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    Morning poet, Sparky and Aang.

    Of course I don't mind being edited Sparky, for me it is a fact of life....just didn't expect to hear it here.
    ok Aang I need a heads up where I should go in the me and I will see what I can come up with...glad Shep came back with me!

    I saw your pic of Dante on twitter Poet, he looks very nice. He does have control of his apatite doesn't he.....I have had some bad experiences with vampires, and need to know if I can turn my back on him.


      Hiya Dell, how's it going?
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        Gabriel: hello Dell So nice to see you on here but I have no idea where Poet is, neither as I have seen N-Steve today

        Dante: don't worry Dell, I know how to behave


          I'm good, but got my mum here so I'll be quiet for a bit!


            I'm going to be in and out, trying to actually get some writing done since I'm home alone with no Mum and Dad snooping about


              ...I put on SGA and was blissfully going on my way writing in one of my fics...when all of a sudden my head snaps up, I stare at the TV, listen to the Scottish accent and squeal "IT'S CARSON!!!" and my Dad looks at me like I am insane.

              How's he doing?

              Our conversation was of a different sort...I feel not unlike the priest in th' Exorcist...

              Had forgotten this episode...


                Lol...I would do the same with Toddy


                  Ok I'm back!


                    *runs to Dell and hugs her*
                    Sadlly I got to go now soon


                      Oh hallo there Sorry I was MIA getting Cuddly Carson's kilt from the needed a washing...


                        that's OK Aang...oh no...weekend is over now


                          Sorry, good night Poet

                          (O dear, Shep is stuck in the time dilation field...nice scruffy Shep...)


                            Originally posted by Aang View Post
                            *Dell and I both sit down on the floor beside Beck, I pull her into my arms and hug her to me, while Dell hugs her from the other side* Oh Beck. Abby will be fine, Love. We will find her. *I still have Beck in my arms, she is crying into my shoulder at this point, so I look over her at Dell, asking her silently to go and find the Carsons*

                            Dell: I'll be back in a moment... *she stands up and runs out of the office, past Elizabeth, towards the quarters where we had left the guys*

                            Beck, love, I think I may know responsible. Rollings...I spoke to him and he threatened that we would pay for what we did to losing someone dear to us all. I think he planted that dream in your mind...*I hold Beck as she cries, and just then the Carsons come running in followed by Dell and Shep*

                            Wha's 'appened 'ere? *he lifts Beck from my arms and holds her, looking at me over her shoulder*

                            Abby...she was kidnapped. *I whisper, and I see Carson's grip on Beck tighten as his face pales and I can see he is having a hard time keeping it together* I'm sorry...we will get her back. I promise. *I stand up and A-Carson silently puts an arm around my shoulders, knowing that I will need his support to keep it together for Beck*
                            Don't worry Beck, we will get her back! *He looks at Elizabeth* Are we doing this with or without your blessing?
                            Is this your whole team?
                            *Shep glances around at us all and nods* This is Dells team. *My head snaps round to him, then to Aang*
                            Keller should be able to hold the fort while we are gone.

                            Aang - Never thought I would be grateful to have her around.

                            Dell? When do you want to take your team through the gate?

                            -As soon as possible....we should suit up!
                            Right then, better get this over with, stand up please Dell. *I stand up and look at her confused*
                            Raise your left hand and put your right hand on your heart and read this.....Just do it please!

                            * raise my hands as she has said and read from a card she holds up*

                            -"I pledge my heart and soul and my very life to the city of Atlantis and her people.
                            I will protect her from invaders and all who would wish her harm.
                            I also pledge my honer to her sister planet, Earth, and do solemnly vow to defend her boarders from the same.
                            As God is my witness I shell uphold this pledge as long as there is life in my body."

                            You are now officially the first citizen of Atlantis. Jack made it a condition if you were to set foot on Earth again....the IOA have no hold over you now, and Jack can offer you help as an Allie of earth.

                            -Thank you, now I think we need to go gear up. *I turn to Beck and Carson* Are you guys up for this? We could manage without you if you want to stay here.
                            We will come, I couldn't sit here an wait, and I won't leave Beck on her own, we will be fine.
                            *Beck nods her agreement, then we all head to the armory and dress in black BDU's , tack vests, and side arms with p90's and radio earpieces, then head back up to the gate room. Elizabeth nods to us, and the gate is dialed.*


                              Oh no Poet you are gone and I missed you!
                              Sending you hugs anyway!
                              Sweet Dreams Poet!


                                Shall be back soon (20 min?)