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    *I smile at Shep and Dell, happy to see Shep finally awake, and then I walk with Carson across the room*

    Carson, thank you...thank you for you and Beck coming along. I know it's been ridiculously hard for both of you, but I don't know what we..they...would have done if you weren't here...*I say quietly, give Carson a quick hug and feel his arms around me, it feels so much like A-Carson, that my heart twists a little and I pull away* Carson, thank you. How's Beck?

    Poor Lass is still asleep a bit...she really tired 'erself out wi' all that cryin'...*he sighs and his eyes flash sadness for a moment, before I nod silently and we go our separate ways, me back to Dell and he back to work*


      Aangs here too, come say hi Aang.
      *I'm holding his hand with my right hand, and stroking his hair back from his forehead with the left, and then I kiss his forehead. he still looks so sick it brakes my heart*


        *I walk over and stand beside Dell, looking at Shep*

        Hi Shep, it's nice to see you somewhat back in the land of the living...*I smile at Shep* *he tries to say something, but I shake my head* Don't speak, don't hurt yourself, there's time for talking later, when you're feeling better...

        *I look over to Dell and I can still see the pain in her eyes from seeing Shep like this, so I put a protective hand on her shoulder as I always seem to be doing*


          *I smile my thanks to Aang, I know being this strong for me is taking a toll on her, but I need it all the same. Sam comes in the room*
          Ah John, I heard you were awake, good to see you in the land of the living again. *it's stupid but that turn of phrase hurt*
          I'm sorry to do this, but I need to talk to you Dell. Shell we step outside?

          Ok, *I turn to Shep* I'll be right back, don't go anywhere! *I smile and kiss him lightly on the lips, and give his hand a squeeze, then walk out the room behind Sam*
          I'm sorry for the timing, but this can't wait any longer. I need you to tell me what happened after Aang and the others beamed up.

          Well, everything was fine at first, we left the room, and had no trouble at all until we got to the car park. The limo driver was dead, and the tires slashed.We started looking for another car to take, but someone started shooting at us. It was all so fast, I hardly had time to work out what was going on before Shep was hit. I called you and the rest you know.
          Did you hear gun shots? Or see anybody, the shooter?

          No, I didn't hear or see anything.
          That tells me the shooter knew who his target was, your cover was blown. That could work for us further down the line. But first you and I have to go see Jack. We can't put it off any longer.
          *I nod* Let me say bye to Shep, and we will get it over and done with.
          5 minutes and I want you on the bridge.
          * She walks away and I turn to see Aang watching. I smile and ask*

          Hear that? *she nods*
          Stay with Shep, don't let him worry, I'll be back as soon as I can.
          *I go over to Shep*

          Hey honey, I have to go chat to Jack for a moment, then I'll be right back ok?
          Not alone *he whispers*
          Sam will be with me, I'll be fine. *I lean down close to his ear*
          I love you John Sheppard.*then give him another light kiss on the lips.* I'm coming right back, don't worry.
          I love you too, be careful. *he whispers*
          *one last smile and I head to the bridge.*


            *I take up my position beside Shep's bed and take his hand in mine, I know I'm not Dell, but I'll do my best to watch over Shep while she's gone*

            *sort of a worried smile to me, his eyes asking me for some kind of reassurance that Dell will be back*

            Dell will be back soon, hon. I trust Sam completely to protect her. Sam's on our side. *I smile, knowing that for the first time since this mission starts, my face will not betray me because I am nearly completely sure that Dell will be safe*

            *offers me a much less worried smile and slightly squeezes my hand, but he knows from the look on my face that if he tries to speak, I will silence him*


              *Sam and I beam directly into Jacks office*
              Well you took your time *notices my eye* have a bit of trouble I see

              You could say that.
              Good news is she got the file, bad news, her cover was blown, there was a sniper waiting for her in the parking lot.
              That's not good, not much use to me if everybody knows your face.

              Such compassion!
              *Sam gives Jack a odd look then continues*
              It seems our boy Rollings was a wraith who had been dumped here in the same rift as Dell and the others, but he knew more about it than us, and was working on a way to get himself back, that is what this file is, his solution.
              Is it complete and will it work?
              Almost and yes, but...
              Well that's great, finish it and send them all back....but what?
              but at the same time as everyone is sent back, the co ordinates of earth will be sent out to all realities, including this one.
              Not good, anyway round that last bit.
              No, but I could just close the tear and make it permanent, then everyone will stay in the realities they are for ever.
              Ok, do that.
              One more but.
              What is it.
              It's not 100% fool proof. There is a 10% chance it it will just activate his program, send everyone back and send the signal.
              *I look at her, she could have told me that before!*
              And if we do nothing?
              There is evidence here to say he was not working alone. if we do nothing someone else will activate it.
              Ok, 90% success rate, I'll take those odds. Dell I need a word alone with the Colonel here, go get yourself a coffee.
              *Leave, but am now a bit worried*


                Why are you so hard on her?
                Dell wasn't born to this life,she needs to be pushed. if she had her way she would just find a man, settle down and have kids, shes better than that, and I won't let her waste her potential.
                I think you are wrong. she has made some strong bonds while in Atlantis, she is an asset there.
                She doesn't take orders well, and has a tendency to say "up yours, I'm doing it my way."
                Sounds like some others I know.
                Oh, Cam Mitchel, John Sheppard, Jack O'Neill.
                And her and Sheppard, he's no good for her.
                Why not?
                He's career Military. He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword. she will have some bloody tough times ahead.
                Let her deal with that, I think she will do fine, I know I did.
                *He smiles* You did.
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                  (Awww Sammmm! )

                  *I am by Shep's side still, holding his hand in mine as he drifts off to sleep a bit and I feel him relax*

                  *Carson walks over from across the room*

                  Aye, good, I see ye managed to get the lad to relax. *he checks on Shep's vitals and nods, satisfied* *walks away, leaving me with Shep*

                  *I am just sitting here smiling, genuinely happy that Shep will be alright and Dell will be back soon*

                  *opens his eyes and smiles peacefully, then whispers to me* She said she loved me...

                  Oh Shep, that's wonderful. I'm so happy for you. *I squeeze his hand gently*

                  *whispering* You were right, Aang. All I had to do was wait for her. *he smiles*

                  *I just smile back, I know my eyes are sparkling with happiness for Shep and Dell*
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                    *Sam comes to find me sitting in the mess and sat down*
                    Sorry I sprang that on you, but it was for the best best. There is one minor detail I left out. This rift is localized to the Milky Way. We can sent Aang and Beck back to Atlantis and they will be safe there if it doesn't go the way we want. In fact Jack is putting a call through to Elizabeth in a bit over half an hour. I have set up a glitch that will close the blast shields on the control room and lock the doors. Then Beck, Carson, and Aang can beam down with Shep on a stretcher, and go through, You have a way to contact Atlantis? yes I thought so, make sure the shield is down. I'm sorry you have to stay here.But I have a back up plan in case the 10% happens, and need you for it.


                      (Um you can keep going, I don't know where to go from here....but there better be a damn good explanation for why you have to stay behind)


                        *5 minutes later I beam up to the Hammond. Sam stayed at the SGC. I walk into Sheps room where I find Back and Carson as well as Aang.*

                        Hi guys, I'm back. *I walk over to Shep, he looks sleepy, but is awake*
                        See I told you I'd be back. *He reaches out his hand to my face and ,and I hold his hand to my cheek* I'm pleased to see you too.
                        *Then I turn to the others*
                        In half an hour Jack is putting through a call to Liz, Aang I need you to give A-Carson a call, and make sure the shield is down, then you guys will be beamed into the sealed off gateroom and go through with Shep on a stretcher. I have to stay here for a little while longer while they activate the program to seal the rift, with luck, I'll only be a day behind you.
                        Don't worry Shep, Sam will look after me, She has Jack wrapped round her little finger. Carson you have to get Shep ready to travel, and make sure everything is ready for him at the other end, ok?
                        *they nod*
                        Aang can I have a word in the hall?
                        *We go out and I make sure Beck and Carson can't hear me.*

                        This rift thing has only affected the milky way, it doesn't reach to the Pegasus Galaxy, so you and Beck will be safe...there is a 10% chance this won't work. I have to be here if it doesn't because, embedded in the program are the co ordinates of Earth, and they will be sent out to all realities if his program works instead of ours. The first sign it hasn't worked will be me disappearing, which will give a heads up for them. Sam has given me a list of codes and contact numbers so that if I do go back I can warn my SGC to the wraith attack on the way. I will get to see you guys again, well, not you, but your counterparts....I'm sorry, but you can't tell the others, Sam will let you know the outcome after we have put the plan in action.
                        Remember, there is 90% chance this will all work out, and I believe in my heart that I will be with you in Atlantis by tomorrow!
                        *I hug her*
                        I have to get back, but I'm going to say bye to Shep first. You have to be ready! And I know it will take all 3 of you to carry Shep's stretcher, so don't try to tell me different. Can you do this for me?


                          If...if you insist on it, then I'll go back to Atlantis with the others...but I'll miss you so much. This had better work out. *I hug Dell and we both go back inside, where I get out the Comm Ball and activate it*

                          A- Aang? Do ye need somethin'? *he yawns a bit, it's the middle of the night on Atlantis, whoops*

                          Love, we're all, aside from Dell for the moment, going to be coming through to Atlantis soon. You'll need to have the infirmary ready for Shep, and we need the shield down...

                          *stomps up beside A-Carson* Did I hear you need the gate's shield down so you can come home? I can do that.

                          Would you, Rodney? *I smile at him*

                          *moments later as I end the call, I go to Dell and hand her the Comm ball* Keep this. Contact me, Sis. Tell me when you're coming home, because I will miss the hell out of you until you come home to us.


                            Thanks I will be home real soon, I know it. I'll call you as soon as we are done.
                            *I go to Shep*
                            Hey, I have to get back to Sam now, but I'll be with you again soon ok?
                            I don't want to go without you *he whispers*
                            I don't want you to go without me either, but it is how it has to be. *I lean down and kiss him, this one is full of longing and promise, and probably more than a man in his condition should be subject too.*

                            I'll see you soon. *I turn to the others,* and I will see you all soon too, and thanks for all your help. *I give each of them a hug then before I can shed any tears, I turn and leave the room and ask to be beamed back down.*


                              *Aboard the Hammond, I am helping Carson and Beck to prep Shep for transport and praying that A-Carson and Rodney can really do as they've promised. Shep looks at me from his stretcher, pleading for me to go to him, so I do*

                              *whispers to me* I'm worried about Dell. She seemed almost sad. *he looks at me*

                              She'll be fine, hon. She's got to help Sam pull off this last bit of the mission and then she will be home to join us. Until then, I'm here. *I take his hand and squeeze it gently, before looking back to Carson who confirms that we are ready to go and I pop my Comm Link into my ear, while Carson and Beck position themselves at either end of Shep's stretcher and I stand beside him, holding his hand* I think we're all ready to go.


                                *I slip into the back of the gate room before the doors are closed by Sams 'glitch' but I'm right at the back so I won't be noticed. The signal is sent, and the doors and blast shields close, then I see the blue light and my friends and lover are on the ramp. They walk up and through, but I think I catch Aangs eye as she enters. When the doors open I slip out, I can hear jack having a fit in the control room.*
                                Everyone away?

                                Yes, went without a hitch.
                                Ok, lets get down to the lab and get this rift closed.
                                *we go and are met by Jack*
                                Do either of you know anything about the blast shields coming down?
                                Not me, you Dell?

                                Wouldn't know how to do that, but it would be cool if I did!
                                I don't know what I'm going to do about you, I really don't.
                                I do.*I hear Sam say quietly, but Jack doesn't.*
                                Are you set? Have you got everything?

                                *I hold up a code book, and a list of contacts* All set.
                                good luck to us all!
                                *Sam types some code into her computer and presses enter*
                                *There is a build up of pressure, and it becomes painful, then the room seems to shimmer and pop. Next thing I know I'm sitting on the floor, but so are Sam and Jack*
                                Was that it? We done now?
                                *Sam gets up and looks at the readout on her screen*
                                Yep, that was it, the rift is closed, Dells still here,and the signal was not sent out!
                                I expected more somehow, I don't know smoke and fireworks, maybe a little cake..*he ducks as Sam goes to hit him. He turns to me. *
                                what to do with you, Your not much use to me as an untraceable agent now that you have been traced, so to speak.
                                I've been thinking about that. She isn't a citizen of earth, so make her Elizabeth's problem, make her a bonafide citizen of Atlantis.
                                *my eyes light up*
                                I like it, get you out from under my feet. I'm going to write up the order right now. *Looks at his watch* 10 minutes want you ready to go, understand?

                                Yes sir *I even throw in a salute for good measure*
                                Great, now she gets all compliant!