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    you finished all surprises?
    Can I have them now?


      Um, yes and no. Finished the one, still trying to tie the end on the other--let me vanish for a mo and do that now--and I'd love to give them to you now, but it's still only the second of Feb there, I don't know if I should give them early or make you wait a wee bit longer


        I want to say give them now, but you should make me wait.


          Well if I should make you wait, it's going to be torture as much for me as you because I'm having a hard time being patient to see your reaction...


            I think I can tell you I will be very happy, going on past experience.


              I know, but the reaction will be pleasing to me all over again

              I dunno, I like to make my friends smile and I really feel bad when I stuff things up.


                Your not stuffing things up, that was me for going off half cocked (to use a gun term).
                I'm sorry please don't hold it against me.


                  Oh Sis, I can't hold it against you, I stuffed it up as much as you went off half cocked.

                  Don't ever, ever think I could stay upset with you. Because I never could.


                    wow, how did yo know where to find me just then, I hadn't even finished posting the damn thing, and both you and taris liked it!


                      Random guess I suppose. Noticed you hadn't moved around on GW for the last ten minutes so I asked myself where else I could look. Got it right on the first try.


                        I was on twitter first!


                          Yes well my Twitter's a bit slow to update so I guess I got lucky and skipped twitter, followed you straight to FB


                            Originally posted by Dellruby View Post
                            *Walking down the hall I stop and take Shep out onto a balcony and park the chair, then I come round in front of him and lean back against the railing*

                            What are we doing here?
                            We just need to work something out, you see where ever I take you now, is where you set up camp for good.
                            Not sure I follow.

                            Well it has come to Elizabeths attention that we have been staying at Carsons for the last few months, and leaving our own quarters empty. She doesn't like waste, so a decision has to be made. She accepts that we are an item, and for the most part, where ever you are, I am. So do we stay in your quarters, mine, or Carsons guest room.
                            Well both yours and my quarters are too small for 2 people to live comfortably, but I think we do need a space of our own.

                            Ahh, walked right into Elizabeths trap, you did.

                            Ok plan. There is a set of quarters right beside the Carsons one, that adjoins. It has it's own front door, and small living room, but also has a connecting door to their lounge and kitchen.
                            So that is what that door is, I thought it was a cupboard.

                            So whats it to be?
                            *he braces himself on the arms of the chair and levers himself up to a standing position, waving off my offer of help, and takes the 2 steps over to me, putting his arms round my waist, and looks into my eyes*
                            So lets make it official then, and move in together, you me, and rooms built for two.

                            I like that idea. *I say with a smile right before he kisses me.*
                            *after a few minutes I help him back into the chair and take him off to our new quarters. The door opens and he sees all our stuff already in there*
                            You were pretty sure of my answer then.

                            I've been living in the infirmary for the past two weeks, I took it as a sign.

                            *We come in the connecting door to the communal lounge. Shep has his arm around me and is walking.*

                            Hi guys, can we come in?

                            Of course ye can, this lounge is as much yours as it ever was.
                            A-Where's your chair Shep.
                            Dell can push me around the base as much as she likes, but at home, I walk.

                            when he makes his mind up, you can't change it.
                            A-It's not a bad idea at that, you need to get back on your feet.
                            See told you they would agree with me.

                            Yes, yes, ok, now will you just sit down on the couch?
                            Don't mind if I do. *he makes out he's all good, but we can all see the relief when he sits down. I sit beside him, and he puts his arm around me again*

                            Guys, I have an idea, we *indercate Shep and myself* need to get used to having some time apart or Sheps missions are going to be very tough, so I was thinking can you guys stay with him for a couple of hours or so a day, while I go to the office and get some of the paper work done, it's piling up a bit, or so I have been told by Liz.
                            I don't see why I can't go in with her, but...when she makes up her mind, It can be very hard to change.

                            (sorry Beck I tried to quote you here to, but there were too many emotes and it wouldn't let me)


                              I think the Dr's Beckett and I can help you with that. I do need a bit more nursing practice anyway. *I look at Shep*

                              A- Aye, I think tha' can be arranged. Y'right though, if ye don't get used to bein' apart, it'll be even 'arder when he's back on 'is feet and goin' on missions. Jus' like I've got ta schedule Aang for a few shifts in tha' infirmary when I'm no' the doctor on duty, so she an' I can get used ta not bein' together in case I have ta go on missions...

                              Ay now let's not go there just yet, Love. You're not scheduled for another mission until Shep's back on his feet as you only go with his team. Remember? *I smile and swat at him playfully but he catches my hand* Ack, let go! *I am laughing*


                                Well I see I don't get a say in this.

                                -you had your say, but I was right this time.
                                Ok, when is this going to start then, are you leaven right now *his arm holds me tighter to him*

                                -Tomorrow morning will be soon enough, coming home to new quarters and walking for the first time in 2 weeks is enough for today.

                                Good, glad to hear it. *he relaxes a bit*