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    Got a snowstorm blowing in. Winter storm Rocky has hit north central Illinois.
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      N-Steve: it's not about that at all Aang...Poet still longs for it for some reason, we all can feel this but we can't do anything to take it away..she feels out of place here as she does eveywhere

      Gabriel: we can't do anything for it...because we don't really know how we could make her feel better....

      Corey: yes, just don't have a clue

      *looks at her guys, but says nothing*

      Sounds nasty Sparky


        Yeah, everything is getting cancelled.
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          Well I also don't know why she feels out of place here, because we all care and love her...she is part of this...part of us. She's one of our family here. *I reach over and hug Poet*

          A- Aye, so she is part o' the fam'ly. *he smiles at her*


            *reaches over and hugs poet as well*

            You're a part of the team too you know, poet. Don't leave.

            Speaking of leaving... I have to be leaving soon, gotta get home weather is getting crappy. So when I just go off, I'm gone.
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              (sorry for vanishing, wanted to take a look at a website which actually just made my browser crash )

              N-Steve: If you could only feel what we do, friends of Poet, it's so cold around her...*strokes my hair and kisses my cheek* have we really lost you?

              Gabriel: *looks at Poet sadly* just tell us what we can do to make you get warmer again

              Corey: you are even colder than I ever was Poet, don't let go....don't feel so sad


                I wish we could feel it too...I wish this was something that Carson and I could fix...*Carson and I look at each other, both of our eyes are shining with worry and sadness for Poet*

                A- Aye, I wish so as well, m' Love.


                  Gabriel: I could let you feel it for a moment

                  Don't, it would only make them sad

                  Corey: and it saddens us that you are upset Poet

                  N-Steve: it really does...we are not just saying it, what are you missing?

                  I just feel lonley but I would do in a big big room full of people


                    We don't need to feel the cold to feel sad. *I sigh* This is the thing about Carson and I...we are...well, we are means we can both feel what others around us feel. Happiness, excitement, anger, sadness, pain...*I look at Gabriel* even guilt. It kind of comes with being doctors, I suppose. *I look up at Poet, showing her the sadness in my eyes* It's part of what makes us so protective of our friends, what makes us care as much as we do...because we can feel it.


                      Gabriel: I bet you can't feel this *reaches out for Carson and Aang's hands and they are surrounded by a cold that makes their breath freeze and turning their lips blue, he puts his hands away and everything is normal again* that is how she feels the temperature of her soul and heart

                      Corey: it should be much mor wamer and it was when I first met her...she is just worrying too much about disappointing anyone she likes

                      N-Steve: *wrapps his arms around Poet* you really shouldn't we are just disappointed when you are sad *kisses her lips while he holds her close to him* we love you. What more can we do to prove this to you?


                        You're right, we cannot feel the cold. But Gabriel, for us, it isn't cold that we feel. It's her pain and sadness. *I look up at him, letting my eyes betray the sadness I can feel* Sometimes, it feels like my heart will shatter. I wonder...if she realizes that what disappoints us is when she is sad? We would all feel much happier if she was happier...

                        A- *gathers me into his arms and hugs me close in silence*


                          Gabriel: don't ask me that, to her

                          I know that Aang, and it doesn't help me to get happier knowing I am a bad friend to you, making you feel sad

                          N-Steve: *reaches for the c shaped blalde in his boot again and gives it to me* if you really think that, no one will keep you from ending this. Go on do it

                          *looks at N-Steve, then at the blade and touches it with the tip of her hinger, so it leaves a tiny little cut* what..what is that *I drop the blade, making a step backwards, trying to get hold of something*

                          N-Steve: it will make you feel better, makes you see how much we care for you, just feel us around you without being able to think bad stuff or move *he holds Poets arm so she doesn't fall and places her next to Aang* just know we are here and love you, nothing else...

                          Gabriel: you've poisoned her? Though it makes me sad you did, it may be the only way she forgets about her pain and learns agian to sense how much we care

                          Corey: that's mean, but clever and wise as well, I guess she will thank us for it, though


                            *I look at Poet beside me and I wish I knew the right words to explain that her being sad doesn't make her a bad friend, but for once I am at a loss for words, so I just wrap my arms around her and hug her close to me*

                            Poet...we just want for you to be happy...that is all any of us wants for you. Being doesn't make you a bad friend. It just...well it makes us sad. But even the closest and best of friends make each other sad sometimes. *I whisper half under my breath*


                              N-Steve: she won't be able to speak or hug you back for a while, she just hears us and feels what we do with her...a bit like stunning but it doesn't take her senses away completely *smiles at Carson* do you human doctors have such nice poisons as well?

                              Gabriel: *runs finges through his queen's hair* may you be happy again, to make us all feel better

                              Corey: hmmm Carson, I neraly forgot to ask, but I figured you need to take some serum as well to stay alive, why is that so? N-Steve is a clone as well but he doesn't need to


                                I know, but I need her to hear me and I need her to try to understand me...*I look into Poet's face and I smile at her*

                                A- No Lad, I'm afraid we don't have such poisons...such a thing could work wonders though. *he looks over to Corey* When I was cloned, Lad, I was th' first human clone Michael had ever made. 'e made one critical mistake, which resulted in ma' body beginning to degrade...I pretty nearly died because o' it. Th' serum I need is t' keep the degradation from spreadin' and keep ma' strength up so tha' I can live. *he looks over to N-Steve* N-Steve will no' ever need this serum because Aang an' I found the mistake tha' Michael made when 'e made me, an' we fixed it so tha' none of th' other clones we've made will ever need the serum. When I specially made th' serum I gave ta Poet earlier, it was a similar compound bu' meant only to strengthen 'er body so she would survive when I brough' 'er back to us.