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    *looks over at Gabriel* You will, just as soon as she comes back to Atlantis--which should be very soon now. *I am still smiling*


      Gabriel: but he *looks at Shep* won't let me because he is scared I could do something to Dell

      *hugs Gabriel tight and gives a sad glance to Shep*
      But Carson, we need your help once again, I am sure you noticed Gabriel's little special effect and now we wonder if you could find out what causes it


        I'll make sure that Shep doesn't get in your way, Gabriel. *I shoot a disapproving glance at Shep and he looks at me innocently, then we both end up laughing slightly*

        A- Aye, the fangs I'm guessin'. It's as if 'e has a bit of Vampire in 'im. I'll do ma' best to figure out what would cause that just as soon as ma' patient here *he raises an eyebrow at Shep, causing him to stop laughing* is fully healed. It alw'ys take a firm hand to keep 'im behaving.


          Everything went great! and I will be coming home soon, I miss you too. Hey is that Poet in the background? Hey Poet good to see you! I can hear some one coming, I've got to go!

          *I snap off the ball and shove it in my pocket as the door opens*

          Are you ready yet, Jack wasn't kidding when he said he wants you gone in 10 minutes!

          Hold on. *I grab my bag which I had hardly touched since getting here, then I gathered up a few things, some of which I think must be Aangs and throw them in the bag. I turn to face her.*

          All set, send me home!
          Ok, lets go.
          *we walk to the gate room and I see the worm hole is already established, and Jack is talking to Elizabeth.
          Well if you have any questions all you need to do is ask, but I'm sure you can make it all up as you go along. I'm sending signed orders with Dell so it is all binding, and I don't want to see her face around here for a good long while, she is your problem now, good luck!

          I'm sure we will do just fine!
          *Jack hands me the order forms and gives me a quick smile. I give him a hug, more because I know it will throw him for a loop, than because of anything else.

          Thanks Jack for not sending me back, and for sending me back. Hmm, that made more sense in my head. *I turn to Sam and give her a hug.* Thank you for everything, I owe you big time, anything you ever want, it's yours!
          I'll take your first born, that should cover it. *she says it with a smile but ...*

          Oh, um, not there yet, you may be waiting a loong time! *I go bright red! I hear Jack mumble something under his breath, I can't make it out but here Sheps name and it doesn't sound complimentary, I go even redder if it's possible!*

          You better get through the gate, we can't keep it open forever you know.

          I'm outta here! And not a moment to soon! *I turn and go up the ramp, and a huge smile spreads across my face, I'm going home!*


            *my Comm link buzzes in my ear*

            Aang? I've got good news! Dell will be coming home now. I think she'd want to see you when she gets here. Gate Room please. *she lowers her voice* And don't think I don't know something's up. We will talk in my office later, after you meet Dell.

            Yes ma'am! *I turn to A-Carson, who is already ahead of me with a wheel chair that has an IV hook up on it and we ease Shep into the chair, then take off for the Gate Room, knowing that we have all of about 3.5 seconds to get from here to there*

            Dell's on her way?! *smiling*

            A- Aye, we're going to meet 'er now, but ye need to stay calm, consider y'self DAMN lucky I'm lettin' ye out these doors to meet her. *he shoots a glare at Shep*

            (OK brb got to walk to the other building)


              *I step through and out into the gate room of Atlantis. Elizabeth is standing there waiting for me, but she is alone, she sees me looking around*
              They will be here any second now, I'm sure. Welcome home.

              Thank you, it feels really good to get back! *I hand her the orders*
              Thank you, I will look at doing something about this real soon!

              Thank you. *right then I hear what can only be called a squeal, and look in time to see Aang running towards me. I have time to drop my bag, hold out my arms and think,"this is going to hurt" before she throws herself into my arms and knocks me off my feet. we land in a heap, but we're laughing.*

              It's good to see you too!


                Dell! I'm so glad you're back!!! *I am still incredibly excited*

                *I haul Dell to her feet as A-Carson comes in wheeling Shep in his wheel chair, and I turn her to face him, waiting for her reaction*


                A- Easy, Lad. Easy. *keeping a very strict eye on Shep and making sure he doesn't get overly excited*


                  Shep! You let him out of the infirmary? *I rush over to him and drop down and give him a hug, he hugs back, but I hear a moan of pain as he does*

                  Oh God I'm sorry! *I pull back from him, but he isn't letting go*
                  Come back, I need more.

                  I don't want to hurt you.
                  It will hurt me more if you don't hug me. *he actually pulls me onto his lap, but I can see the pain on his face*

                  Not like this, I won't cause you more pain, besides, A-Carson is about to ban me from seeing you.
                  A-Aye, I'm thinking along those lines, settle down lad, or visiting hours will be cut to nil.
                  *Shep keeps hold of one of my hands, but lets the rest of me go*
                  A-Carson, you are an evil man.
                  A- time to get you back to bed.
                  Sounds good!
                  Evil, all I'm saying.
                  *We head back to the infirmary*


                    Yes Dell, I talked A-Carson into letting him out to meet you at the 'Gate on the condition that we keep him from getting too excited..Might not be my smoothest idea but it was worth it. *I smile at her*

                    *I can't help but giggle a bit at A-Carson* Shep, you best be careful or being on Atlantis could seem further away from Dell than her being on Earth was. A-Carson is pretty good at keeping visitors out of his infirmary.

                    *I pick up Dell's bag and follow them out of the Gate Room, giving Liz a look that means I will be going to speak with her soon, but not just yet*

                    A- Y' damn right that I'll keep 'im from havin' visitors if he doesn't relax himself. *he doesn't look back at me but I can see him relax a bit, now that he's sure that Shep has calmed down a bit*


                      * we get back to Sheps room and A-Carson helps him into bed, and I see the relief on Shep face, he looks tired and I feel bad because he shouldn't have been out of bed, what was A-Carson thinking, but it was so good seeing him there. I grab a chair and pull it up to the bed and sit down, and glance up at A-Carson who looks like he is about to say something*

                      I won't get him excited, I'll just sit here nice and quiet, I've had enough excitment in the past few days to last a life time.
                      Not your whole lifetime. *He has a cheeky smile on his face and he squeezes my hand*

                      Shhh, you'll get me thrown out! *I hiss at him.*
                      A-Alright, but I'll be watching the heart monitor!
                      *he takes Aangs hand and takes her out of the room*
                      *as soon as they are gone, I lean over Shep and give him a lingering kiss*

                      I missed you so much, you have no idea!
                      Oh yes I do! *we kiss again*


                        *A-Carson takes me back into the main room of our quarters, I briefly run off to put Dell's bag in her and Shep's room, before going back to A-Carson*

                        A- I'm so glad all of ye are back, Love, Y've got no idea how nerve wrackin' it was to be th' only one of us not there, worryin' about ye. *he hugs and kisses me and I decide not to tell him all of the details of our mission or he will never let me out of his sight again*

                        *my earpiece buzzes again*

                        Aang, it's time for that little chat, please report to my office now.

                        I'm on my way, Elizabeth! *I kiss A-Carson once more before I head to Elizabeth's office, a knot forming in my stomach because I know that she's suspicious of me*

                        *I arrive in her office and she looks at me, points to a chair, but I can't sit down because I am too scared of what is coming next*

                        Do you want to tell me where you have been and why John Sheppard is in the infirmary with a large wound? *she is staring me down*

                        Yes, I do. We were on the mainland. We were trying to get past the idea of Dell possibly leaving us forever. We were fishing, but we still had all our gear with us and one of the Athosian children got hold of a grenade. Shep got caught in the explosion rescuing the child, and is recovering fine. *I let loose a sigh*

                        Alright, that is what will go in my report then. I won't question it further. *she nods and winks almost unnoticeably and I know she knows more than she is telling me, but I take what I can get and I go back to A-Carson*


                          *It's been a while since I got back, and Shep has gone to sleep, and I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. A nurse pokes her head in the room*
                          "Um Dell? Elizabeth would like to see you in her office."

                          Now? oh ok. *I get up and place a kiss on the top of Sheps head* Sleep well, I'll be right back.

                          *A short walk later I'm in Elizabeth's office*
                          Have a seat

                          *I pretty much fall into a chair*

                          So you are to be the first official citizen of Atlantis. How do you feel about that?

                          Good, is good
                          *She goes on to talk, but I can't seem to focus. After only a short period she stops talking and activates her com link*
                          Weir to A-Carson, can someone please come and get Dell out of my office and take her to her quarters, she's fallen asleep.
                          A-On my way.

                          *she shakes her head and smiles* What has Jack had you doing?


                            A- Love, I've got to go get Dell from Elizabeth's office, she's fallen asleep at the desk. Poor lass is exhausted. What on earth happened on tha' mission? No, I think I might be better off not knowin' what sort o' danger ye all were in. *he shakes his head, smiling*

                            She hardly slept after Shep was injured...I'll come along and we'll both bring her back. *we set off to Elizabeth's office, where we find Dell sound asleep at the desk and Elizabeth smiling slightly*

                            A- Elizabeth. *he nods as he goes over to Dell* I got 'er. *he lifts the sleeping Dell easily and I open the door, looking back at Elizabeth and she gives me a knowing smile, which I return*

                            *we walk back to the main room of our quarters, where I wave open the door to Dell and Shep's room and pull back the covers on the bed, so A-Carson can set Dell down. I cover her, wave the lights off and then we both head back to the main room, but first I look back at Dell and smile, and whisper as I walk out the door* I'm glad to have you back safe and sound, Sis... *and then I go and join A-Carson in the main room*


                              Ok, I guess I can take a break for a while since I'm sleeping, unless you want to wave a magic wand and make it morning


                                Hey whatever you want to do, if you want to take a break for a while then I'm good as well, been a long few days of mission work, I could crash out on the couch, snuggled up against A-Carson for a while...