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    -It was a rough night, he wasn't in a great mood, and I just figured if I got out of it for a while, it would be better for both of us. Maybe we have been living in each others pockets to long.


      Well you did have a bit of a scare with the whole mission to earth but perhaps it's better this won't be as hard when he goes back to off-world missions. What was it someone said once, I want to say Dolly Parton, "the only reason my husband and I are still married is because we're not together enough to get sick of each other"...hey even A-Carson and I need a break sometimes...why do you think I slipped out while they were watching football, aside from it being time to wake you up?


        -I know we need some time apart, but at the same time, we both find it hard to be apart. I think maybe we should talk to some one about it, but Shep would never go for that.
        *we are at the door now, and I stop and look at it without opening it. I take a deep breath.*

        -Ok, I'm ready now. *and open the door*


          *I tuck my arm around Dell's shoulders in a light hug as we walk in together, ready for whatever awaits us. I was sure Shep was alright when I left but I don't know what to expect anymore*

          A- 'Ello lasses *looks up from his football game* Welcome back *smiles*

          *I smile back* Hi A-Carson, hi Shep. I was only gone maybe 20 minutes, it wasn't that long...


            Yea Beckett is why i joined Gateworld !


              Skip ahead a few hours, we're all sitting in the living room, Dell and I content to doze off while Shep and A-Carson watch the rest of their football game, when the "off-world activation" sirens go off and A-Carson's and my earpieces buzz and crackle...

              A-Carson and Aang, to the gate room. We have a visitor. Weir out.

              *I stretch and stand up, A-Carson is already to the door*

              A- That'll be the new intern I was told would be comin'. She's ta work in th' infirmary an' I was wonderin' if ye could 'elp me keep an eye on her for a bit until she gets 'er feet on th' ground. *he smiles at me as I snap to attention and follow him to the door*

              We'll be back shortly, see you two in a bit. Liz needs us, new intern to work in the infirmary...*I roll my eyes playfully, thinking a new girl will be fun to train, not knowing what I am walking into*


                Take your time, we will be just fine, won't we Dell?

                -Mmm, as long as you don't want me to talk about the game.
                You got to talk about he game.

                *my eyes are closed*
                -ok, I hope the guys in orange win
                There is no one in orange.

                -Oh well, the other guys then.
                Second thoughts, how about you just go to sleep there. *he kisses the top on my head. I snuggle down a little more against him, being careful not to hurt him, and sigh happily*


                  *As we arrive in the gate room, I catch a glimpse of the girl who just walked through, and I can feel my heart drop like a rock into my stomach, all I want to do is turn and run from the room at the sight of the one person I thought I would never have to see once I left my reality*

                  A-Carson, Aang, I want you to meet Jennifer Keller. She's here to work with you in the infirmary, I trust you will make her feel at home.

                  A- Aye, we'll do our best, right Aang? 'Ello Jenn'fer.

                  Ah yes, our best, of course...*I am staring at Jennifer, that sick feeling in my stomach getting worse, and A-Carson hasn't noticed the shell-shocked look on my face yet*

                  A- Welcome t' Atlantis, Jenn'fer. Come wi' us to the infirmary an' we'll show ye around. *he smiles and turns to head for the nearby transporter*

                  Jennifer: It's really awesome to be here, when I first signed the agreement I wasn't sure what I was getting into, but I'm in another galaxy! *she gushes on about Atlantis, meanwhile I am lagging behind a bit, trying to get lost from them without being obvious, I'd rather be anywhere but here right now*


                    (OK got to give Dell an in here so I'm keeping on going)

                    A- 'Tis nice to have ye here, Jenn'fer. Ah 'ere we are, th' infirmary. Y'll be workin' wi' Aang here, she'll show ye what ta do when your shift starts wi' her tomorrow. For now, I'll take ye to y'r quarters so ye can settle in. *A-Carson finally looks back at me and he sees the shocked, sick look on my face but answers it with a confused look of his own*

                    Jennifer: *she is looking at some of the Ancient tech right now* Wow, this stuff is amazing....what does this do? *she reaches to push a button on a bit of equipment*

                    No! Don't touch ANYTHING until you know what it does! *I snap, even though it was just a harmless scanner*

                    A- *catches me by the arm and pulls me aside* Aang, Love, y' don't look so well right now, why don't ye go back to our quarters and rest. *he is giving me a rather disappointed and disapproving look*

                    I...think you're right. *I plant a kiss on his cheek before I turn and run out of the infirmary. Moments later, I run into our quarters and into the living room, and I curl up silently on the corner of the couch*


                      -Aang, are you all right, you look like you've seen a ghost?
                      *I get up and go over to sit by her. the games still on, (do these things ever end?), so Shep only spares us a small glance before he is back into the game*


                        I guess you could call her a ghost. A ghost from my former life, really. *I swallow hard* Remember how I mentioned Jennifer? The doctor who...well, made me feel useless when I was helping my Carson in my reality? Well guess who this new intern is...*I look up at Dell* was more than just the fact that she made me feel useless. In my reality, I lost Carson because of her. It was her cure for the cellular degradation that erased his memory. Do you know what it's like to have the love of your life not recognize you? When I got thrown here and I got my second chance with A-Carson...that it was Carson who created the cure this time...I was relieved. Now I'm supposed to train Jennifer in this reality...Sis, how the hell am I going to do this without wanting to either cry or scream every time I see her?


                          -Oh Aang, I'm so sorry *I put my arms around her hold her tight*
                          -You need to talk to A-Carson, tell him how you feel. He is not going to know what it means to you unless you tell him.

                          YES! TOUCHDOWN! Ahhh crap! *the sudden jumping up proved to be quite painful, but he still looks happy, so I just leave him to it*


                            *I let Dell hold me, taking some comfort from her arms around me, reminding me that I'm in a different reality now* I know he won't know unless I tell him...but it's not going to be easy to explain this to him. do I tell him that all of my frustration and hurt towards Jennifer is because of another Carson? Well, he'll be back soon, he was walking her to her quarters and giving her a shift assignment for tomorrow...shouldn't take him long and then I'll talk to him. *I glance up, give Shep my best disapproving doctor look, realize how silly I must look making that face at him from my position wrapped in Dell's arms and I can't hold back a giggle*


                              What? Didn't hurt! Think I'll sit down. *he winces as he sits, I try not to, but can't help a smile and quiet chuckle. He seems like the old Shep now, and I can only guess that he had a good talk to A-Carson while I was sleeping.*

                              -I'm sure A-Carson will be understanding, he knows how much you love him. You and him are one of the most stable couples I know. I hope Shep and I can be as solid as you two!


                                *I tilt my head to smile up to Dell* A-Carson and I...we had an interesting start, for sure. But we survive. We help each other. I help him through the hellish days he has sometimes at the infirmary and he helps me through whatever I'm going through. It's...well I'd be lying if I said it was always that easy. We have our when you and I cloaked and sneaked off world, he was not amused with me...but we make it work. I think you and Shep will be just fine, Sis. He sure seems happy now. *I smile, and at that moment, A-Carson comes in, a worried look on his face*

                                A- Aang, are ye alright, Love? Y'looked pretty upset before...

                                Hi A-Carson, I'm alright, Love...a little shaken up...let me explain. The um, Jennifer of my reality...well she and I were at odds. She'd created a cure to um, that Carson's cellular degradation...but it had a side effect. I was caring for him as he healed, he was...we were...together. One morning...he didn't know me. He woke up and didn't recognize me, a side effect of the drug she gave him. And when I asked about it...she told me there was nothing I could do. Made me feel like there was nothing I could do to save him. And then I was thrown here...away from her. *I stand up out of Dell's grasp and go over to A-Carson, who reaches out and wraps me in his arms*

                                A- Aang, my Love, I can promise ye that won't happen. I will always know ye. I promise it. Do ye could give 'er a try, see if ye can work wi' her? Or is it still too soon for ye?

                                I could try. For you, Love. *I smile up at him and he pulls me into a kiss*

                                (spoiler because big GIF file is big)


                                (Ta-DAAAA first GIF I ever made!!)
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