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    That planet! sounds like heaven but in fact it's hell!

    -excuse me, sounds like what?, soldier hand me that gun will you?
    I was just repeating something Ronon said, heaven for me is where ever you are Dell.

    -Nice save! So, we leave soon, and should be back by dinner time.
    Alright, stay safe.
    -Ok will do. *I turn to leave when he grabs my arm and pulls me into an embrace and kisses me for just a little longer than is seemly*
    I'll be waiting. *then he lets me go, and manage to make it out of the room with out wobbling on my weak knees. when we are out of sight we hear the men whistling and cheering.
    Ok ok, back to work, and if you're extremely lucky one day you might find yourself a girl half as good as my Dell!


      Oooohhh look at youuuu! *I look back at Dell and giggle, ducking as she goes to hit me* What, it was cute! Right, let's go gear up then.

      *we go to the locker room, change into our BDUs, boots and TAC vests, and strap on our guns*

      Must make a stop at the infirmary, I need my Med Kit before we go. *I don't say it but I am thinking that it's also my chance to say goodbye to A-Carson*

      *as we walk into the infirmary, A-Carson walks up and pulls me into his arms, kissing me quite passionately, until I pull away and look at him* Love, we'll only be gone a few hours, we'll be back by dinner. It's not as if I'm never going to return. *I smile and squirm from his grip, grabbing my med kit from a nearby bed*

      A- Aye, I know Love, I just want ye to know how much I love ye. *he smiles at me and I hear a couple of nurses walk by, chattering about A-Carson and I, and they turn pink in the face as I give them a look*

      I love you too, A-Carson...Alright, good bye, Love. *I turn back to Dell* Alright, let's do this then.
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        * We head off to the gate room*
        -I must say it is nice feeling useful around the place, I spent so much time at a loose end here at the beginning, and then I was only doing paperwork for so long...this is much better.

        We arrive at the gate room and wait for the gate to be dialed.


          You're telling me, Sis. I spent so much time puttering around the infirmary being useless and driving poor A-Carson mad with my questions. He decided to train me to be a nurse and give me a full job here so I would stop being in the way, I think.

          *the gate dials, the puddle opens, and with one last look up at Liz, we step through*

          *On the other side, we are greeted by a group of three women. The one in the middle looks to be in charge and she greets me warmly*

          Lilana: It has been a long while, Aang. We are happy to see you return to our world. Who is your companion? *she reaches a hand out to me and I in return reach mine out to her, and we grip each other by the wrist*

          Lilana, this is my sister, Dell. She's come to assist me today. Would you show us the children who need our help? *I release her wrist and she nods, turning to lead us to their village*

          Lilana: Of course. We are pleased to meet you, Dell. Come, we will show you to the hospital.

          Dell: Nice to meet you, Lilana. *she follows us toward the village*

          *In the village, Lilana leads us to what can only be called a clinic, and shows us into a small room where about four children are sitting up on their beds, covered in red spots and scratching at them*

          It looks like some sort of Chicken Pox. It's a disease we've encountered on earth, one of the easiest to cure actually. *I go to the nearest child, a young girl, and I begin to check her temperature and heartbeat, the usual things, and then show one of the nurses nearby how to apply a cream ointment I pull from my med kit to the itchy spots on the kids*

          *as I am moving on to the second child, I hear the sound of footsteps that are not the light steps of the females on the planet, more like old combat boots. There is a rough sounding female voice and two male voices, at the sound of the male voices I can hear several of the nurses running away, and I know that these men are not from Atlantis*
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            At the sound of heavy boots coming from behind me I swing round with my P90 ready to go, but I never get the chance and a small club comes down on my head. It is not hard enough to knock me unconscious, but it is hard enough to force me to my knees and loose my grip on the weapon. Then my hair is grabbed and my head is forced back and a knife is put to my throat. I curse myself for not treating this place with the proper precautions, now I am no help to Aang, in fact now I'm the reason she will do anything they ask.
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              (I can't remember that one name I was going to use for our Genii friend so I made it up)

              *one of the men pushes past the one who is holding Dell, and I reach for my gun, only to have it knocked from my grasp, leaving me defenseless and unable to rescue my sister. I promised Shep that I would keep her safe, so I go to punch the man who is trying to grab at me, but he catches my wrist and twists, causing me to yelp, I know it's not broken, but that hurt*

              *as someone comes up behind me and wrestles my TAC vest off, I notice another person doing the same to Dell, and the vests are thrown in a heap to one side, we are left completely vulnerable now*

              What is it you want? What do you want from us! *I say a bit louder than I meant to, and then I gasp as I am shoved to my knees beside Dell* *I whisper to her* I am sorry Sis, but I will make sure you don't get hurt. I promised Shep. *I don't know what this means for me yet, as we look up into the face of a Genii woman who is standing in front of us*

              Genii Woman: What I want from you is the location of Colonel John Sheppard. Tell me now, and you both go free. Don't tell me and you will be taken to our base, where we will keep you until we find him.

              *I look over at Dell, I can see her eyes asking me not to say anything, pleading with me to keep my mouth shut, so I look up at the woman once again*

              We don't know where he is. He-- *I am cut off by a sharp slap to the side of my face and I look down at the floor* I swear, we don't know!

              Genii Woman: My name is Keiva. I was very close to Commander Kolya before he was killed, and I swore to avenge him by taking Sheppard's life. *I feel Dell tense beside me as Keiva speaks and I reach one hand to squeeze hers before we are dragged to our feet and out of the clinic, our guns lying forgotten on the ground*

              What will keeping us captive do for you? *I ask, almost expecting the sharp slap this time, but I still stumble a bit as we are dragged forward to the Stargate, it is dialed and we are thrown through*
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                Crap girl! we in trouble now!...back in a mo, think of this as an add break!

                "Now a message from out sponsor!"


                  This bunny's been chasing me around for a few days, it finally escaped the confines of my head


                    Psssst Dell, don't tell them our names! I need to do that for this bunny to work out right!


                      Now back to our program....

                      *We land in a heap on hard packed soil, but are again dragged to our feet again and pushed forward, Aang stumbles and falls to her knees and I go to help her but I'm pushed away, I stagger and try to work out how I can get my hands around his neck, but they had been tied behind my back while we were still on our knees on the last planet. We are walked for a good half an hour from the gate to a large stone fortress. We are taken inside and down stone passage ways until we were pushed through a doorway and forced to our knees again. Then Keiva was in front of us. She grabbed my hair and forced my head back so I was looking up at her.*
                      Keiva One of you is the woman called Dell, I want to know which one it is.
                      *I spit in her face, gives me some small pleasure until she belts me across the face. Then she moves on to Aang and grabs her by the hair and holds her head back. I will her to say nothing.*


                        do I need to edit that then?


                          Nope that's perfect actually!


                            I try!
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                              *I look up into Keiva's face*

                              I am Dell. *I feel my hair being pulled as I am dragged to my feet*

                              Dell: No! *she tries to stand up but is shoved back down and I am dragged from the room, followed by the two men, leaving Dell alone in the cell*

                              *I am dragged roughly through the building to another room, where I am standing face to face with Keiva*

                              Keiva: Dell. You will tell me where I can find your Colonel Sheppard. I know how dear you are to him, as soon as I tell him that I have you, he will come for you. *I can feel one of her fingernails scratching the underside of my chin as she lifts my face to look into hers, and I jerk my face out of her hand*

                              I will tell you nothing. *I brace myself for a slap, but instead I am dealt a punch to the jaw that sends me sprawling across the floor, followed by a kick to the stomach*

                              *with a yelp of pain, I try to move and find myself staring up at Keiva from my spot on the floor, unable to drag in a breath for a moment*

                              Keiva: Dell, come on, you don't want to break Sheppard's heart by making me have to tell him you're dead, do you? *she snarls at me, but I say nothing and find myself being dragged to my feet only to be punched in the jaw once more*

                              *someone that I can't see deals a punch to my stomach and I double over, unable to move until I feel the blade on my back*

                              You can do what you like to me, I don't care. *I draw one long breath, hoping that she won't kill me, and feel the knife dragged along my back and the wetness of blood trickling down from the wound, but I can do nothing about it*

                              Keiva: A stubborn one, I see. There is a way to deal with this. *she takes the same club that was used on Dell and deals me a whack to the back of the head. I can see the blackness overtaking me as my head throbs painfully and I collapse to the ground in a limp heap*

                              *Keiva's men lift my limp body from the floor roughly and one of them carries me back to the cell, dumping my unconscious body beside Dell*


                                *I have been working on my bonds since Aang was taken away and my hands are almost free when the door is opened again and Aang is dragged in and dropped on the floor. With one final effort my hands are free and I crawl over to her*

                                -Oh Aang why did you do that? Come sis, wake up!
                                *I can see the bruising coming up on her face and as I pull up into my lap I notice some bruising on her stomach as her her shirt pulls up a little. I pull it up further to see the black and marks left by fists starting to emerge. I move her a bit more and as I put my arm underneath her back I feel it is wet, I pull my hand out and see it is covered by blood.

                                -Crap girl A-Carson is going to kill me, I was supposed to keep you safe!
                                *I hold her tightly and start praying that some one will come looking for us, but I know it will be hours before we are even considered over due!
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