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    Rolling eyes slightly. But enjoys the sight.
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      What can I say? *braids her wet hair to keep it back from her face* I think I've had enough of his chaos for the day...


        Do I get a Carson?
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          If you want one *kicks the old clone machine and it turns on* Let me just...*pressing a few buttons to reset the DNA sample to the Original Carson's DNA*

          *whole bunch of loud noise and then POOF*

          S- Why hello there, lads and lasses. Nice to see ye all.

          A- Hello Lad, there's your pretty lass..*points to Sparky*

          S- Aye, she is a pretty one alright. *goes over to Sparky* Hello Love, I've got some of ma' memories so I remember ye well. *smiles and shines his blue eyes at Sparky*



            *falls off barstool*
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              S- *pulls Sparky to her feet and hugs her* Ahh, so I do have the ol' Beckett charm then, Love. *grins*

              A- I'll say 'e does. Knocked the Lass right off her chair on th' first try...*grins as well and pulls me in for a hug*

              So I do remember how to program the Carson-Cloner then...Michael's instructions did work! Oh and Michael also left me the cure for the cellular degradation too, added it straight into the machine, so no dying clones here


                Aw well sad Aang is sad now. One of my new friends on had to leave the site *snuggles up to A-Carson* I'm gonna' miss her!

                A- I'm so sorry, Love. *pets my hair and holds me close*


                  *wakes up to find im in bed in our quarters & Carson is laying beside me stroking my hair*
                  Morning beautiful

                  Me: How'd I get here? I remember siting on the couch & watching a dvd
                  Aye ye were love, but I moved ye & Rodney took tha couch. Though just as well I moved ye, Nicky n' Carson.N came round & well 'e caused a bit o' trouble.

                  Me: What did he do?
                  He was throwin' water balloons round the common room. Soaked poor Aang & 'er iphone

                  Me: Oh dear. Is it still working?
                  Aye, luckily. But thas why I moved ye, I din't want ye te get hit
                  Aaww thanks love *hugs him* I've not met Nicky & Carson.N yet. I've only heard about them

                  Well after tha incident, we had te sedated 'im & he's been locked in tha spare room
                  Me: Oh gosh really? Where's Nicky? Why isn't she looking after him?

                  Well she's asked us te look after 'im for awhile as she isn't talkin' to 'im at tha moment. Tha poor lass mistakenly got tha blame for wetting Aang's phone, instead of Carson.N. So she's quite upset with 'im
                  Me: Oh dear, that's not good. Why is he so mischievous? Carson.A isn't like that

                  Well since Nicky created 'im 'er self without really know what she was doin', Carson.N is... forgive meh for saying, *whispers* a defect
                  Me: A defect?

                  Aye, hes not all together there like Carson.A is. Carson.A is exactly me in every way 'cept for the obvious attraction te Aang. Carson.N's defect is probably caused by the fact that tha last time tha clone machine was used, my DNA was the template te create Carson.A. But as Nicky din't reset tha machine, Carson.A's DNA then became tha new template, an' with Carson.A already being a clone, Nicky cloned a clone. Tha problem with cloning a clone is that some information gets muddled up & can alter the original DNA, therefore giving Carson.N 'is mischievous personality.
                  Me: Wow that's a lot of information to process first thing when you wake up

                  Aye sorry love *kisses my forehead* I must sound like Rodney
                  Haha, no, but how'd you know all this?

                  Carson.A told meh about it
                  Me: Oh, right, yeah well he would know that, what being held prisoner by Michael for so long *facepalm for forgetting that*

                  Me: But Nicky wouldn't have known that the machine needed to be reset?
                  No she wouldn't, she's not had tha experience with this sort of thing before, but that's why Carson.N is the way he is. That doesn't mean she would love 'im any less, 'e just needs a wee bit o' love n' TLC.

                  Well I'm sure Carson.N is sorry & will make up to Nicky
                  Aye, but until then, we need te keep an eye on 'im & make sure 'e doesn't get up te too much trouble

                  *I stretch, yawn then smile at Carson*
                  Shall we get up then?
                  Aye, Aang left ye some scones n' a pot o' tea from our late afternoon tea last night. We'll pop it on tha stove n' heat it up

                  Ok, love
                  *we kiss*

                  *we leave our quarters & enter the common room & Carson goes off to put the tea on the stove*
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                  I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                  traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                    (sorry about the length of that, I got a bit carried away coming up with reason Carson.N is so mischievous unlike mine & Aang's)

                    (omg no-one has been here in 12 hours?! what is this world coming to! lol)
                    I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                    traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                      *enters the common room*
                      Hello Rodney
                      Hi Mc!

                      You stayed the night again?
                      Yeah, well its much more fun here than my own place. besides, the Carson's don't mind

                      *Carson re-enters with the tea & scones & enough cups for Rodney as well*
                      Here we are

                      *Abby is playing in the corner*
                      Ye want some scones Abby?
                      Abby: Ok! *comes & gets some scones & has to fight Rodney for the best one*
                      Hey you two... share please. Anyway, where's my hug?

                      *Abby with a full mouth & scones in both hands quickly hugs me then returns to eating, as Carson pours tea for me, himself & Rodney*
                      Thanks love. Carson.A & Aang still asleep?
                      Aye, they haven't left their quarters yet, so I assume so
                      Or maybe they aren't sleeping, maybe they're -
                      *I Gibbs-slap Rodney*
                      Shh! *nods towards Abby*
                      Oww! sorry

                      Shall we all watch a dvd? How about some NCIS?
                      *Abby nod's with a full mouth*
                      Aye, sounds great love
                      So that's where you got the habit of head-slapping me, huh?

                      *I smirk & put the dvd on. then we gather on to the couch, Abby is on Carson's lap, I snuggle against Carson & Rodney sits beside me. Then I press play & we watch the dvd*
                      I am Queen McBeck of McTennantLand,
                      traveling in the TARDIS with King Rodney & my fine Sir Carson of Atlantis... ALONSY!



                        I'm around, just about..
                        But I might not be later on for a few hours. It looks like I'm going to be alone in the house tonight so I'm gonna catch up with a few more episodes of Continuum while no one's hogging the TV with NCIS!
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                        "I'm Jack. It means... what's in the box?"

                        >-- Czechs Rock! >--


                          *Aang wanders in and sees the family + Rodney sitting on one couch and my Carson on the other couch* *sneaks up behind her own Carson and kisses his cheek from behind*

                          A- Aang! *jumps slightly* Nice to see ye, Love! *pulls me over the back of the couch to join him* *I accidentally land sprawled across him*

                          Oof! *sits up and snuggles in next to him*

                          Dell and I had decided something had to have been different about the DNA used to creat Carson.N ourselves, he seemed far more of a trouble-maker than the Carsons we're used to...*looks up into her own Carson's eyes and smiles*


                            HI Carson, you won't believe it but I am still notrid off that cold completely
                            Any good advices how to get rid of that faster?


                              A- I'm sorry to have missed ye, Poet. Aang had me a wee bit tied up, accompanyin' 'er to New York today, but 'm back now. Ye'll have to let that cold run its course, but honey an' cranberry juice both 'ave natural antibiotics built in tha' your body will never become immune to. Always a safe bet t' try if y' need help fightin' off a cold. *smiles*

                              Aye, and he's turnin' me into a doctor too. Wait until I finish my latest fanfiction that I just began, you'll meet my Atlantis OC, she's Scottish and a doctor as well, she works with Carson at the moment, but we'll see what happens


                                ok, back reading, with you in a mo!