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    *I watch Aang as she works, but stand back, don't want to get in the way*
    How are you doing?

    -Good, not used to working with a team, it's good, things go so much faster with some one to help.
    I don't like to think of the times you went on missions on your own.

    -most of them were easy, but there the time when the guy came back to his room early and I had too...

    That's it there! *I move forward to see the screen better.*


      *I have zoomed in clearly on the license plate number and saved the image to my laptop*

      Shall I run a check and see who the van belongs to? *I look at the others*

      A- Aye, that would be a good place to start, Love. *he nods*

      Alright then. *I type the number into the plate search program I'd equipped my laptop with, and we wait for it to match up*


        You had to what Dell?

        -What? oh nothing really, had to find another way out was all.
        And was there one?
        -sort of, I climbed down to the floor below and had to break into that room to get out.

        What floor were you on?
        -only the 10th. *I glance at him because he has stopped talking, he has gone pale* I'm not telling you any more stories, you don't seem to take them well.
        You could have fallen!

        -you know I've heard stories about you too you know, I'm not the only climber!
        That was different....
        -because you went up? Drop it Shep, this isn't the time, how are we doing there Aang?


          *I am looking at my laptop intently and I smirk a little* Um sir? *looking at the man who owns the deli* Can I get you to leave us alone a while? Thank you sir. *he walks out*

          Alright. *I keep my voice low* Rollings has not been on Earth that long. that license plate search brought up this image...*I hold up the laptop, a clear image of Rollings in his human make up on the screen* So we know it's his. The last known location is not too far from here, look. *I point to the text beneath the photo*


            Ok, now is when I think we should have sorted our selves a far is that Aang?


              Oh don't get your knickers in a knot there. You know me better than this. *I pull out my iPhone and hit a few buttons* Hello Jack? Yeah we're going to need a car. Five minutes? Alright. Great, thanks. *I turn back to Dell* We'll have a car in five minutes. It's really not that far, but better than having Sam or Caldwell beaming us there. Wraith might catch on.


                um, 2 cars would be better actually, unless it's a mini van, and if it is, bags not driving!


                  Last I looked, it'll be a large SUV. Those can seat 7 easy. Two up front and two sets of three back seats.

                  A- Aye, that'll do. Who's drivin'? Actually suppose the question is who here 'as an American driver's license?

                  *looks around* Um I think that would be me or Aang.

                  Yeah but I need to navigate, I can't drive and navigate from the laptop at the same time...


                    I can drive....but I don't have a licence...mind you that hasn't stopped me yet.
                    I'll drive, but you can sit up front with me, where I can keep an eye on you.

                    -*mumbles* -what he thinks I'm going to get up to in a car is any ones guess.
                    You sit behind me Aang, you can talk right into my ear.
                    Beck here comes our ride now.
                    *A big black SUV pulls up, and the driver gets out, Shep grabs the keys and we all climb in, and take off*
                    Right which way Aang?
                    *I look behind us* -Poor guy, should we have offered him a ride? * I turn back to look at Shep with a big grin on my face*
                    Huh, for a moment there I actually thought you felt sorry for the guy!


                      Alright. *I look down at my laptop* alright from here, make a left. Five miles up here and then a right. I'll give you more when we get closer.

                      Here we go then.

                      *the car starts to move and I look over at A-Carson, who is wearing an identical worried expression to the one on Carson's face in the back seat*

                      I know, my Love. Abby's our niece. And Beck and Carson's daughter. We will bring her home. *I reach over and half-hug him the best I can from where I'm sitting*

                      Where to next, Aang?

                      Next, there should be a small dirt road here somewhere--there! Turn there! Okay, should be a big stone and brick building right up here, I think. Only building on this street.


                        -Geez glad there are seat belts here, you think you took that corner fast enough?

                        a back seat driver are you?
                        -I'm fully licensed on that one too!
                        Ok, here we are. *slams on the brakes and throws us all about*

                        -Ok, thats it, I'm driving from now on, all agree?
                        *I here a couple of agreements from the back seats, and look over at Shep.*


                          Well shall we get out then? Um guns ready...might be a good plan.

                          A- Aye, don't like it at all but what 'as to be done, y'know. *he reaches for his side arm to disconnect it from the hidden holster*


                            *I open my door and use it as a sheld as I get out and pull out my gun*

                            -Guys make sure you identify your target, I don't want Abby getting hurt. If your not sure, save the round for later. *I have no idea about the shooting ability of anyone in the group besides me and Shep*
                            -Ok, Shep and I will go round the back, you guys cover the front. *I look at Shep and see he is about to say something, but we don't have time so i cut him off*

                            -My team, my lead, I'll leave you home next time.
                            Right, round the back, I've got your 6.
                            -thanks *I smile at him. one last look at the others and we are off running at a crouch for the end of the building*


                              *Beck and I have put the Carsons in front of us and we are bringing up the rear*

                              *I make my way up to Dell and whisper in her ear* I've got a couple of Zat guns Jack gave me as we were leaving. Would it be safer to use those? I'd still rather not hit Abby but one Zat blast will only stun, not kill...


                                *this was of course this was before Shep and I left*
                                I'm a trained sniper, I don't need one, but any one of those 3 would be a one to have a zat gun *indicating the Carsons and Beck*