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    (thanks I saw that Aang)
    I do hope so Carson really*

    *N-Steve comes in with Gabriel, who carries Corey*

    Corey: No guys I really don't need to get here we can go on, please *he spits a little blood as he speaks*

    N-Steve: how are we supposed go on training if your arms and legs are ll broken already? *takes his finger and pokes on Corey's leg who winces and turns a little paler* you couldn't even stand...*turns to us*, hi every one, Carson I think we got some work for you again

    Gabriel. Hello there..*looks down at Corey* Steve is right we can't go on like that but you were really good

    *looks at them* Oh guys...

    Leon:*looks at Gabriel* I would love to learn fighting too, my mistress said it would please her


      A- Aye, first thing will be pain killer so I c'n 'elp 'im wi'out hurting 'im.

      *He gets a shot of pain killers from the supplies in the lab and goes up to Corey*

      A- This migh' sting a bit, Lad. *he smiles at Corey as he gives him the shot* An' in a few moments, y'won't feel a thing.

      *I come up and smile at Corey* What have you done, my vampire friend? You fight too hard.

      A- Aye, now y'can set 'im down an' I can fix 'im up. *Corey is set down to lay on the couch, where Carson can work, I am helping as well, and we set the broken bones properly before I look up at Carson and he nods*

      *I stand up and vanish into the lab, returning with a healing device, and I begin to use it* Sam helped us to create a therapy that would give me the Naquadah in my blood, I can use Goa'uld technology now, but I am not strong enough to heal everything...this will only heal the worst of the injuries for the moment...*I focus my energy and the device glows blue and white for several moments before my concentration breaks and I stumble backwards, A-Carson steadies me so I don't fall*

      A- Y've done well, Love. 'E is mostly healed. Still, no fightin' like tha' for a while, 'e should stay off 'is feet.


        Corey: aww no, I want to *looks at me sadly*

        Gabriel: we just trained with sticks but he couldn't doge all of the attacks

        N-Steve: his style is well, but he's lacking of speed a bit *looks at Corey smilying* we'll get you there. Then you can fight like us dear

        Leon: will you train me, too?

        N-Steve: yes of course if you want, you just need to get the style, fast enough you should be already

        *looks at them* be a little more careful OK? I know you can't in real fights but when training oyu don't need to hurt each other like that *alks up to Corey* Thank you Carson and Aang, I'll do the rest *closes her eyes as her hands are surrunded by dragon claw shaped light again, concentrates and heals Corey's wounds completly* that was it dear, but you'll stay here now *sits down on the couch to rest


          *I am leaning against Carson by now, looking a bit tired* I had forgotten how much energy that takes for a non-blended human to do. The Tok'ra make it look so much easier. *I smile*

          A- But ye did well anyhow, ma' Love. I am quite proud of ye. *he lifts me into his arms and I slip one arm around his neck and smile*


            *smiles at Aang, them puts her hand at Aang's, closes her eyes again and transfers all her energy over to Aang, then opens her eyes again and smiles weakly leaning back on Leon* now I guess that should help it

            Gabriel: but now you look as pale as milk my queen

            Leon: *looks at Poet* what can I do to make you feel better?

            *smiles at him* nothing dear really, I feel well where I am now *shivers a little for she's feeling cold*

            Corey: you look pretty like that Poet

            N-Steve: *smiles at Poet* indeed you do but now you could use a little snack from Leon for sure


              You didn't have to do that, Poet. I was just tired, nothing I couldn't have fixed with a little rest. I'm told I'll get stronger if I keep practicing with the device and one day I will be able to do that without using as much of my energy...*I smile and hug Poet*

              A- Aye, she'll eventually be able t' use tha' device wi'out wearin' 'erself out. *he smiles*


                Good Aang, but as long as you are not, I will give you back what you lost..or you show me how it's done with that devioce and I can help Carson, too

                Leon: you are so good my mistress, helping others is so nice *pulls Poet close to him*

                Corey: yes it is, that's why I want to help Carson, too

                Gabriel: we all want that

                N-Steve: of course. helping others is a nice thing to do even if some poeple still would call us wraith monsters and dangerous, never letting us get near them not even for help


                  Well N-Steve, you know we are not like other people. We know you aren't dangerous to us. *I hug him* You are all our friends.

                  A- Any time any o' ye can help, it's fine wi' me. *he smiles*

                  And Poet, I will keep practicing with this *I hold up the device* and I will eventually not be so tired from using it.


                    N-Steve: *smiles at Aang* thank you and I know well, but there is still people like Sheppard or Mckay who don't trust us...they would rather die than let is hlp I guess

                    *looks at him sadly* hmm haven't been at Rodney's for a while, didn't want him to get mad at us but you know Steve, Dell's Shep owes you his health *hugs him* I know you will Aang, but if it puts you in danger I will help you

                    Gabriel: that's cool Carson, we help when we can

                    Leon: yes we do *runs fingers through Poet's hair* it makes my mistress happy

                    Corey: hehe, you make her happy, too Leon


                      Dell's Shep...he had bad experiences with other Wraith. It would take time for him to get used to you, but he won't hurt any of you and he is learning to trust you. an ass to everyone, not just to you guys.

                      A- By all rights, I shouldna' be as easy trustin' ye all as I am...but y've never given me a reason not t' trust ye. *smiles*


                        Gabriel: *looks at Carson* you don't like us?

                        N-Steve: *glances at Carson* if our skin was more bright red and our faces looked different...*gives him a very sad look and walks out followed by Gabriel*

                        Corey: and i wouldn't have to live from blood *gives carson a sad look ad follows his wraithy friends*

                        Oh Carson....*looks at Leon* come dear let's go *fights back her tears as she's walking out with Leon*

                        (got to go sorry girls, see you tomorrw *hugs*)
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                          A- Tha's not what I meant! Bloody hell! *he looks at me, his eyes so sad* I never meant to 'urt them.

                          *I hug him, and I can feel hot tears dripping down on top of my head* I know Love. I know. We'll talk to them tomorrow.

                          (Dammit sorry, friend showed up and I had to talk to her)


                            *I walk in from my rooms alone*
                            Hi Aang, are you here?


                              *I look up from where I am sitting on the couch with A-Carson* Yes Dell, we're here.


                                Oh cool, I had the most terrible dream this whole world just vanished!
                                I was left just floating in space! * shudders at at the memory*

                                Seen Shep around? He was gone when I woke up.