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    Good, I'll need advice form time to time I'm sure....but it you hear me asking about road rules, make sure you answer real quick, so I can avoid the truck/ car/ cop, whichever!


      Isn't it nice knowing you share a brain cell with someone who lives in the country you're about to visit? If I do catch you asking about road rules, I'll answer as quick as I can Wouldn't want you getting yourself in any sort of trouble while you're over here in the States


        good, because I got enough of those bunnies...which I try not to look full in the face.


          (Aw Sis you'll be just fine. Don't ask how I know it, I just do. It's a gift I guess. )

          Meanwhile back on Atlantis...

          *In the gate room, the Stargate begins to dial in from another planet*

          Chuck: Dr. Weir to Stargate Operations! Unscheduled off world operation!

          *comes running from her office* Who is it? Are you getting an IDC?

          Chuck: I've got Lilana's IDC from that planet we sent Aang and Dell off to. Why would they use hers instead of Aang's?

          Drop the shields. *presses her radio button* Lilana, is that you? It's safe for you to come through now. *she makes her way down to the Gate Room*

          *Lilana walks through the gate, gingerly holding two TAC vests and two P-90s in her arms, her golden blonde hair is falling out of its usual french braid and her clinic uniform is wrinkled and dirty, her face looks about three shades paler than usual, her brown eyes wide and filled with fear, she stands in silence, watching Elizabeth*

          Lilana! What's happened! *she taps her radio* Colonel Sheppard, meet me in the briefing room ASAP! *a Marine steps forward and takes the vests and guns from Lilana's arms and Elizabeth leads her upstairs to the briefing room*

          Lilana, I know you are scared of Colonel Sheppard, but I need you to be brave for me, tell us both exactly what happened. *they walk into the room where Shep is waiting, and when he recognizes Lilana as the woman from that planet, he stiffens and stares at her, wondering why she has come instead of Aang and Dell*

          Lilana: It is Aang and Dell. They were treating our Children's illness...a woman and a few men attacked our village. They were humans like us, not wraith, and they took Aang and Dell with them to another planet. We do not know where, but I fear they are in great danger. The-the woman, she mentioned a name...Kolya?



            (sorry had to do it, you heard him too right?)

            he's dead, I shot him myself!
            Lilana yes she did mention that....she said she wants revenge on you.
            *there is silence for a moment and Elizabeth looks over at Shep before going on.*
            Is there anything else you can tell us Lilana?


              (Why do you think I left that opening for Shep? )

              Lilana: She asked for your location. Neither one would give it, and both Aang and Dell were each hit at least once before being dragged through the Gate. I did not manage to see the address, but I followed behind for a distance and overheard the woman's name...

              Go on...

              Lilana: Her name is Keiva.

              What did she look like, did you get a good look?

              Lilana: She was taller than I, but no taller than Aang. Her hair was dark, nearly black, and pinned up on top of her head in a tight bun. They wore brown colored clothing and two of them carried guns of some kind-- *Shep looks at her, fear in his eyes* No no, they did not use the guns. They took both of the girls alive, although I believe they intended to torture them in order to gain knowledge of your location. She did keep one of their identity code transmitters, I believe she does know of Atlantis.



                BTW I'm now in officer status... I'm a 2LT!!! HOOAH


                  Originally posted by John Emmanuel Ramos View Post

                  BTW I'm now in officer status... I'm a 2LT!!! HOOAH


                    Elizabeth I want permission to go looking for this Kevia and bring our girls back.
                    You have no team at the moment, both Teyla and Ronon are off world seeing to problems of their own, and you can't go alone.

                    I want to call A-Carson back, he will want to come with me to get Aang.

                    I don't think this is a good idea, we don't even know where they have been taken.
                    That is why I want to go find them!


                      Lilana: *she looks at Liz, her brown eyes shining* Doctor Weir, I think that you should allow Colonel Sheppard to begin the search. He can call for reinforcements if it is necessary, can he not? I know that Aang and Dell will need assistance as soon as is possible, I do not doubt that Keiva will do whatever is required to get the information from them. *she touches Liz's shoulder*

                      I do think A-Carson should be alerted in any case, he should know to expect that Aang and Dell will be late returning. *she looks at Shep, with an almost unnoticeable nod, her eyes telling him to go and save Aang and Dell* You have a go, Colonel. Now get to it, Aang and Dell need you. I will contact A-Carson personally.

                      *she stands up and exits the room, Lilana following behind*

                      Lilana: I would like to remain here, to be of any help that I can, Doctor Weir.

                      You can stay in the city for the time being, until we bring Aang and Dell back safely. Chuck? Patch me in to the Hammond please.

                      Chuck: *nods and patches her through*

                      Elizabeth? What's the problem? *she spots Lilana beside Elizabeth*

                      Colonel Carter, can you get A-Carson to the radio please? It's very urgent.

                      *looks at her, slightly confused* Sure. *she taps her radio* A-Carson to the bridge please! Elizabeth needs to speak with you.

                      A- Aye, on ma' way Lass! *he comes hurrying in a moment later, sees Lilana and Liz on the screen and his face pales noticeably*

                      A- Aang! Is Aang alright?!

                      That's just it, A-Carson. We don't know. Lilana here just told Colonel Sheppard and I that Aang and Dell were captured by someone, a woman who was close to Commander Kolya of the Genii rogue forces.

                      A- Ma' Aang is in trouble? I'll be there as soon as a' can. I need to make sure ma' love is alright. *he nods, his blue eyes taking on a cold glitter of worry* Sam, can I ask ye a favor? I need ta get back down ta' the city, right now.

                      Of course, if Aang is in danger then you have to go to her. *she presses a few buttons, there is a bright flash and then A-Carson materializes beside Elizabeth, already dressed in the BDUs he'd put on in preparation for the mission he was to go on, his hand resting gently on his side arm*

                      A- Where has Shep got to? I'll be goin' with 'im. *he catches the doubt in Liz's eyes* An' you canna' stop me. I canna' risk losing Aang. *he stalks off to find Shep, figuring he'll be in the locker rooms finishing putting on his off world gear*


                        god damn nearly caught up. I just started reading the continuation & now I have to go back to work *facepalm* Grr!

                        Ok, I better go. Cya later... *is beamed back to work*
                        I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                        traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                          See ya later then Beck! (Sorry, you and Carson need to stay in the city on this one, just how the Bunnies have hopped between the halves of the shared brain cell...)


                            *A-Carson had just walked into the locker room and Shep had just finished gearing up when a call came from Elizabeth calling them both to the gate room. Shep tossed A-Carson a side arm and jammed a spear couple of clips in a pocket of his tack vest as he headed out the door at a run, A-Carson close on his heals. They get to the gate room and see the gate has an open worm hole.*
                            Ok Colonel Sheppard is here, now tell us what you want.
                            KeivaColonel Sheppard. I have your lady friend here with me, she is feeling a little under the weather at the moment, so can't talk to you. I will let her and her friend live if you come to me and give yourself up so I can make you pay for killing my friend.

                            Where are you, I would like to come and talk to you too!

                            KeivaI will give you the gate address, you are to come alone or I will kill Dell slowly, or maybe I will give her to the men first.

                            You have a deal.

                            Keiva Good, sending the address now. I look forward to our meeting.

                            *the wormhole closed*
                            we will take a cloaked jumper. Chuck send that address to jumper one, I'll be needing it in a minute, come on A-Carson we have a meeting to keep.

                            *and they left for the jumper bay*


                              A- I don' like the look o' that woman. *they get into the jumper, A-Carson stands back to let Shep drive the jumper* Y'd better drive, I do no' trust ma'self flyin' these things, an' I'm thinkin' I best check th' on board med kit anyway. *he pulls the med kit off a shelf of the jumper, and opens it to inventory the items inside, making sure he has enough of what he figures will be needed if indeed either of us is injured*

                              A- 'M a wee bit worried about Aang, ye know. She's too protective o' Dell, I've a bad feelin' she's got herself into a lot o' trouble this time...


                                They have both got into a lot of trouble this time, and that is why we are going to get them. I tell you though Carson, if she has so much as broken one of Dells fingernails, I'm going to wring that Keiva woman's neck with my bear hands!
                                Easy lad, your goin' t break those controls

                                *the jumper is in front of the open wormhole now.*
                                Good luck!
                                Here we go, engaging cloak. *as they came through the other side they could see he genii soldiers lying in wait for a lone man to step through*

                                You wouldn' last 10 seconds on foot lad!
                                Didn't think I would, that is why we are in the jumper, now to find where they are keeping Dell and Aang!