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    As a reward I will give you a spoiler for my CA story. I think you'll like it.

    "I've wanted to dance with you all night."

    "Really? Why didn't you just come and ask?"

    "Every time I looked towards you, suddenly a wild Anderson would appear and divert my attention elsewhere."

    "Aren't you a bit old for Pokemon references?"

    "Aren't you a bit old to be recognizing Pokemon references?"

    "Touché, Doc. Sorry about my brood. They're awesome but can a raw, overprotective pain in the ass sometimes."

    "Don't apologize. It's a good thing. Besides, I made my good intentions very clear."

    "You have intentions?"

    "Don't you?"

    Vic felt her cheeks fill with color yet again and he chuckled softly at the sight. She rolled her eyes and scooted a little closer for their slow dance. He was dashing in his dress blues, the shadow on his face emphasizing the clear crystal robin's egg of his eyes. The shade was very close to the periwinkle off the shoulder dress Annie had picked out for her and she wondered if that was a coincidence. Probably not. The blonde was incorrigible when it came to quietly mocking her about her Butler related feelings. Not even bringing her thing with Augs could dissuade her nowadays…

    "I didn't mean to embarrass you. It's just…I'm not oblivious, Victoria."

    "I kinda wish you were right now, Paul. Look, I'm not expecting you to reciprocate or anything like that. It's just…a thing."

    "I wouldn't have pushed the subject if I wasn't feeling…things…for you, too."

    Her heart went into double time but before she could muster up a reply, a throat cleared to their left. Puller was looking at them mid slow dance with his wife with amused eyes and she mouthed, 'what?'

    He gestured for them to look up and when they did, lo and behold, they were under a piece of mistletoe. It wasn't really shocking. After all, the mistletoe was scattered all throughout the ceiling between strings of white lights and other decorations but none were as big and blatant as the piece above them. Dimly, she wondered if Auggie had something to do with it (just about every potentially disastrous social moment she had at a family gathering had something to do with the little bastard…) but her whole mind turned to mush as Butler brushed his lips across hers.

    He tasted spicy and sweet, a result of the refreshments, Altoids, and just plain him. His lips brushed again and she responded slowly, lightly, shyly…to hell with it!

    Grabbing firmly by the scruff of the neck, Vic went full throttle, making him moan low and soft into her mouth as he eagerly responded. His tongue twined and danced with hers, tasting, memorizing, gorging…damn, it felt good…
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      Mmmmm that delicious scene blew a brain cell while I was reading. Thanks for that, Sparky


        Hi Carson, suppose it's just the two of us here on GateWorld now...

        Aye, so it is, but at least th' world didna' end, Love. *pulls me into a hug*

        That is very true. *we wander over and sit down on the couch, me somehow ending up on Carson's lap*


          Originally posted by Sparky She-Demon View Post
          I've only got one phrase to say to you Aang about what you just did for me...

          Thank you!
          Hmmm, worried now, I didn't get bold letters, I got "quite enjoying it"
          Mind you Aang does have a way with words, and has studied the art as well...I'm just some old hack who fancies she can write.
          Guess I can live with that!


            Hey good news...10 past midnight, and the world is still here!

            Hey Shep keep it down, everyone is trying to sleep!
            Opps sorry! It's ok, not even Carson woke up, come on lets go back to my thread, see if anyone is around.
            *takes my hand and leads me off through the hole*


              *Carson and I both wake up*

              Oh dear, napped's hoping Dell's still around this time!



                Ok, found this on my fb page....hope you can see it
                2 things to note....the song, "All I want for Christmas"
                and 2nd, that is one of my local malls! I'm not there, but hey look we aren't to backward!
                (I can see muffin break in the background, good coffee there!)


                  Hmm, you know, I do like that song for some reason.

                  Also, left you another brain cell blowing tidbit of Shep and his pretty redheaded lady over on Shep's thread...


                    You did?, oh going there now!


                      Oh, I did I do think you'll like it. *waits for the explosion*


                        *staggers back in and flops on the couch*
                        Um, wow!, you haven't seen my brain around here have you? Think I might look like a puddle of pink goo!


                          Oh well Dell I am sure Carson can help you to get a new brain if you can't find yours, he surely can think of something to help you


                            ...My work here is done

                            I haven't seen your brain since I watched it melt...think you left it over in Shep's thread...


                              There was something I was going to ask....any idea what it might have been?


                                Sure I have no idea...

                                But I'm quite enjoying my new found talent for exploding your brain cells