face as another ray of light goes through Beck's chest, making her heart beat again and makes her start breathing* I have her my friends, she is back with us *Kyran's fire sparks up once more burning Poet from the inside taking her breath away, then the light fades and Poet falls to the floor beside Beck, bleeding and fainted, somoking a bit*
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                  *I let go of Dell and we both go running, along with the Carsons, to our friend and our sister*

                  *Dell and Carson go for Beck while A-Carson and I go straight to Poet*

                  Dell: *falls to her knees beside Beck, whose eyes flutter open and she looks up at Dell, who pulls her into a hug* Sis! *tears still drip down her face, but now they are tears of relief*

                  Beck, ma' Love, are ye alrigh'? *he looks at Dell, who releases Beck into Carson's arms but doesn't leave their side*

                  Beck: I told you Love, my sisters came. I knew they would. *she smiles, but is still very weak, so lets Carson carry her*

                  *I look at A-Carson who gets to his knees beside Poet and begins looking at her wounds carefully, looking up to Corey for a moment, while I make my way across the room to the throne area, snatching a small round device from a table beside the chair and fitting it over my hand, I'd found a healing device to replace the shattered one I'd left on Atlantis. I make my way over to Poet, but I am not sure that this thing will be any use to help her, so I hesitate and look over at Corey*


                    Corey: *shakes head* won't help, you need to cure them with time...nothing helps against wounds caused by powers...nothing like that at least, just time and good care for cure and this will sure take her some weeks to recover from *looks at Poet sadly* but more than her wounds does her heart hurt for hacing to do this to you and Beck, as it hurts me that I had to do it


                      *I look up at Corey, then get up and go to him and take him in my arms*

                      -Thank you for bringing her back to us!
                      *Shep comes over and places a hand on Corey's shoulder*
                      Thanks man!


                        Corey: *smiles weakly* what are freaky friends llike us there for else if not things like this, but now pleas excuse me *he walks out in a hurry*


                          *I tuck the device into the pocket of my vest and join A-Carson at Poet's side, taking her hand in mine* Just know, Poet, you saved my Sister. I owe you for that. *I whisper to her*

                          *I tap my earpiece twice and the blue light surrounds us once more, ending us up in the infirmary of the Hammond, where Carson sets Beck on a hospital bed and sets to work making sure she's really alright, while I lift Poet on to a bed and start to work, bandaging the burns and the other physical injuries the best I can, doing what needs to be done for her* You being hurt is no easier on us than any of us being hurt, I don't know why you seem to think that it is. *I whisper again, then turn to Beck, who I haven't had time to greet yet*

                          Beck! Sis! Don't ever scare me like that again! *I make my way over and wrap Beck in a hug, not letting go* You scared the living SH*T out of me! And I hope you know I will never let you go on another mission without me on your team!

                          Beck: Alright, alright *she smiles at my hysterics* Thank you Sis, for coming to save us. Thank you all *she looks up at everyone* And Aang? How did you know to come after us?

                          *I smile and shake my head* I'll tell you the whole story later. For now, just relax for the moment, Sis.


                            *watch him go*
                            -Do you think he is ok?
                            I don't know, must be hard to do what he did just now, give him some time, lets go see how Beck is doing, ok?

                            -Ok. *he puts his arm around me and we walk back to the others*

                            (ok guys, it has been interesting....I got to go now, Dr's appointment in half an hour, can't be late it sit in the waiting room for half an hour at least! Hope I get to catch you all again before I leave, but don't know. Have a fun till I see you again!)


                              (Alright catch you later, big Sis I'll be here all night tonight, I don't think I have digital photography tonight, so if you get to pop on, I'll be here. )


                                *Corey appears next to Poet's bed, looking a bit as if he was sick* this is really the worst blood there is...sorry I just hat too run and get rid of it *looks at Aang* Poet's not your sister Aang, that's why she assumes it doesn't hurt you so much...and she doesn't really care about herself as much as she should so she doesn't care how much she gets one of us, neither me and my brother, her or the Wraith guys back in Atlantis are used to that someone is caring for us, not used to that it's hurting those who care when something happens to us you know *he smiles at Beck* nice to see you alive, that little child wouldn't have done too well without her mom.* as he says "child" he winces a bit as if someone had pricked him with a needle*

                                (ok Dell, don't let him hurt you)