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    A- *suddenly understands and looks over at Corey again, but he doesn't know if he should tell Gabriel or if that would anger Corey*


      Corey *puts his arm around me as I fall backwards, and stops drinking* thank you Poet that was tasty *holds me close to him*

      Gabriel: my poor queen *gives me a conened look as I lie in Corey's arms*she always cares so much for us, even if it's bad for herself

      Of course Gabriel *I smile weakly as the room is spinning a bit* I'll be alright

      Corey *to Carson's mind* I was told you could keep a secret,, don't be another human who disappoints me, please...I am not pround of what I've done but telling him and make him sad or angy with me cannot make it undone


        *We check out the office and the gateroom, but he isn't here. We go to the jumper bay and at first see nothing, but I hear something, from the other side of the room. We go over and I hear him talking inside a jumper.*

        -There you are!
        Hey Dell....who is your friend?
        Alex I am a friend of Gabriel, I have heard a lot about you.
        I can imagine, was any of it good?

        Alex Not much.

        *I step in between them* -Do we have a problem here? *I'm looking at Alex*
        Alex I don't have a problem, do you have a problem Sheppard?
        Not at the moment, no.

        *I don't think that sounds very encouraging, but leave it alone*
        -I was wondering when you were getting off duty, Poet hasn't seen you in ages.
        I'm off in a couple of hours, maybe I can sneak away early, but I can walk you back now if you want?

        -I'd like that yes.
        Ok, lets go, after you.
        Alex no after you.
        *I roll my eyes, and link arms with both* -together then.


          A- *catches Corey's eye and nods slightly, almost unnoticeable to anyone else, he will keep Corey's secret*

          Poet really does care about all of you guys, Gabriel. She worries me sometimes *I nod toward her lying in Corey's arms* but she always ends up being matter what she does.


            Corey: I wish I had met hummans like her some ealier in my life...well humans as kind as you all *smiels at Carson unseen*

            *sits up again* how could I not care and do all I can for such lovely beings as you are, guys? *puts her arms around Gabriel and Corey* want to have a group hug, too Aang and Carson?


              *A-Carson and I make our way over to Poet and her guys and we join the group hug*


                *The door opens and i walk in with Alex and has been a tense trip back*
                -Hi guys look who I found!
                Alex No sign of Dante or Steve however.

                *Shep takes in the room, his eyes stopping at Poet and Corey*

                -He can't stay but offered to walk back.
                * I let go of Alex and Shep pulls me into his arms and whispers into my ear*
                Who is the new guy with red hair?
                *whisper back*
                -it's Corey, he is a vampire.
                I've seen him somewhere before, keep your distance, oh and I would rather you didn't go walking alone with Alex again either.
                *to the room*
                Sorry I can't stay, but I have work to do, Good to see you Poet. *he nods to everyone, and gives A-Carson an odd look I don't quite understand, kisses me and leaves*


                  *Dante walks in with N-Steve*
                  Dante: now that's unfair, we are not here for once and then they group hug...
                  N-Steve: yes, without us *they look at each other sadly*

                  *sees N-Steve and Dante, gets up and hugs them* there you are boys, missed you so much *kisses each on them on their cheek...*becomes aware of Dell, Alex and Shep* oh hey there, look who I found Oh ok bye again then Shep


                    Oh Dante, N-Steve, come join our group hug why don't you? *I go and take each of them by the arm and pull them into our group hug, waving for Alex and Dell to join as well, carefully leaving a spot between myself and A-Carson for Dell if she wishes to come join the hug*

                    A- *glances up at Shep and catches the look, but is rather a bit confused by it*


                      *I go over to that group hug and intend to take my place between Aang and A-Carson, but Alex grabs me and pulls me in between him and Corey. Alex and Corey both smile at me in a way that make me very uncomfortable*


                        *I look over and am not sure what to do, I know Dell is a bit nervous around those two and I feel a bit bad she's now stuck between them but can't see my way to do anything about it for the moment, so I give her my best reassuring smile and reach my arm around behind Corey who is beside me on one side, and squeeze her shoulder gently*


                          *enjoys the group hug but then looks at Shep a bit annoyed* I think you'll never change will you? It's nice to see how much you give on my word that my non-human friends will not harm any of my human friends ever *frowns* Even Corey has learned to trust my word and tries to make me very sad Shep
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                            *I find myself thinking about the look I'd seen Shep give A-Carson and something about it bothers me, but I can't figure what. I didn't like the way Shep looked at A-Carson, as if he had done something wrong. Shep is supposed to be one of A-Carson's closest friends on Atlantis*


                              N-Steve:*looks at me his eyes sparkling dangerously* well you know poet, I healed Shep but if he hurts your heart...I can hurt him, too...we all can because no one is allowed to hurt your heart at all...

                              *smiles at him* that's nice of yopu but see, if you do that you guys would hurt Dell and that would hurt me as well and then you would have hurt me and had to punish youself which would hurt me even there is no point in doing that, even if I appreciate your offer


                                -nice hug, we done now? *I try to pull out of it but Corey pulls me back and whispers in my ear*
                                Corey We are going to get to know each other very well Dell.
                                Alex Very well indeed.