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    *looks at Aang huging her back* but nothing could ever mend those pieces again, I guess *a red tear runs down her cheek*

    Corey: *looks down to Poet* I felt the same you know and you said there is no reason to and all that matters is that I would have people around me that care for me, why do you say so if you don't believe it youself?

    Gabriel: you tell us to believe in stuff, you don't think of as the truth youself. you shouldn't tell us then?

    N-Steve: guys, don''s always the harest part to follow the advice you gave to someone yourself *looks at Poet* just try to believe in it dear *looks at Carson* you really need to invent something to heal hearts, you are the only one who I think is clever enogh to make that


      *still holding Poet* That's not true. But before it can be mended, you need to realize that and let us help you. It won't be easy, and it might even hurt some, but it's possible. And you can't do it alone. *she looks up from Poet to see the guys* It is not easy to take your own advice. But it can be done. Gabriel, you were like this once. Do you remember when I explained it to you, when I told you that you had to let Poet heal your heart as well in order for you to heal hers? Well it goes the other way as well. Before she can heal your hearts, she needs to let her own heart be healed.

      A- It isn't tha' I've never tried, Lads. If it is possible, I will try to find a way to 'eal' hardest part o' bein' a doctor is when y'can't heal someone.


        Corey: I want to be a doctor, too Carson then I can help people here like you do *looks at Carson smiling*

        Gabriel: I remember, Aang but I don't want to see her so sad...I'm doing all I can to help you Carson to find out how a heart is healed

        N-Steve: so will I

        Good luck with that guys *loooks at Aang* I so wish you were right but I didn't find provee for that yet


          The difference is that I know I'm right. Because it's happened to me. When I first came to this Atlantis...I thought I could never pick up the shattered pieces of my heart. I had to learn to let Carson and my sisters into my heart, to let them help me heal. And well, it worked. *looks at Gabriel* You don't feel coldness around me, do you? I'll never forget what happened, but I'm not as broken as I once was, because I let them help me heal.

          A- *he smiles at Corey* Bein' a doctor is no' easy, Lad. It's the hardest thing in th' world when ye have ta admit there was nothin' else ye could do. But it is the mos' wonderful feelin' in the world when ye save a life. *he looks at Gabriel* Healin' a heart is a delicate process. It's no' that simple...part o' the process is figuring out that th' heart is broken in th' first place, an' the healing takes time. An' the one whose heart needs ta be healed needs ta be willin' ta let ye heal 'er heart. *he looks at Poet, giving her a smile*

          (Been working on a project with Dell and Beck that involves the story of how I came to Atlantis and what I left behind when I came here)


            Gabriel: no I can't feel cold around you Aang, all the warmth you have my queen is lacking and even more *looks at Carson* then we need to find out what makes her heart hurt but how can we if she doesn't talk to us?

            Corey: nothing you can do anymore? but that wouldn't happen to me; I can heal everything...*looks at Poet* but a broken heart. I want to hel you Carson

            N-Steve: *looks at Poet very sadly* as much as I am thenkfull you have made them bring me to life as much sensless my life seems to be, if you are not happy about me or anyone else

            *stares at the wal with empty blue eyes* I knw iit's my fault you are all unhappy, I must leave you to make you find the happines you deserve.....

            (That is a quite nice idea Aang , for me it had to be a story of myself wondering around in nowhere )


              *since she is still sitting beside Poet, she turns Poet to face her and looks into her eyes* Don't think that leaving would not bring any of them happiness. are what they live for, Poet. Without you, what is left for them? Carson and I are their friends, but we can't give them what you can...we can never replace you.

              A- Lad, ev'ry doctor has good moments an' bad moments. I...I created Michael. Well no, th' original Carson did, but I've his memories in ma' mind. Michael was a mistake. I created tha' drug that th' Hoffans' destroyed half the population o' a planet. But I've saved a lot o' lives too, tha's what makes me keep goin'. *he looks over at Gabriel* It may take time, but she'll tell ye what's the problem when she decides ta. Y'canna force 'er into it. But ye can be there for 'er, show 'er how much ye care an' love 'er.


                *walks in from the connecting door holding Shep hand*

                Morning guys, how are you, hey Poet, you look a bit different today, is everything all right?


                  Corey: I'm sure I would only have good moments...wouldn't create Michael or that drug thing, I don't need to do stuff like that because I can do other things

                  N-Steve: that hurt Carson, do you know I can still feel the last moments of the real Steve's life, it does hurt badly but not as much as her heart I guess

                  *looks at Aang* they will learn that what you can give is enough *gets up and vanishes*

                  Gabriel: *starres at the spot where Poet has been only seconds before* my queen, no! Please don't do that to us *runs to Dell and hugs her crying* she left us Dell, she hates us for sure


                    A- *he looks at Corey* I'm sure y'd be a better doctor than m'self then. *he turns to N-Steve* Aye Lad, an' I have the memories of th' other Carson watchin' the original Steve die. It's no' easy for me either.

                    Poet, no! *I stay sitting on the floor, not knowing what to do, looking at the spot beside me where Poet just was* I...I failed. *looks up at Gabriel* I failed you. I tried to help her and I failed.

                    *looks up at Dell* Hi Sis. Well, Poet is a vampire now...but she...well today...*I put my head in my hands to try to hide the tears*


                      N-Steve: *sits don next to Aang* you didn't fail...the ones who where supposed tto make her happy are we, so we have failed *looks at Carson sadly* now I want to end like he did, got no rason to be here anymore

                      Corey: she needs to come back, otherwise I will never be a good doctor if I can't even care for her well

                      Gabriel: she just could be anywhere, but we need to find her...without her, no...but whre too start searching? She doesn't allow us to sense her


                        *she looks up and wraps her arms around N-Steve* We will find her. We have to.

                        A- Ye see what I meant now, don't ye, Corey? That it is th' worst feelin' in the world when ye feel like ye can't do anythin' for someone. *he looks away, finds himself looking at me as I hug N-Steve* An' N-Steve? Y'll not end the way he did. I couldn'a bear it if I was responsible fer that a second time.

               you have any idea of any places that she might go? *I look up at him, thinking that I wished Poet was as easy to follow as my sisters are...I can always find them when I look for them*


                          Corey: but that's something else, Poet is not ill and can run away...someone who would come to us to be healed wouldn't do that Carson, would they?

                          N-Steve: *glances at Carson* I guess you didn't get me right, Carson, I ask you to end me like this, don't want to be without her

                          Gabriel: let me think...she likes it dark and lonely if she feels sad..somewhere she can get free from the pain...this city, isn't it floating over an ocean?


                            was it something I said?


                              Gabriel: no, not your fault Dell *looks at Shep* and not his either


                                *looks up at Dell* It wasn't you, Dell. It's been a hard day for Poet, I guess. I was trying to talk to her, to help her see that her heart can be healed...and she just...left. *I sigh*

                                A- Tha's true, Lad. *he looks over at N-Steve again* Oh Lad, I understood ye. An' I won't end ye, because when we figure where Poet got to, it'd hurt 'er even worse if she found ye were gone. An' I won't cause that sort o' pain f'r anyone. *he shakes his head*

                                Yes, the city is floating over an ocean, most of this planet is water actually. *looks up at Gabriel, wondering what he's thinking*