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    (Meanwhile back in our rooms, I've been awake for a while..most of the night in fact..Shep has had a rough night. He has been asleep, but not resting well)

    *so I'm sitting in a chair facing the bed watching him sleeping peacefully at long last, and just nodding off myself when the alarm goes off telling me it is time to get up. I jump up and turn it off before it can wake Shep, then go back to my chair, pull my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around them and wonder if these separate room were really such a good idea.*


      *I bring the coffee and tea stuff out to the table after a few minutes, then look toward Shep and Dell's door, wondering if either of them are awake yet*

      A- Thank ye, Love. I do wonder how Shep is doin' this mornin', but I dinna think it's such a wise idea for me to go an' see b'cause I'm th' doctor an' tha's is their personal quarters. Dell would call if they needed me.

      Well...I could always go and visit Sis and see how they're doing...after all, when I'm not in the infirmary, she's my sister...

      A- Aye, I thought I 'eard their alarm goin' off y'know. Per'aps Dell's awake now. *he pours himself a cup of coffee*

      *I nod, but decide to have a cup of tea before going over to their quarters, to shake the rest of the sleep fog from my own mind*


        *I'm still sitting in the chair, nodding off, but waking up after every few seconds few seconds*


          *as I finish off my tea, I pour a cup of coffee and prepare it just the way my Sis likes, before I venture into their adjoining quarters. I walk into their living room and slip over to the door of the bedroom, sticking my head and the coffee cup around the side of the door* *I can see that Dell looks exhausted and I can figure easily that she must have been up just about all night, so I try to stay quiet and take it easy on her*

          *I say quietly so as not to wake Shep* Good morning, Sis *and I smile*


            -Oh hi, ooh coffee! Thanks! *I take the cup from her and take a mouthful* Mmmm!
            -Lets go in the living room, I don't want to wake him.
            *we get up and go in the living room but I leave the door open so I can hear him if he needs me*

            -I've hardly got any sleep last night, Shep was restless, but the moving must have hurt because he was moaning and groaning all night.


              I could tell you didn't sleep last night from how you were dozing off in the chair there when I walked in *I smile a bit sideways*
              ...I'm not actually a doctor of any sort, just a nurse, but A-Carson did say the wound would be a bit sore for a while. Maybe he'd be able to give you something Shep can take for the pain before bed so that he could sleep easier at least, be comfortable in whatever position he ends up in. If Shep slept easier then you might also sleep easier, and I wouldn't come and find you dozing off in the chair there due to lack of sleep...

              *I trail off when I realize I'm sounding like a doctor and probably boring Sis to sleep because she's so exhausted* Anyway, I really just came to see how things were going for you and Shep...and bring you coffee.


                The coffee is good! I think half the problem is our sleeping arrangement's. I need to sleep somewhere else so when he needs to move I'm not in his way. I feel like....I don't know, I feel a bit useless really, he needs some one who can help him, and I'm just getting in the way.


                  Oh Sis, you're not useless. And you know he'd rather have you with him than deal with a nurse all the time. *I roll my eyes slightly* But know the feeling. Before I became a nurse here, hell before I came to this Carson in my old reality was a clone as well and had just come out of a stasis pod after a problem with cellular degradation. Internal damage and that.

                  *I sigh a bit*

                  The doctor in charge was this blonde girl, *I shake my head in disbelief* she had to be an intern, I swear it. She'd been there near a year and was still a total flake. She sent him to his quarters when he needn't stay any longer at the infirmary and I being his girlfriend, was to care for him there...sort of just to be there if he needed me...and I felt so useless. Poor guy was in such pain and all I could do was sit by and watch because there was literally nothing I could do for him. I always felt like I was in his way. That's why when I came to this reality, I vowed I would become a proper nurse so that I could help Carson...A-Carson, I suppose it is now, if he ever needed me.

                  ...I hope whoever is with the Carson in my old reality can care for him properly when he needs it and not be in his way all the time like I was.


                    *I look at her for a bit*

                    -A blonde girl? crap!
                    *there is a moment silence and then we both crack up laughing*


                    -Um , I better just go check on him, but I will ask A-Carson for something to help him sleep, either that or something to knock me out!
                    *I go through to the other room, and Shep is trying to sit up, I go to help him*

                    I can do it!

                    -alright, sorry, need me to get anything?
                    Ahh! No, I said I can do it, let me!

                    -Then why call me in?
                    You weren't here, wondered why you weren't here.

                    -I was only in the next room with Aang, not like I was off skydiving or something!
                    Can you pass me my pants?.................................please? Thanks.

                    -I'll be out in the next room, call if you need me!

                    * I come back in and sit down*
                    -he will be out in a minute.


                      (figured out who I was poking at with the blonde comment yet? If not this will explain it)

                      Ahh alright.

                      Well the blonde--her name was Jennifer--she'd taken over the infirmary when dear old Carson's health had gone bad. Seemed to me, she was thrown into Atlantis head first into the deep end, but I didn't like her. She was sort of...I don't want to say clueless because she wasn't...more like she hadn't been brought up to speed on the Pegasus galaxy before she was dragged headlong through the gate.

                      Um needless to say, it's harder to try to be a useful "nurse" to a doctor than to um, a non-doctor. Doctors make the WORST bloody patients in history. *I snort* I've got A-Carson wrapped around my finger so he behaves for me, but he knows how stubborn I can be if he doesn't do as I say. *I giggle*


                        -Doctors make the worst patients! Try MCO's


                        - speaking of whom, back in a mo.
                        *I go back into the room. Shep has his pants on, and is standing , but is leaning heavily on the bed head*
                        Can you give me a hand please, damn I hate being like this! I hate having to ask for help.

                        -I know, come here, lean on me, you right there?

                        Yes, and Dell?

                        I'm sorry I yelled at you before, if I do it again hit me.

                        -it's ok, I understand, but ok, I'll be happy to hit you!
                        And that's why I love you!
                        *We make our way out to the living room, and I sit him down on a chair, and go to sit on the couch*
                        Morning Aang.


                          um inbox!


                            Morning Shep, nice to see you awake this morning. *I smile at him* *At that moment, A-Carson pokes his head in, coffee jug and two more cups in hand*

                            A- Anyone 'ere feel like some coffee? *he comes in after I wave for him to come join us*


                              Originally posted by Dellruby View Post
                              um inbox!
                              Um oops! One moment!


                                -ooh I need at least 3 more!
                                *A-Carson give me a look that seems to say coffee is not what you need*

                                Thanks buddy, that would be nice.