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    Originally posted by Dellruby View Post
    I think this was a very bad idea Aang. I think we are both going to go on report for this one!
    We have to be together on this one Carson, We have to make sure nothing like this happens again.
    I agree lad

    (BTW, I'm not smiling! )
    Get your ass and come back in my thread!



      A- Aye, I heard it too. Go, Aang! Radek, go wi' the ladies please!

      I will go and dial the gate. *runs off to dial the gate*

      *takes off running towards the gate so that nobody will see the tears running down her face*


        Oh Crap crap crap *running as fast as I can, and tripping up*

        This is when having a gun would be a good thing!
        *gets up and starts running again, with a slight limp*

        (sound of gun fire behind us)


          *skids back over and puts an arm around Dell to help her move faster* C'mon, it's my fault you're in this mess so I'm going to get you out. *pulls her side arm out of the holster with the other hand* Never leave Atlantis without this.

          *more gunfire and the sound of Radek dialing the gate* We're almost there!


            Hey how come you get a gun and I don't?...No don't answer that, I think I know, got into to much trouble with C4, giving me a gun would be asking for trouble! BTW, thanks for the hand!
            Ok, come on, send the IDC, we got to get out of here
            *Shep and A-Carson have caught up, and Shep has put an arm round me and we are moving fast again...running for the wormhole....hear gun fire behind us again*
            A-Ready, jump!


              *jumps through the event horizon, with Dell and Shep and Carson* *Teyla and Radek come directly behind*

              Oof! *lands on the floor in the gate room and rolls out of the way of the others before standing up*

              As *pant* to why *pant* I have a gun and you didn't *shoves it back in the holster* Apparently I haven't gotten into much trouble with explosives or firearms....and I didn't want us both off world without a gun between us, Shep would have killed me if I didn't keep you as safe as I could and may yet kill me for taking you off world in the first place...


                *still sitting on the floor rubbing my knee*
                Yep, think we are pretty much dead, but in case we're not, maybe someone should train me in the proper use of said items, I wouldn't get into so much trouble!
                Are you ok Dell? *squatting by me*
                Banged my knee is all.
                Right, everyone to the infirmary, I feel th need to draw some blood!
                *Shep lifts me to my feet and we head off*
                *look over at Aang* Crap!


                  ...And that's how you know when my Carson is thoroughly pissed. The needles. *walks up on Dell's other side on our way to the infirmary and whispers to her* I'm so sorry, Luv. If I hadn't dragged you along to test out the new cloaks, you wouldn't have banged your knee and Shep and Carson...wouldn't be so royally angry with us...


                    Hey life is meant to be lived, and there is nothing like a brush with death (or an angry boyfriend) to remind you how good you have it!
                    BTW, I think that test proved these gadgets work well.
                    Right here we are, up on the bed Dell. Get these boots off...your choice want us to cut these pants or want to take them off.
                    Hmm, can you pull the curtains please, oh, and I can do it myself thanks!


                      *face in her hands* Don't remind me. *peeks up and sees A-Carson coming*

                      A- Aang, ye'll be next after I tend to Dell. *he is getting together what he'll need to properly fix up Dell*

                      *I start sniffling and crying a little when he looks back at me with those eyes* I-I hate it when you're mad, Love...Carson...*sniff*

                      A- Per'aps ye should 'ave thought o' that before ye sneaked off world wi'out permission.


                        Ready for me?
                        *pulls back the curtain. I have a sheet over me with my leg sticking out.*
                        That doesn't look to bad, I'll clean it up, don't think you will need stiches
                        Good. *look over at Shep, he has a pained look on his face*
                        What now?


                          (I don't know how the big softy is staying so angry with me...guess I really gave him a scare...)

                          *by this time, I am sitting on the edge of the other bed, tears are running down my face and Teyla is beside me with an arm around me*

                          I am sure he will come around. Carson would not stay angry with you. He loves you. *she squeezes my shoulders*

                          I know, but's...I feel horrible that I upset him so. I've never had Carson this angry with me and I miss him. I just want one of his hugs right now.

                          Carson was only concerned for your safety. He is only angry because you scared him. He would have been devastated if anything worse had happened to either of you while you were off world.

                          *I cry harder at that* I-I know...*hiccup sob*

                          Shhh Aang, do not speak. *hugs me*

                          A- *is working on Dell's knee* *sad sigh as he hears me crying* I hate tha' I've got to be so tough on the poor lass...but she'll never learn if I let 'er get away with these things...


                            Sorry, don't move.
                            Easy for you to say! Ok Shep, out with it, lets get this over and done with!
                            Ok. Your grounded for a start, no more going off world-period!
                            And I think Elizabeth wants to send you back to earth, you have caused to much trouble.


                              *suddenly looks up from her sobbing* But this time was my fault, Elizabeth can't punish Dell for what I did! *hiccup cough sob* She can't! I'll go back to Earth and never come back if it means Dell can stay on Atlantis! *hops off the bed and runs out of the infirmary to find Elizabeth*

                              Carson, I think you had best go and talk to Aang.

                              A- Do ye think she'd want to talk ta me? After 'ow I've been toward 'er?

                              I think you are the only one she will listen to.

                              A- *finishes with Dell and takes off after me* Aang! Come back, Love!

                              Why? You're angry with--wait. Did you call me Love? *hiccup*

                              A- Aye, I did. I'm still disappointed wi' you for what ye did...but ye need to come back to the infirmary an' let me check ye out. We'll talk to Elizabeth together afterward. Come wi' me, Love. *he puts an arm around my shoulders and leads me back to the infirmary*


                                *I'm just sitting there*
                                You can't expect to do the kinds of stuff you have and get away with it......
                                No, I understand.
                                She hasn't made the final decision yet, but she is getting pressure from the IOA.
                                I understand, I'll go talk to her. *gabs my pants and pulls them on, not caring who is there*
                                I'll go with you.
                                No, I'll go alone, it will be better if I go alone.
                                *I leave the infirmary....give Aang a smile as I go past her and Carson at the door*